Name: AudienceGain


Founded: 2015

Location: USA

Secure Website: No

YouTube Services: Views + Subscribers

Other Services: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud

AudienceGain Review Summary (TL;DR)

AudienceGain is a good value that offers a dependable product at a lower rate than its competitors.

The greatest weakness is the relatively weak customer support and a vague user agreement, but based on our experience with the site, you can trust them to provide the service they sell.

The service offers a straightforward check-out process with standard PayPal protection. The delivery, while not particularly fast, does hold true to their promised turnaround time. Their viewers are overall of high quality, and that the views stick on the video longer than most other services. However, there are a few details that could be improved including their traffic sources, video view retention, and the devices used.

To become a top-rated provider, they need to improve the Refund Policy and strengthen the User Agreement to offer more protection for their customers. They could also use to expand their offerings to include targeted traffic, longer video view retention and a better customer support process.

We give AudienceGain an 8 out of 10. For the money, this company offers a solid product. We were impressed that the video hadn’t lost any of views we bought after 3 months. While there are a few details that need to be ironed out, overall we recommend their service for buying YouTube views.

Our In-Depth Review of AudienceGain User Experience

The home page has a clean design. However, it goes right into offering Facebook Likes which could be confusing if you’re looking for something else, like their YouTube services. The other social media marketing offerings are linked to the top of the page. Locating the YouTube page on the website wasn’t difficult.

Navigating to the YouTube section was straightforward. The various options are clearly laid out. Choices are presented and if you know what you are looking for, you will have no trouble finding it.

The mobile site is responsive. However, it loads a little slower than the desktop version.

Plans & Pricing:

AudienceGain has very competitive prices, edging most of its competition who also sell high-quality YouTube view services. It’s a good value buy. The views are high quality and don’t fall off over time according to our three-month test. AudienceGain doesn’t upsell with add-ons or targeting.


  • 1,000+ views — $5
  • 5,000+ views — $15
  • 10,000+ views — $25
  • 20,000+ views — $40
  • 50,000+ views — $90
  • 100,000+ views —$160

Ordering Process

Ordering from AudienceGain is straightforward:

The ordering process is a headache-free, three-step process that leads straight to PayPal. It’s very easy and there are no hoops to jump through such as creating a login or providing extensive user information. The checkout is as easy as it could be. It appears they only accept PayPal.

  1.  Choose the Amount — choose how many views you want to buy and click “get started now” button
  2. YouTube Video Link — paste the URL of the video you want to promote
  3.  Choose add to cart or Pay with PayPal — you may choose to pay right there, or add more purchases to your cart

Turnaround Time

They say they begin promoting the video within 24 hours. From our tests, the video starts receiving a few hundred views within the first 24 hours. By 72 hours after purchase, the full amount of purchased views had been delivered. The turnaround time is about average among other service we have tried.

There aren’t any add-ons offered with the package. While this has a drawback that the customer can’t do much to shape their end product, it does make the delivery time faster than it otherwise would have been.

The Quality of AudienceGain's Views

When it comes to buying YouTube views, the quality of the views is an important factor to pay attention to. Low-quality views that fail to account for the factors above are flagged by YouTube and run the risk of being eliminated. On the other hand, high-quality views will stick around for the long term.

The quality of the views is determined by:

  • the retention rate, or how long a view lasted;
  • the traffic source, or how did the view come to your video;
  • viewer country, or what country your viewers come from;
  • viewer devices, or what devices viewers are watching your video from;
  • engagements received, or who people interact with your video;
  • view stickiness, or how long views stick around for.

Overall, AudienceGain’s viewers were of high quality and 100% managed to stick around for at least three months after the purchase.

Retention Rate

The videos were consistently only watched 67% of the way through, which is a good retention rate, but could tip off YouTube’s algorithm that something suspicious is up (since there’s virtually no chance all 7,000 viewers watched exactly 67% of your video and then stopped).

AudienceGains 67%
Average Provider 60%
Average YouTube Viewer 31%

Traffic Source

The traffic came through mostly directly (80%) to the video, which isn’t amazing. A remainder were sent through external websites (20%). None of the views came through social media or other YouTube videos.

Viewer Countries

  • Russia (17%)
  • India (7.2%)
  • Argentina (6.7%)
  • Indonesia (6.2%)
  • Vietnam (5.2%)

Viewer Devices

  • Mobile (89%)
  • Tablet (11%)
  • None were sent through a web browser. This can be good if you’re trying to
  • rank your video specifically on mobile, but can be bad otherwise.

Engagements Received

There were no engagements, such as likes or comments, received on the video after the purchased views were delivered. While engagements are not necessarily a standard outcome when buying views, with certain providers, like Devumi and CoinCrack, we actually do see some organic engagements happen after bought views are delivered.

Sticky Views

This highly important metric is where AudienceGain really stood out from the pack. Three months after purchasing the 5,000+ views, the video had not dropped any from when the views were delivered. That’s a 100% sticky rate! This metric was the main reason that we gave the service the favorable rating we did.

Viewer Traffic Sources

  • External Websites
  • YouTube

Viewer Countries

  • Russia
  • India
  • Argentina
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam

Viewer Devices

  • Mobile Browser
  • Tablet Browser


The customer support is mixed. They do respond via email but they don’t offer live chat or a telephone contact number. We contacted them via the Contact Us page on their site, and found them to be fairly responsive. They answered our questions and made sure that our products were delivered on time.


Money-back guarantee:
There is a money-back guarantee: you will be refunded if you do not receive the views you paid for after 30 days. However, they won’t guarantee that views will stick around. This is a pretty basic refund policy, but not very thorough. It is also not as convincing as the satisfaction guarantees provided by other view sellers.

User terms:
AudienceGain’s User Terms are pretty skewed toward the company, and some of the least friendly ToS in our Top 5 list. They state that users can’t hold AudienceGain responsible for breaching the user agreement. There is no warranty guaranteeing that the views stay on the video for any period of time.

Privacy Policy:
Among other standard practices, the site uses cookies and logs IP addresses that they claim are used to analyze the user’s interaction with the website. They don’t sell information such as email addresses. The user information collected during purchase is used to complete the order and may be used to send promotions and coupons in the future.

The connection on their website is not encrypted with an SSL connection.


thumbs up

AudienceGain is a decent service for buying views at a bargain.

They provide a good service, though you do trade off low price for lack of targeting and

delivery options. However, despite their questionable view quality, AudienceGain does provide some of the stickiest views we’ve seen in companies we test. They also slack in policies and user protections; they lack guarantees or strong protections. We do think other, slightly more expensive companies on our list are probably worth the small extra investment.

We recommend this service to the price-sensitive customer with an eye to long-term retention. There are a few holes that could be filled up to create a better offering, but overall we were satisfied with AudienceGain.