dailymotion faq for online marketers

Dailymotion FAQ for Online Marketers

While Dailymotion is far behind the video-sharing giant, YouTube, it’s still a force to reckon with. It is the second biggest video-sharing platform, with 128 million unique visitors each month, and is an important service that online marketers can use to get their products and services in front of a wide audience.

buyviews vs. devumi

Where to Buy Views: BuyViews vs. Devumi

Buying views is one of the best ways to attract traffic to your YouTube channel. However, finding a high-quality source for buying YouTube views is a difficult task because it seems like everyone and their mother is selling views these days and the range of quality varies significantly. Let’s do a side by side-by-side comparison of two providers,


How to Buy Dailymotion Views 101

With over 3.5 billion monthly video views, Dailymotion has definitely caught the attention of marketers as a great platform to promote their brands. One of the tactics businesses on Dailymotion are using to generate traffic for their videos is buying of views.


Think Twice Before You Buy Cheap YouTube Views

Everyone is looking for ways to make it big on YouTube. One of the most popular tactics people use is buying views for their videos. Buying cheap views can be an alluring option for those looking to make a splash on YouTube. However, would-be purchasers should aim to buy high-quality views because there are several drawbacks to buying them on the cheap.

retention rate youtube image

Why You Want to Buy High-Retention YouTube Views

Retention Rate is one of the underrated metrics of YouTube videos. YouTube defines Retention Rate as “an overall measure of how well your video keeps its audience.” It's important because it shows YouTube how much of your video people watched – or in other words,

Is buying YT views illegal

Is Buying YouTube Views Illegal?

Advertisers on YouTube are locked in a fierce competition for viewer eyeballs. To catch an edge on their competition, many are willing to try whatever it takes to make sure their videos get viewed. As a result, buying YouTube views has become a standard tactic for those looking to build a following on the platform.

Why do people buy YouTube views?

Prior to watching a YouTube video, viewers don’t have much to go off of when judging the quality of the video. There are of course the title, the thumbnail and the description, but that doesn’t account for the whole story.

View count that can often become an important factor for viewers trying to determine video quality.


How to Spot Bad YouTube Views

Not all paid views are created equal, but how can you tell which ones are bad quality? This question has been raised consistently, so we decided to break it down. There are many different factors that play into the value of paid views, and it is important you understand them all.

Influencer Marketing on YouTube

One of the most complex forms of marketing is Influencer Marketing, which doesn’t sell a product or brand directly. Instead, consumers are influenced by a trusted figure who endorses something – either while being subtle or blunt. Influencer marketing is extremely effective because of the way people make decisions.

How to Make a Facebook Video Ad​

Facebook ads have evolved quite a bit over the past couple of years. Advertisers have the capability of posting video ads on Facebook. These videos pop up right in the audience’s news feed. With Facebook's detailed audience targeting system, this has been a game changer in video advertising. Facebook has even released an advertising guide for their video ads.