Have some questions about buying views? Whether you’re looking for YouTube views, Dailymotion views, Facebook views or Vine loops, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve documented the biggest and most popular questions encountered in our time as marketers. From why and how to buy views, to the definition of “Retention” and “Stickiness,” we’ve got you covered.

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Buying views is a great way to get wandering video searchers to watch your content by building your video's social proof.

Imagine someone is searching for videos in your niche, and comes across your video and one of your competitor’s videos. If you have more views, that wandering consumer is going to click on your video for the simple reason that it’s more popular (and therefore probably better). Simple as that.

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Buying views is easy. Simply decide how many views you’d like, what your budget is, and then find a vendor that fits. Different companies have different view quality, different packages and different policies – make sure you do your research before buying! We’re here to make this process as smooth as possible.

Once you’ve decided, simply choose your package and provide your video’s URL. Once the order is processed, you should see views start coming in. Total delivery time will vary depending upon the company and the package, so be aware of your timeline.

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It depends. Every company differs. Some offer targeted views, and some promise real views from people interested in your content. The key is to research the company and know what they provide. You might just need a quick boost – in that case, fake views are fine. Or, you may be looking for a full-on video marketing campaign. Some companies offer those, too, though they’re generally more expensive.

This varies depending on the company you purchase from. Some provide fake views from bots or click farms, and others provide views from sources like Facebook, blogs, and other sites so they appear more legitimate. We look at view source in our reviews, so you can always be aware of what you’re buying.

No. Most companies won’t deliver views to YouTube videos unless AdSense is disabled. However, buying views helps you boost your video, and makes increasing your organic growth all that much easier.

No, there is no way for a viewer to see where views came from. However, low-quality companies may spam your video with “Buy cheap views!” comments after sending you views, which is a very obvious telltale sign to others. That doesn’t mean it’s all bad, though. If you choose a reputable vendor and back up your views with likes and good content, you’re clear.

Yes. Your video will not get pulled down if you buy views, and your YouTube channel will not be blocked.

However, always look at the reputation of a vendor before you buy any services, because poor-quality views can get your account flagged or look bad for your reputation.

No. YouTube will not ban accounts, even if they suspect that videos on that account have paid views. At worst, the views will be removed. Since buying views doesn’t require the account’s login details, YouTube can’t know for certain whether you bought them or not. So no worries – your channel and your video are safe.

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Yes – That’s why we’re here!

Just as there are reputable internet marketing services that will deliver quality views to your video, there are scam artists waiting to take your money and run. Read reviews and stick with a reputable company, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re safe from the scams.

Viral growth occurs when videos are rapidly spread around, shared from person to person. Organic growth occurs slowly, usually at a constant pace, from people who see your video pop up in suggested or related videos. Some companies (like BuyViews or Devumi) offer both of these, so be aware of what kind of views will work best to market your video.

Yes. Although YouTube no longer removes videos or bans accounts for buying views, they are still able to detect low-quality paid views and remove them. Don’t worry, though – we test for this, and none of our top-rated providers lose views.

Not at all! Though buying views is against YouTube’s TOS, all that means is that YouTube may flag your account and remove your purchased views. There’s nothing illegal about buying views, and if you stick to our top providers, your account won’t be flagged.

Retention” refers to the how much time a viewer watched a video on YouTube. For example, if someone watches a 5-minute video and clicks out at the 4-minute mark, the video had 80% retention for that view. Retention is very important, as it indicates to YouTube how interesting your video is, and ranks it in Search accordingly.

It’s important to be aware of retention when buying views. Cheap providers often have low retention views (less than 15%), while high-quality providers usually offer a minimum of 80% retention.

Stickiness” is another term for YouTube. It refers to how likely views are to stick, and how long they stay for. YouTube routinely does maintenance and will remove views if they suspect they came from bots, so it’s common for cheap providers’ views to drop. When companies provide high-quality views, they are less likely to drop.

Be aware of stickiness when buying views. We test for stickiness in when we test companies, so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal.