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#1 MediaMister
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  • Good Quality Views
  • Up to 1 Million Views
  • Fast-Delivery
  • 30-Day Refund Policy
  • Good Customer Support
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#2 CoinCrack
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  • High-Quality Views
  • Up to 50k Views
  • Very Fast Delivery
  • 100% Money Back
  • Great Customer Service
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#3 TargetedLikes
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  • Fast Delivery
  • Low-Retention Views
  • Good Customer Support
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Extra Marketing Options
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#4 SocialKing
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  • Low-Retention Views
  • Up to 30,000 Views
  • Good Customer Service
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The Pros and Cons of Buying Views

So you’re looking to buy views? Perhaps you’re not convinced, or want to figure out if it’s the right fit for you and your videos. We’ve been using and testing view companies for quite a while now and at this point we’re pretty familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of buying views. Check out our complete list of pros and cons below to – should make your buying process a little easier!


  • Get A Head Start: Why start at 0 views when you could start at 5,000 or 50,000 views? This will give your videos a boost compared to everyone else, helping you gain more traction more quickly. Your videos will attract more views early on, giving you a leg up on the competition.
  • Strengthen Social Proof: You can buy views to quickly improve your social proof on Facebook. When people see how popular your videos are, they won't hesitate to click over and check them out as well. If they like what they see, they'll subscribe. That's the power of social proof.
  • More Effective Marketing: The more views you get, the more exposure you'll get for your marketing campaigns. No matter where you're posting the video, more views will be an asset. People will be more likely to watch your videos, and share them with friends.
  • Better Search Rankings: The more views you get, the higher you'll generally appear in search results. Popularity helps you become even more popular.
  • More Facebook Suggestions: If your video is more popular, it will be more likely to show up in Facebook's suggested videos. That means more views for you!
  • Attract More Views: The power of social proof means that the more views you have, the easier it is to get even more views. People love to join the crowd, and they don't want to miss out on the latest big thing.
  • Become An Authority: The more views you have, the more like an authority you'll appear online. People flock to accounts with a ton of attention, and it makes you seem more credible.
  • Make More Money: All of these advantages mean that buying views can indirectly lead to making money in a variety of ways. The more attention you get, the more profits you can turn - if you know what to do with your popularity.


  • Unethical: You shouldn't buy views unless you know what you're getting into. Not everyone is a fan of this method of growing on social media, so you shouldn't go around telling everyone. It's not illegal to buy views, just generally frowned upon - but a lot of people are doing it.
  • Untargeted: In many cases the views you buy will be untargeted, meaning that you can't choose where they come from. Instead they'll be distributed around the world, or will come from just a few countries. They won't necessarily care about the content of your video, so don't expect them to take further action like subscribing or commenting (unless you pay for that service).
  • Unnatural Results: In some cases the views you get won't look very organic, because they arrive all at once and they aren't usually accompanied by likes, dislikes, and comments. With the best providers this doesn't always happen, but in many cases it does. You can help mitigate this by purchasing those extra services to go along with your views, and all will be well.
  • No Ad Revenue: Bought views won't make you money directly, because they aren't real views from real people. You can't buy views to increase your ad revenue. However, you can make money indirectly by the boost in socal proof that comes from your enhanced view count.
  • Scams Are Everywhere: Like many industries, there are some scammers and dirty tricksters who won't live up to their promises on their sites. These range from delivering low-quality, low retention views, to simply taking your money without delivering anything. Do your research and go with the trusted providers on our list.
  • Can you really Buy Facebook Video Views?
  • Yes, you really can! Many people are buying Views for their Facebook videos. You can purchase thousands or even millions of views (real or fake) for any video on Facebook. There are dozens of companies, platforms and individual sellers that offer them, along with similar services, and ordering views is usually a simple process.

  • Does Buying Facebook Views really work?
  • Yes, it does, but it's not a direct process. Most of the time, buying Facebook views doesn’t mean you’re buying real views from real people. But those views will help you become more popular.

    Upon seeing your high view count, anyone browsing Facebook will think your video is more worthwhile of their time. As a result, after buying views, the number of real, organic views on your video will grow much faster than it otherwise would have.

  • How do providers deliver Facebook Views?
  • It really depends on the company, there are a multitude of ways to deliver Facebook views. The better companies will use PPC campaigns, social media marketing, and creative video placements. The scammier companies use popup ads, bots, and clickfarms.

  • Can you buy real Facebook Views?
  • In some cases you'll find companies offering "real" views, but it's impossible to tell exactly how those views are being delivered. Fake views from bots will usually be cheaper than real views, but it's hard to tell the difference.

  • Can others find out if you Buy Facebook Views?
  • It depends on how your views were delivered. Your followers can't see who's watching your video (real or fake) but they can tell how many people watched your video. If you get a ton of views in a very brief span of time, it could make people suspicious. This is why it's a good idea to get your views delivered gradually.

  • Can you make money from Buying Facebook Views?
  • We don't know. We haven't tested monetizing bought Facebook views and haven't heard of anyone doing it either.

    If you successfully monetize bought views, contact us and let us know. We'd love to expand this section.

  • How much should Facebook Views cost?
  • The price you pay for Facebook views will vary based on quality and method(s) used. The cheapest providers use somewhat scammy methods, like bots or clickfarms. More expensive companies usually offer a better product overall, including customer service.

  • Where can I buy Facebook Views?
  • We’ve tested the services on our list, and reviewed them carefully. Read our reviews and take a look at a few different providers before making a purchase. Remember, you usually need to pay a bit more for quality.

  • Will I get extra favorites, reposts or comments when I Buy Facebook Views?
  • In our experience, that doesn't' usually happen. Typically you will only get the service you pay for, so if you want favorites, comments, or anything else, you'll usually need to buy them too.

  • Will you gain followers, clicks or sales from Bought Facebook Views?
  • It depends. If you're buying Views to augment some solid, attractive content, when you rank better people will be happy to click over and check out your content. But if you don't have anything worth looking at, bought Views won't do all the work for you.

  • How do I share my Buy Facebook Views experience?
  • You can submit your own review on our review of the provider, or contact us if we haven't reviewed them.

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