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If you're interested in purchasing Dailymotion views, you need to do it right. It all starts with choosing the right company. We've tested dozens of Dailymotion providers to find the best in service, quality, support, price and user experience. Here are our top picks:

Top Buy DailyMotion Views Providers

Rank Company Highlight Prices Links
#1 ViewBros

Real Views. Highly reliable.
Plans from 1k to 1 Million Views
Fast Turnaround (within 1 day)
Good Customer Support
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Anonymous Service
$4910,000 views Visit BuyViews
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#2 Rantic

Good & reliable provider.
Plans from 1k to 1 Million Views
Fast Turnaround (within 2 day)
Good Customer Support
Limited Refund Policy
Anonymous Service
$1010,000 Views Visit Rantic
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#3 SocialYup

Plans from 1k to 10k View
Good Turnaround (within 3 day)
Good Customer Support
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Anonymous Service
$3810,000 Views Visit SocialYupRead Review


Why Buy Dailymotion Views?

You'll gain more views.
Buying views for your Dailymotion video will help it rank better, get suggested and recommended more often on Dailymotion and increase social proof so users are more likely to watch it. Yes, it actually works.

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Can it get you banned?

Highly unlikely, but be cautious.

We have purchased Dailymotion views on dozens of videos while testing providers and never had an issue. However, we recommend choosing a top rated provider that delivers real views to avoid any possible issues.


What Makes A Good Provider?

The Best vs The Worst

When testing different providers for their Dailymotion Views, we take into account several key factors and compared them with each provider.
  • Viewer Quality – From the source of viewers, to their retention and engagement rate.
  • Turnaround Time – How long it took for the views to be delivered and whether it was natural or not.
  • Customer Service – We contacted providers to see how good their support was and compared them to one another.
  • Customer Privacy – When we buy views, we don't want the world to know and neither should you. Privacy and anonymity is a big factor in ranking
  • Refund Policy – This is arguably one of the biggest factor. If a company doesn’t offer a refund policy, then they don’t deserve our recommendation. If they don’t believe that their service is of sufficient quality to vouch for it, then why should you?

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Expert Answers To Common Questions

dailymotion-dYes. Buying views for Dailymotion is really a thing. You can purchase thousands or even millions of views (real or fake) for any video on Dailymotion. There are dozens of companies, platforms and individual sellers that offer it and ordering views is usually a simple process.
We've tested over 30 providers so far, and the vast majority of them delivered views exactly as promised.

Yes, it does — but maybe not the way you think. Most of the time, buying Dailymotion view doesn’t mean you’re buying real views. The views you buy, however, send your view count shooting upward. Upon seeing your high view count, visitors navigating the site will think your video is more worthwhile of their time. As a result, after buying views, the number of real views on your video will grow much faster than it otherwise would have.

There are thousands of ways a company can deliver Dailymotion views, so there isn’t a single answer. Good providers sell real Dailymotion views using creative marketing, optimized PPC campaigns, video placements and social media marketing. Bad companies may use popups, click farms or bots.

It depends on the company offering it. You can just as easily purchase real views as you can fake views. The difference usually comes down to the price you pay. Fake views are usually much cheaper than real views.

Maybe, it depends on how your views were delivered. Your viewers can't see who's watching your video (real or fake) but they can tell when people watched your video. Some providers deliver views at a natural, steady pace while others deliver them all at once, causing an unnatural spike. While this doesn't always mean it's from fake views, it can raise eyebrows.
Dailymotion Natural Views Graph

We don't know. We haven't tested monetizing bought views and haven't heard of anything doing it either.
If you successfully monetize bought views, contact us and let us know. We'd love to expand this section.

The price you pay for Dailymotion views varies based on quality and method(s) used. Prices range from $0.20 to $5 per 1,000 views. The cheaper providers in the industry usually offer fake views with bots or click farms, while more expensive providers usually provide real views using better, white-hat methods. This isn’t always the case (there are a lot of expensive scammers out there), but it’s a good reference.

We’ve tested the services above. Read reviews and investigate different providers before you put your money down on the table. While some providers will be cheaper than others, we suggest seriously considering quality before making a purchase.

From our experience, not really. 95% of the videos we tested did not receive any favorites, reposts or comments alongside views. Only a few of videos tested actually gained some favorites, but none received comments. Just keep this in mind when buying views.

Tricky question. We didn't gain any followers from bought views, and we didn't have any links or products for viewers to click or watch on test videos. However, if properly optimized we would say it's a maybe if the views are real and targeted.

You can submit your own review on our review of the provider, or contact us if we haven't reviewed them.