8 Tips to Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Many brands – both big and small – are missing out on the immense marketing benefits YouTube has to offer. Marketers sometimes shy away from producing YouTube videos for promotional purposes due to the amount of investment it requires.

While making videos can be laborious, there are plenty of marketing benefits to reap from it especially now that YouTube is making big shifts internally in order to obliterate the existence of fake channels within their platform.

The Truth About Buying YouTube Comments

The Truth About Buying YouTube Comments

Buying YouTube comments is a controversial tactic that generally gets a bad rap. However, for some videos, it really does work. Particularly in instances where you have already bought views and likes for your video, buying comments will help to ease suspicions that the views on your video are not 100% organic.

Secrets to Buying YouTube Comments

Not finding the success you had hoped for from your paid YouTube comments? You've heard stories of others bringing in loads of real engagement from paid comments, but you just aren't seeing any results from yours. Well, we're about to teach you the secrets of buying YouTube comments.