Founded: 2012 

Location: USA

Secure Website: Yes

YouTube Services: YouTube Views, YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Likes

Other Services: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, LinkedIn

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FastFollwerz Review Summary (TL;DR)

FastFollowerz is another broad-reaching, top U.S.-based social media company. They’ve been around for a while, so you can count on FastFollowerz to provide a good service. They know how the industry works, and can reliably deliver good YouTube Views.

For this review, we ran tests on two of FastFollowerz services: 2,500 Views (basic package at $19) and 2,500 High Retention & U.S. Targeted Views (upgraded package at $34). We were pretty happy with both services as far as quality goes – both the basic and the upgraded Views packages had high view retention and stickiness, though they do lack variety when it comes to traffic source and viewer devices (we’ll go deeper into each factor in the Quality section of this review if you’re curious). We did find that the basic package delivered faster and had higher retention views than the U.S. High Retention views. The U.S. views took 3x as long as the basic to deliver, and had a slightly lower retention. But they were, of course, much more targeted than the basic views were.

Ultimately, we rate FastFollowerz as our #3 pick for YouTube Views. They’re a great company with a great service and a responsive and helpful team. Their views are not as high-quality as our higher picks, but if you’re in a pinch looking for a good price and some quick, high-retention views, FastFollowerz could be the best choice for you.

Our In-Depth Review of FastFollowerz User Experience

The FastFollowerz homepage loads pretty fast (despite all of its contents), and showcases their Twitter Followers packages front and center.

Though a little bit cluttered with information, the website is pretty easy to figure out and navigate. For YouTube, it’s just a matter of clicking the YouTube option in the top menu, and selecting the service you’re after (Views, Likes, or Subscribers) in the drop down. Navigation for services is found in the top menu, and all other links are easily found in the bottom footer.

The site loads a little slow on mobile, though it’s completely optimized and easy to use. If you’re looking to browse, mobile may not be the best because most of the information that you’d normally get at-a-glance is hidden in drop down menus, but if you know what you want, FastFollowerz’ mobile site is great. The entire process from arrival to checkout runs easily and smoothly on mobile.

Overall, FastFollowerz user experience is pretty good. The site design can be a bit of an information overload, but under the hood FastFollowerz runs great, and definitely feels like a site you can trust.

We rate them 8 out of 10 for the user experience.


Fast Followerz Pricing Table as seen on
Fast Followerz Home Page Screen Shot

FastFollowerz offers three YouTube services: Views, Likes, and (added recently) Subscribers. For this review, we made two separate orders to test their YouTube Views service: one normal package, and one high-retention, U.S. targeted.
FastFollowerz prices start at $9.99 for 1,000 Views and go up to $2,499 for 1M Views. Their Likes service isn’t as grand as Views – they only offer between 50 to 1,000 Likes for YouTube videos. It’s important to note, though, that their base prices should be taken with a grain of salt – packages come in normal (at least 30 seconds) or High Retention (80% to 100% watched), and can be targeted to either U.S. or Worldwide (default).

Beware: these add-ons can raise your final price for YouTube views by 50% or more.
For this review, we made two separate orders:
2,500 Views with Normal Retention Rate and Worldwide targeting, or the default package, at $19.99
2,500 Views with High Retention Rate and U.S. targeting, for $33.97

All FastFollowerz plans are backed by great customer service and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • 1,000 Views – $9.99
  • 2,500 Views – $19
  • 5,000 Views – $29
  • 10,000 Views – $49
  • 25,000 Views – $99
  • 50,000 Views – $199
  • 100,000 Views – $399
  • 250,000 Views – $899
  • 500,000 Views – $1,499
  • 1,000,000 Views – $2,499

Their YouTube Likes services start at 50 Likes for $9.99 and go to $79.99 for 1,000 Likes. Their new Subscribers service starts at $199 for 250 Subs, and goes to $999 for 2,500 Subs.
FastFollowerz does have a good spread of Views packages, and most people will find what they need somewhere in between 1,000 and 1M views. However, they don’t offer much in terms of delivery speed, so they may not be the best if you’re looking for something more than a quick boost. Their smaller packages deliver in as little as 1-3 days, and in our experience, they start delivering within 24 hours.

