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Buying YouTube views is one of the popular tactics many channels employ when promoting their content, but is it really worth the purchase? Let’s explore the reasons why people buy views and better understand its benefits.

Building social proof

Increasing their channel’s social proof is often the biggest reason why channel owners would want to buy YouTube views. Social proof refers to the tendency of people to respond positively to a subject based on the number of people doing the same action. For example, you are more likely to consider this video a helpful review:

why people buy youtube views social proofThan this one:

social proof why buy youtube viewsMainly because more people are watching the former. We all have to admit that a video with 700,000+ views interests more than one with 7000+ views.

Social proof is present in any situation involving a large number of people engaging with a product. It can be expressed in a variety of ways, including:

  • Data and numbers
  • Actual customer comments
  • Social media signals
  • Expert reviews

Because of this prevalence, many experts consider it as one of the major driving forces behind the growth of any marketing venture, including YouTube channels.

Increasing social proof

A major challenge that many channels face when building their social proof is that it’s a slow process. It may sometimes take your videos several weeks, months, or even years to attract enough views that will make your channel look popular. This delays any returns you are expecting from the channel.

Buying YouTube views is one way to speed the growth of your channel\s social proof. By purchasing the right amount of views, you boost your videos’ view count and enhance their YouTube search rankings. Both the increased views and the improved rankings will convince people that your video is a must watch.

Buying views alone is not always enough to cement your overall social proof. As mentioned above, you can express your channel’s social proof in many ways, such as getting more subscribers and video comments. By combining these other means of gaining social proof with buying views, you more convincingly present your channel as a good one and encourage people to visit.

Getting your channel noticed

Another reason why new channels are buying YouTube views is to get noticed by viewers faster. This is closely tied to the idea of increasing social proof. When people see a new channel’s videos getting a lot of views, they become intrigued to watch them. Introductory videos like this are the ones that would benefit the most from that boost.

Viewers will  also be positively influenced by the large viewership into recommending the channel to other people.

New channels can also increase their discoverability by buying YouTube views. Since view count plays a big part in YouTube’s search algorithm, getting a large boost helps you secure a better position in the search results. Your larger view count also helps when doing video SEO, making your content easier to find from external sites and search engines.

Getting stalled channels back on track

Stalled channels also benefit from buying YouTube views. They are the channels whose viewership slowed down or completely stopped. This is often due to viewers losing interest or if they have not been updated frequently.

By buying a large number of views and applying them to their existing videos, stalled channels can thrust these videos back up the search results. When people see that others are watching them again, they become interested in reviewing and will have a better opinion of the content.

You can use the same tactic when re-launching an old channel. Boosting your new videos’ view count helps catch the attention of old viewers and get them visiting. At the same time, you strengthen the image that people are indeed excited to see you back.

Becoming a viral hit

Going viral is many video creators’ goal whenever they upload a new video, as even a single popular video can do wonders for their channel. Becoming the next viral hit is no easy feat since it requires some strategizing and a bit of luck.

Buying YouTube views is an effective tactic to get that effort started. This is again about quickly making your videos visible and getting people intrigued. Timing is the key here since you want to boost your videos during the time when your target audience would be watching. This ensures maximum exposure to better encourage people to watch.

Achieving true virality

One thing you need to know when trying to go viral is that more views alone are not enough. Getting your videos shared around more plays a larger role since this is where it begins to spread out to a wider audience. Even popular artists like Taylor Swift rely a lot on increased social media sharing to boost their virality.

viral video why people buy youtube viewsBuying views is still a useful tactic at this stage. The idea here is that people are more inclined to share your videos with their peers and tell them to watch because others are already doing so.

To make your videos spread even faster, buy YouTube video shares alongside your bought views. The bought shares work to both actually spread your videos on different platforms and encourage people to share. Many companies selling YouTube views often offer combined packages that let you boost your videos’ views and shares at the same time.

Fostering channel growth

While many people think new channels are the only ones buying Youtube views, established ones also gain plenty of benefits for the practice. One such benefit is better promotions for new content.

This is especially the case when the new video being launched is tied to a larger marketing campaign. Since the channel wants the campaign to be known as soon as possible, buying YouTube views will quickly popularize the associated video and attract attention. The increased viewership also serves to encourage audience participation in the campaign, resulting in a more successful run.

Increasing channel influence

Many owners also want their channels to go beyond just being popular and be a sought-after resource. One way that buying views helps you achieve this goal is by getting YouTube to recommend your videos more often to viewers.

The increased view count you get from the purchase tells YouTube that your videos are popular within your audience. This leads it to see your content as being more relevant and display it more often in the Suggested Videos section.

To further establish your influence and authority, buy views for several videos. When people see your channel teeming with widely watched videos, they immediately assume that it is a trustworthy channel overall.

why do people buy youtube viewsThis also leads them to recommend your channel to others more based on the perceived trustworthiness, creating a ripple effect that strengthens your authority further.

Buying YouTube views the right way

To get the above benefits from buying views, make sure that you are purchasing the right kind of view from good providers. There are several factors to think about when shopping for views:

  • Quality of views: Views coming from real or high-quality user accounts are more likely to stick to your videos in the long run.
  • Retention rate: Longer video watch times ensures that the views you buy are registered by YouTube.
  • Delivery time: A company that offers more varied delivery times will give you the flexibility in how to use bought views.
  • Customer guarantees: A good provider should have a replacement policy in case of lost views and a detailed money back guarantee to give you some fallback.
  • Customer support: Take time to see how well the company responds to questions and assist you in case of problems.

Use these considerations to narrow down your options. You can then read the reviews we provide to know more about each company you chose.

Using bought views effectively

Once you have decided on the provider to go with, you need to plan your purchase. Think about how many you should get. Too many and your video count will obviously look inflated while buying too few will not deliver the intended effects. One way to do this is getting the number of views proportional to your current audience.

buy-video-likesYou should also decide on the delivery time for your views. Fast delivery times are ideal if you want to quickly draw attention to your video. A gradual delivery, on the other hand, simulates natural viewer growth and will better sell the idea that people are flocking to your videos. Many providers offer both options, letting you easily choose.

As the last pointer, keep in mind that buying YouTube views is no miracle solution. You still need to incorporate it properly into your larger marketing strategy. Decide what role it will play in that strategy and plan out how you will run it with other marketing tactics. This will give you the best results from your purchase and pave the way for stronger channel growth.

Buy YouTube views and make your channel a hit

As it turns out, there are plenty of valid reasons why you would want to buy YouTube views, including:

  • Strengthening your social proof: A strong social proof is one of the essential factors that will drive your channel growth.
  • Catching viewer attention: Buying views can be used to boost the visibility of your videos and channels and attract real viewers faster.
  • Going viral: The tactic will serve as an effective way to kickstart the sharing of your videos and getting it to become a widely popular hit.
  • Maintaining channel growth: Even if you are already an established channel, buying views can still be used for building your influence further.

All these reasons demonstrate how useful your purchase would be. Now it’s time to decide how you would want to use bought views and read our reviews to find the best providers to get them from.

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