So you’re looking to buy youtube views? Perhaps you’re not convinced, or want to figure out if it’s the right fit for you and your videos. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve been using and testing YouTube view companies for quite a while now and at this point we’re pretty familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of buying views. Check out our complete list of pros and cons below to – should make your buying process a little easier!

The Pros

  • Get A Head-start: Buying views is a great way to give your videos a head-start. Instead of starting out with 3 views, (thanks mom and grandma!) you can start at a 5,000 or 50,000 views. This will quickly propel you above your competition, making your video the more popular and most desired for potential viewers.
  • Strengthen Social Proof: Buying views can also quickly strengthen your video and brand’s Social Proof. This means you’ll become far more reputable and trustworthy, so people are more inclined to watch your videos, trust your word, or buy something from you.
  • More Effective Marketing: No matter how else you promote your video, from YouTube Ads to posting it on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, more views will make those campaigns more effective. People are more likely to watch a popular video than one that isn’t, so your marketing money is better spent after buying views.
  • Better Search Rankings: Having high quantity views will help your video rank better on YouTube and Google search results. YouTube will notice the influx of viewers watching your video and will place it higher on relevant search results.
  • More YouTube Suggestions: Similar to ranking better on search results, YouTube is also more likely to suggest your video to others if you have a lot of high-quality views. So your video will show up more often on the sidebar and at the end of relevant videos.
  • Attract More Views – This is a pretty obvious one based on the points above, but we thought it deserved its own point nonetheless. After purchasing tons of views, you tend to attract even more views like a magnet as a result of social proof and better organic exposure.
  • Become An Authority: With a ton of views, your audience, peers and other influencers are more likely to treat you as a popular authority figure or influencer in your niche. This can help you or your business grow faster and stronger in your helping you build your standing as an expert or resource.
  • Make More Money: Taking into account all of the benefits mentioned above, buying views can indirectly lead to making money from all avenues. Whether you earn with Adwords or Partnerships, or sell products or services on your own website.


The Cons

  • Unethical: Buying views is pretty controversial no matter how you look at it. Whether you buy real views or fake views, the ease of it all and knowing that you didn’t work for the success makes purchasing views unethical and frowned upon by the industry. If you pride yourself in ethics, then buying views might not be for you. Our solution for this major con is keep your lips sealed: you didn’t buy views. It just happens.  
  • Un-targeted: When you buy views, you’re typically getting un-targeted or unrelated viewers watching your video. While some providers offer geo-targeted views (ie. US, UK, Canada, UAE, etc.), the viewers are likely not interested in your video so they’re unlikely to subscribe, like your video, click on your link or buy something.
  • Unnatural Results: This isn’t always the case with higher-quality providers but more often than not, the views you gain will look unnatural. They may come all at once or not come with any additional likes, dislikes, comments or shares which makes the views look a little suspicious. Simple solution for this is to buy from a high-quality provider or purchase engagements alongside views.
  • No Ad Revenue: If you’re looking to buy views to make money of it – think again. Bought views are not like organic views. User engagement is typically close to 0%, so you won’t make much and may even piss off YouTube/Google in the process. Though, you can make money indirectly, you still cannot make money directly from bought views. Sorry.
  • Scams Are Everywhere: While there are some good companies and sellers out there, they’re usually outnumbered by the majority of scammers out there wanting to make a quick buck. Scams can range from low-quality views that hurt you more than help you, to providers that don’t deliver anything at all. Stick with the best to avoid this issue.


There you have it; the pros and cons of buying YouTube views. In our opinion, the pros easily outweigh the cons, especially if you (1) be careful where you buy your views from and (2) don’t mind being a little unethical on the down low.

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