Ordering Process

We were happy with how quick the Order and Checkout process is with FastFollowerz.

  1. Choose a package, and click Customize to start your order.
  2. Choose your Options. This means deciding whether you want Normal (default) or High Retention Watch Time, and whether you want Worldwide (default) or United States targeting.
  3. Enter in your YouTube Video URL.
  4. Add to Cart, and proceed to the Checkout page.
  5. At checkout, enter your Promo Code (if applicable).
  6. Either Register an account, or choose Already Registered and sign in.
  7. Hit Checkout and pay! FastFollowerz use 2Checkout, so you can pay with most major credit cards and PayPal.

The process isn’t too long, and it only took us a few minutes to complete an order. We do note that it can be a bit of a pain if you’ve been there before and forgot your password … Basically, there is no way to check out as a guest with FastFollowerz.
However, if you’re a regular visitor, FastFollowerz user dashboard is a nice feature.


You can add funds and go in and out, without having to verify credit cards or log in to PayPal. And, right from there you can keep an eye on order status and history. This makes FastFollowerz a good choice if you’re looking for a social media marketing company can make handling simultaneous orders a breeze (though if you like the idea of a user backend, check out Devumi, too).

Turnaround Time

  • U.S. Targeting
  • WorldWide Targeting

Complete Time

WorldWide UnTargeted Completion Time
WorldWide Untargeted Promise Time
US Targeted Completion Time
US Targeted Promised Time

As we’ve mentioned, for this review we made two separate orders: one with Normal Retention Rate and Worldwide targeting, or the default package, and one with High Retention Rate and U.S. targeting. The advertised turnaround time for the 2,500 Views service is 1-3 days, for both Normal and U.S. Targeted views.
After ordering, our Worldwide views started delivering within 2 hours.
Our Worldwide targeted views delivered completely in 4 days (one day longer than they promise on their order page).


For United States views, we started seeing delivery 12 hours later – a solid start, considering that views are coming from U.S.-based accounts, but took 11 days to complete.

FFz-US-turnaround time

Though U.S. views do usually take a little longer to deliver since they’re more targeted, actual delivery took almost 4x longer than FastFollowerz promised.

That’s pretty far from stellar in our opinion, and is the kind of thing that you want to take into consideration when considering buying views. Targeted and non-targeted views are different, and will help achieve different goals. Namely, non-targeted views are usually the more rapidly delivered service, and are good for virality, whereas targeted views are slower to deliver, and help you gain traction in specific regions.
We rate FastFollowerz Good on their Normal Views, but just O.K. with their U.S. Views.

Views Quality

The Quality of FastFollowerz Views

Quality of purchased YouTube views is based on several factors, most of which are used by YouTube’s algorithm. These factors are:

  • Retention rate, or how long a viewer stuck around watching your video
  • Traffic source, or what sites/YouTube features bring viewers to your video
  • Viewer countries, or what countries your viewers are in
  • Viewer devices, or what devices viewers are watching your videos on
  • Engagements received, or how people engage with your video
  • View stickiness, or how long views stick around. If you buy low-quality views and YouTube flags you, they’ll remove your views. High-quality views stick.

Retention Rate

For this review, we ordered one Normal retention package, and one High Retention package. We were surprised to receive 100% retention rate for Normal views, and 98% for High Retention views. The average retention rate of YouTube viewers is about 30-50%, and the average retention of other YouTube View providers is 60%.

U.S. Retention: Click to enlarge
Normal Retention: Click to Enlarge
Viewer Retention: Click to Enlarge
Normal Retention 100%
High Retention 98%%
Average Provider 60%
Average YouTube Viewer 31%

Traffic Sources

Traffic for our YouTube views mostly came from Direct traffic for our Normal views, all (100%) of traffic came from Direc
t sources (defined as traffic from direct URL entry, bookmarks and unidentified apps). Our High Retention views came from had similar results, with 100% of our traffic coming Direct

U.S. Traffic Sources
Normal Traffic Sources

Viewer Countries

The top viewer countries for our Worldwide views came primarily from Russia, and our U.S. targeted views were indeed mostly from the U.S. See our Top 5 breakdown below.

