Tips for Getting YouTube Sponsors

According to a recent study, 86% of marketers incorporated influencer marketing in their strategy last year, and are making plans for increasing their allocation for it in the coming years.

As a content creator, that means you have a better chance of landing a sponsorship deal now more than ever.

8 Tips to Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Many brands – both big and small – are missing out on the immense marketing benefits YouTube has to offer. Marketers sometimes shy away from producing YouTube videos for promotional purposes due to the amount of investment it requires.

While making videos can be laborious, there are plenty of marketing benefits to reap from it especially now that YouTube is making big shifts internally in order to obliterate the existence of fake channels within their platform.

The 6 Best Collaborations on YouTube

If you’ve spent much time on YouTube, you’ll know that collaborations are a big thing among brands and content creators alike.

Collaborating with a YouTuber can help you reach a whole new network of viewers you might not otherwise come across through your solo efforts. When carried out correctly,

The 8 Most Popular Gaming Channels on YouTube

Computer and video games have been a part of our society for the longest time, or so it might seem. But the advent of YouTube marked a shift away from game consoles and the beginning of a generation who are as interested in playing digital games as they are in watching,

How to Use YouTube Live to Grow Your Business

Youtube has had live streaming features on its desktop platform for years, but it was only recently that they finally introduced mobile live streaming.

Live streaming can be for fun conversations and interactions, but there is more to it than that. According to a Brandlive survey,

How to Start Your Own Branded Channel on YouTube

One of the easiest ways to stay relevant in this digital age, where social-media-infatuated consumers rule supreme, is to make your own YouTube channel. Inbound marketers see YouTube as the future of marketing and if you aren’t relevant then you’re dead, as far as this ever-changing era is concerned.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Vlogging

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. As it turns out, this is true and it applies to moving images too. Studies confirm that humans are visual learners, and in this age of digital dependency, that’s unlikely to ever change.

So, even if YouTube decides to close tomorrow  –

How to Effectively Interact with YouTube Viewers

According to comScore, YouTube reaches 95% of adults aged 35 and above on the internet – 95%! This tells us that YouTube is one of the prime ways you can reach out to as many viewers as possible, trumping even traditional media.

YouTube has transformed the way we create,

What Do Viewers Really Want From Your Videos?

Video content is now a necessary component of any successful marketing strategy. This year, it's expected that 74% of all internet traffic will be video content.

According to a HubSpot survey and infographic, that’s not even enough: 43% of consumers want to see more video content.

5 Practical Ways To Earn Money From YouTube

While it’s not totally impossible to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just by uploading a video of your little kid being his usual charming self, it’s close to impossible to earn tons of money just by maintaining a presence on YouTube. Sure you can make money,