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Dollar SEO Shop Expert Review

Dollar SEO Shop is a company that provides a variety of SEO services, while also including social media marketing services for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The company was founded in 2018 and is most known for providing all the optimization elements one needs to boost their social account. Their website has an unconventional look and can be complicated for visitors to find their way through their vast range of diverse services. The ordering process is not easy as well, this is because they redirect you to a third-party website that requires you to create an account with them and sign in to place an order. They don’t allow order customizations. They accept payments through PayPal, credit/debit card, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Dollar SEO Shop doesn't have a customer support service portal on their website, the websites they redirect you to do though. They don’t have refund or satisfaction policies on their website. They also don’t have a retention warranty, but they do state in their services that they offer no-drop YouTube views. Any way you look at their customer protection policies, they are lacking and not a good sign.

Dollar SEO Shop doesn’t do a great job at depicting the idiosyncrasies of their YouTube services. They say that they provide high-quality, high-retention, and no-drop YouTube views, but fail to elaborate in further detail how they deliver these services. Also, their services are not properly arranged on their website and are randomly placed without any order whatsoever. This makes it hard for users to navigate their website and choose the right service for them. They offer the following YouTube services:
- YouTube views
- YouTube likes
- YouTube subscribers
- YouTube comments

Dollar SEO Shop impressed us with their vast range of diverse services. Still, looking at them from a strictly professional aspect, they did lack some fundamental elements on their website. Their non-existent customer support service, lack of refund, retention, and satisfaction policies, makes it hard for us to recommend them as a top solution. In addition, they don’t properly describe their services and lead users to a third-party website when they want to make an order. Overall, given the cheap prices that they offer for their services, we do think that they are worth at least checking out.

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