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BuyRealSocial is a company that claims to have innovative social media marketing services. They started in 2012, and have services for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud. The company says they run a network of 10 million users to promote their customers on those platforms. Their site is easy to use but is sometimes slow due to its design.

Customers give their video URL when ordering views and pay using PayPal, Bitcoin, or credit cards. Depending on the package, they can split the views to several videos. BuyRealSocial has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but they don’t specify the validity period. They also have a six-month replacement warranty for dropped views. Buyers can reach their customer support for questions through live chat and phone (+1 855 308-7873).

BuyRealSocial assures that all the views are from real users. According to the company, they promote on social media to attract people. They add that viewers will watch your videos in full, resulting in good retention and permanent views. Customers can get up to 100,000 views in one package. They have other YouTube services aside from regular views, including:
- USA-targeted YouTube views
- YouTube subscribers
- YouTube likes
- YouTube comments
- YouTube packages

We like that option they have to spread the views you purchase to several videos as it saves you from having to make several purchases, and can save you some money. Their prices are lower than other companies, making this strategy even more cost-effective. The site’s guarantees are decent and serve as a good backup. One issue we have is that their live customer support is not constantly active. BuyRealSocial is worth a try if you want to boost the popularity of your video content fast.

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