Top 5 Worldwide Viewer Countries

  • Russia – 22%
  • Ukraine – 15%
  • India – 12%
  • Indonesia – 7.1%
  • Israel – 3.6%

Top 5 U.S. Viewer Countries

  • U.S. – 74%
  • Israel – 12%
  • South Africa – 2.1%
  • Brazil – 1.9%
  • United Kingdom – 1.6%

You can compare our data to the top 5 countries of readers to this site,

  • U.S. – 36%
  • United Kingdom – 9%
  • Canada – 5%
  • India – 5%
  • Australia – 4%

Viewer Devices

Viewer devices are usually skewed when you buy views, so it’s impressive when providers are able to deliver views from a variety of devices. In our case, we found all (100%) of our Normal views came from mobile, as did all 100% of our U.S. views.
Viewer device is important because it tells YouTube where people are consuming your video, and rank it accordingly. Average split varies from video to video – If you have a video that’s played often on desktop, that means it’s probably most relevant to people on their desktop computers. This is reflected in Search rank.

Engagements Received

When you purchase views, you occasionally see engagements (Likes, Subscribers, and Comments) rise along with Views. In this case, we found that neither of our videos received any Likes, Dislikes, or Comments at all. That’s fine, but a bit unfortunate considering that some other companies tested did end up getting us natural engagements. YouTube uses Engagements to gauge whether your video may interest people looking for shareable content.

Sticky Views

This is arguably the most important factor in deciding the quality of purchased Views. Stickiness is not seen immediately, but as time passes. As of writing this review, we haven’t lost any views, but will be checking in every few months to see whether our videos have retained FastFollowerz views.

  • Direct/Undefined

U.S Targeted

  • United States
  • Isreal
  • South Africa
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom

Viewer Source

  • One
  • Mobile


FastFollowerz provides email and phone support. They’re not hard to reach – the Contact Us and 24/7 Support links are prominent in both the header and footer of their website. They offer both phone and email support. If you’re not logged in, you can contact them via email on their contact page. If you are signed in, you can track your questions and requests from their user dashboard.

We contacted them several times with some simple questions, and both times they were quick to answer. Support was friendly and helpful. We recommend contacting them with issues via email, because they responded within a few hours. By phone, we would get the machine and had to wait a while before getting through to a support team member.


It’s important to understand the policies of any online company you give your information. With FastFollowerz, we’ve got you covered.

Money-Back Guarantee.
FastFollowerz back up all of their services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy for any reason, contact them within 30 days and they’ll issue a full refund.

A money-back guarantee is a solid indicator of a good provider. Most social media marketing services providers don’t offer money-back guarantees, and FastFollowerz is one of the best ones we’ve seen. Other top-ranked companies with Money-Back Guarantees include Devumi, BuyViews, and CoinCrack.

Privacy Policy
When buying followers, views, likes, or any social signals, you always want to make sure your provider has a strong privacy policy that will keep both your account and your credentials safe. Lack of a privacy policy is usually a red flag with poor-quality providers.

FastFollowerz collects the information you provide when you make a purchase, and uses cookies to remember return visitors’ login information. They promise to never share your information with third parties, and state that they delete client information after 30 days of inactivity. This is a pretty good privacy policy, and shows that FastFollowerz take their customers’ privacy seriously.

FastFollowerz Privacy Policy: Click to Enlarge



We rate FastFollowerz as our #3 Top YouTube Provider.

It would be nice to see them offer larger packages for Likes and Subscribers, to even out their larger Views packages. And though their basic packages were pretty good for their value, if you’re looking for higher quality views (high-retention, or targeted), you may want to check out one of their competitors, like Devumi or BuyViews, because you’ll get better quality for a lower price.

We do recommend FastFollowerz. They’re a great company with a great user experience, and competitive pricing (if you stay basic and don’t upgrade). If you’re looking for a company to provide quick views and are looking for good targeting or retention, FastFollowerz is a solid option.