Name: Devumi


Founded: 2010

Location: USA

Secure Website: Yes

YouTube Services: Views, Subscribers, Likes/Dislikes/Shares

Other Services: Twitter, SoundCloud, Vine, Pinterest, Vimeo, LinkedIn

DEVUMI Review Summary (TL;DR)

Devumi has proven to be one of the best YouTube view providers we reviewed to date. They have a great website that’s easy to navigate. They offer a wide range of YouTube services with prices that are slightly above average. The ordering process is simple and they offer multiple payment options.

Every order we placed started within a few hours and Devumi kept true to their turnaround times. The views were high-quality as well, with an average 98% retention rate and mostly sourced from social media.

Devumi’s customer support was great with fast replies and direct answers, but we disliked the lack of phone support. Their policies are very customer-friendly, with solid refund, privacy, and replacement policies.

Overall, Devumi offers one of the best services for views, and an excellent customer experience. Highly recommended.

Our In-Depth Review of Devumi User Experience

One of the most important aspects of a good YouTube views provider is having a great user experience on the website. does a fair job at providing a good user experience, from providing relevant information about their services, to making it easy to order.

Design-wise, Devumi really hit the nail on the head and out-performs 95% of the competition. The website's design is sleek, intuitive and professional. It's responsive so it works great on mobile, which means you can browse and order even from your phone.

Navigating their website is easy as well, with all of the service links in the header, and information / contact links in the footer. We would have loved to have the Support link in the top, but it's still easy to find.

In regards to the content and information, Devumi provides a ton of info on their services. Each service page describe the service very well and their FAQ section provides a lot of answers to our questions. There are some missing FAQ sections for some services, but in regards to YouTube, it's all there.

Speed-wise, Devumi is ok. The website is usually fast but can get sluggish at times which can get very annoying. The most we had to wait for a page to load was between 5 and 10 seconds.

Overall, user experience is very good and better than most. Some improvements would be suggested.

We give them an 8 out of 10.


Plans & Pricing:

Devumi has some of the most competitive prices on the market, though they're not the lowest we've seen. Let’s take a look:

Devumi offers three view types, Organic, Fast, and Social in packages of 5,000 to 2,000,000 views. This is similar to our top YouTube views pick, BuyViews.

We asked Devumi to explain the difference between these views, they said:


Organic Views are natural views we source from our own YouTube channels and partnerships with other large YouTubers.

Fast Views come from our large-volume websites hosting your video. These are massive websites with low targeted traffic, but lots of it.

Social Views are our newest and most time-consuming offer. These views come from social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular social media networds. They take longer and are more expensive because it's all social push for these views.

Organic Views

Organic views is Devumi’s slow-paced views service. The views are delivered gradually from 300 to 1,000 views daily. Retention is promised to be high and it includes likes for free.

Organic Views Plans and Pricing

  • 5,000 Views for $25
  • 10,000 Views for $49
  • 25,000 Views for $119
  • 50,000 Views for $229
  • 100,000 Views for $449
  • 250,000 Views for $949
  • 500,000 Views for $1,799

Fast Views

This service is Devumi’s cheapest service and their fastest. Why is it cheaper? We don’t know, but the results are solid. The views are delivered faster but still at a steady pace ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 views per day. Retention is high and it also includes likes.

Fast Views Plans and Pricing

  • 5,000 Views for $20
  • 10,000 Views for $39
  • 25,000 Views for $97
  • 50,000 Views for $179
  • 100,000 Views for $349
  • 250,000 Views for $799
  • 500,000 Views for $1500
  • 1,000,000 Views for $3,000
  • 2,000,000 Views for $5,500

Social Views

Social views is one of Devumi’s newer services and it guarantees views from social media only (unlike the other two services which gain views from social, but also third-party websites, apps, ads, etc.). The delivery rate for this service ranges, from 500 to 6,000 views daily, with a pretty retention high and likes included.

Social Views Plans and Pricing

  • 5,000 Views for $40
  • 10,000 Views for $79
  • 25,000 Views for $179
  • 50,000 Views for $349
  • 100,000 Views for $679
  • 250,000 Views for $1499
  • 500,000 Views for $2,997
  • 1,000,000 Views for $4,999

Ordering Process

Video provided by Devumi

Ordering from Devumi is simple, but can get long with some of the customization options. Here's how it goes:

  1. Choose a Service — Devumi offers three YouTube views service: Fast, Organic and Social.
  2. Choose a Package / Quantity — One you select what service you want, you can select the package (amount of views) you want from the pricing table, ranging from 5,000 to 10 Million views. Larger packages are hidden in a drop-down menu on the last package option.
  3. Enter Video Link — Once you've selected your package, you can copy and paste your YouTube video link.
  4. Choose Options – Next, you'll have the option to add on several different extra services such as YouTube Likes, Comments and Shares. Highly recommended, though you will often receive likes naturally.
  5. Social Promotion is another option offered by Devumi which gets influencers tweeting your video out on Twitter. It's a great service to get your video more exposure, but it is expensive.
  6. Order Now – Once you're done customizing, click the Order Now button.
  7. Review – After clicking the order button, you'll be sent to the Review Your Order page (similar to a Cart page) where you can continue to Checkout or keep adding more services. Here is where you enter your coupon code, if you have one.
  8. Checkout – The last page before placing your order. Here you're required to put in your Name and Email (minimal information) and choose a payment option. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards and BitCoin.

