Buy YouTube Views Reviews – Top 5 Providers

Don't buy YouTube views without reading reviews first. Not all views are equal. For Real YouTube success, make sure you buy REAL YouTube views, and avoid the fakes and scams.

We've done the research for you, comparing companies on more than a dozen unique criteria, and we've compiled our shortlist of the best below.


Rank Company Highlight Prices Links
#1 buy youtube views

5k to 1 Million Views
Real and Natural Viewers
Offers Extra Likes & Comments
Additional Marketing options
Superb Customer Support
100% Money-Back Guarantee
$195,000 views Visit BuyViews
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#2 Devumi buying youtube views

5k to 5 Million Views
Real and Natural Viewers
Includes Likes and Comments
Great Customer Support
100% Money-Back Guarantee
$255,000 Views Visit Devumi
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#3 coincrack-logo

Up to 50,000 Views
High-Quality Viewers
Optional Likes and Comments
Good Customer Support
100% Money-Back Guarantee
$255,000 Views Visit CoinCrack
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#4 AudienceGain

Up to 100,000 Views
Real Viewers
No Likes or Comments
Slow Customer Support
100% Refund Policy
$155,000 Views Visit AudienceGain
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Should You Buy YouTube Views?

Yes, you should.
Buying views for a video is like getting an instant kickstart. Your video becomes more popular, you rank better on search, YouTube suggests your video more often and you attract even more views. We tested it. It actually works.

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Can you get in trouble?

No. Surprised?

YouTube might not like it, but you cannot get banned because then they would become weapons to be aimed at your competition! Really! The worst thing that can happen is that you'll lose views if YouTube decides they're suspicious – usually happens with low-quality providers.


What Makes A Good Provider?

The Best vs The Worst

When analyzing different companies for their YouTube Views services, we looked at a few key factors before and after we buy YouTube views.
  • Quality of Views – Whether or not views ‘stuck' – high quality views are respected by YouTube.
  • Turnaround Time – How long it took for the purchase to be successfully delivered.
  • Customer Service – How helpful, friendly and accessible information and customer support was when we went to them with concerns about our test order.
  • Retention Rate – How long each view lasted – were the visits spammed, or was time invested by those watching? Length of time watched is a ranking signal that YouTube uses, so this is important!
  • Money Back Guarantee – This is arguably the biggest factor. If a company doesn’t offer a good refund policy, then they don’t deserve our recommendation. If they don’t believe that their service is of sufficient quality to vouch for it, then why should you?

YouTube Thumbs UpYouTube Thumbs Down
A Top-Tier YouTube Views service will have ALL of these factors, and then some. The key is to balance their particular service offerings with your needs to make sure your needs are being met. This is what our reviews are for! Click on a company that you think fits your needs, and you’ll be able to see via our first-hand experience whether or not they’re a good fit for YOU.


Expert Answers To Common Questions

Yes. Buying views is a thing. You can purchase thousands or even millions of views (real or fake) for any video. There are hundreds of companies, platforms, and individual sellers. We've tested over 120 providers so far, and most of them delivered.

There are literally THOUSANDS of ways to deliver views, so answering this question isn't straightforward. Good companies use creative marketing, optimized PPC campaigns, video placements and social media marketing. Bad companies may use 1×1 popups, click farms or bots.

It depends on the company you choose. You can buy real views just like you can buy fake views. Some of the more reputable companies offer real views, some offer a mix and others offer simple and cheap fake views.

Maybe, and only if they pay close attention. If you buy from a good provider that sells real views, then your views will come in slowly and look very natural. On the other hand, fake views from bad providers will usually come in very quickly and look unnatural.

Not directly. We've found that buying views (even real views) doesn't perform well with YouTube Ads. Many companies don't allow it either because it makes delivering views more costly. Our recommendation: Turn off Ads before buying views, and turn them back on afterward.

The price you pay for views varies based on quality and method. Prices range from $1 to $10 per 1,000 views. $1 providers usually offer fake views and $10 providers offering real and organic views. This isn't always the case (lots of expensive scammers out there), but it's a good reference.

From our experience, not usually. 80% of the videos we tested did not receive any likes, dislikes or comments alongside views. Only a handful of videos tested actually gained natural engagements and even then it was a little (a few dozen at most). We recommend buying likes and/or comments when buying views – just to make it look more natural.

Tricky question. We didn't gain any subs, clicks or sales, but we also didn't test commercial videos or optimize our videos to attract subscribers. In theory, we would say maybe. Even if you don't gain ANYTHING from the bought views, the additional views you gain from ranking better and getting suggested more often is sure to bring in targeted viewers that may subscribe, click your link or buy something expensive.

You can submit your own review on our review of the provider, or contact us if we haven't reviewed them.