That's it. You're done.

Turnaround Time

Public YouTube Stats showing the daily delivery rate of 10,000+ Fast Views

Once you’ve placed your order, views typically start within a day or two. The amount of time it takes them to fully complete an order varies depending on the type of views and the amount ordered. This is typical for any provider, but Devumi does an exceptional job at not only keeping turnaround time reasonable, but also keeping to it.

For Organic Views, the turnaround ranges from 5 days for 5,000 views to 12 months for 1 Million views. While 1 year for a million views seems like a crazy amount of time, it’s preferred for those that want gradual and steady growth – and it’s still about 3,000 views per day.

For Fast YouTube Views, turnaround ranges from 2 days for 5k views and goes up to 10 weeks for 1 million views. Unlike others providers that may deliver 50,000 to 100,000 views a day, Devumi’s fast views is capped to about 20,000 views daily to ensure it looks natural and your video remains safe.

Social Views has a slightly wide turnaround range. 5,000 views are completed between 2 to 5 days, up to a million views with a turnaround time of (ready for this?) 1 to 4 months. We asked Devumi’s support team to explain this and they stated, “Social Views are is our highest quality service because we only source viewers from relevant social media channels. Depending on your video topic and the current demand, turnaround times can vary with deliver rates ranging from 500 to 30,000 views per day.” This wide turnaround range is unusual in the industry, but reasonable considering the source of views.

Views Quality

The Quality of Devumi's Views

The value of paid YouTube views relies on the quality of the views. Quality is determined by several important factors such as retention rate, traffic source, viewer countries, viewer devices, engagements received and most importantly, the stickiness of the views themselves.

Retention Rate

Devumi’s overall average viewer retention is 96%.

Fast views: 97%. Organic views: 98%. Social Views: 93%. 

Average YouTube viewer retention: 31%

Average Views Provider Rate: 60%

Viewer Retention: Click to Enlarge
Devumi 96%
Average Provider 60%
Average YouTube Viewer 31%

Traffic Source

Some of the most common sources we found were third-party websites, Facebook (including Facebook Ads), YouTube suggestions, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube Search, and Reddit.

Traffic Sources: Click To Enlarge

Viewer Countries

Viewers were generally from all over the world. The most popular countries were typically U.S. UK, Indonesia, Japan, and France, though all of these were typically under 10% of the total anyway.

Viewer Locations: Click To Enlarge

Viewer Devices

Another plus is that viewers watched our videos from all kinda of devices, including desktop, tablet, mobile and even smart TVs (under 1%). This was very impressive because it shows diversity.

Engagements Received

Alongside views, we always gained likes and shares from Devumi – even when we didn’t pay for it. This is a big difference from 99% of other providers, where buying views gets you views and only views. You don’t typically gain likes, shares or anything else which looks unnatural.

Sticky Views

Stickiness refers to whether or not the views stay or YouTube removes them. Removed views doesn’t necessarily mean they're fake, but rather they're irrelevant and not worth counting. We have not lost any views from Devumi in the past 3 months, so we have no issues here.

  • FaceBook
  • External Website
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • France
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Retweets
  • Likes/Favorites
  • Desktop Browser
  • Mobile Browser
  • Tablet Browser
  • Smart T.V. Browser
  • Other


Devumi’s customer support is good and we had no major issues with them. You can contact them via the email form on their Contact page, which opens up a Zendesk support ticket (email support). We reached out to them several times, and they typically got back to us within an hour.

We asked for a variety of things including pre-sale questions, questions about the status of orders, and a refund request. In all cases, they answered our questions, addressed our issues and provided a refund without any hassle.

The biggest downside to their support is the lack of live chat and phone support, though this wasn’t as bad as we would have thought due to their support’s quick response.


Privacy and return policies are often an overlooked part of the buying decision. Devumi has clear stands on privacy, security and returns.

Policy check:

✔ Does not sell, rent or give your email away.


✔ Does not use tracking cookies

✔ Clear refund policy

✔Contact info clearly stated


They also have a 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all services, YouTube included. This allows you to try out their services knowing that you can get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the results. We actually tested this with an order and received a refund on the same day.

Devumi Policies: Click to Enlarge



At the time of review, Devumi  is one of the best companies we've tested.

We highly recommend Devumi if you plan on buying YouTube views. They're pretty close to our #1 pick, BuyViews, and Devumi is definitely among the highest quality for their price.

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James2016/02/20 4:56:58 am
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Devumi was the best. The views were delivered as promised and the staff was very very helpful.