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The Pros and Cons of Buying Views

So you’re looking to buy views? Perhaps you’re not convinced, or want to figure out if it’s the right fit for you and your videos. We’ve been using and testing view companies for quite a while now and at this point we’re pretty familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of buying views. Check out our complete list of pros and cons below to – should make your buying process a little easier!


  • Get A Head Start: You can outpace the competition by buying views right when you publish a video. You'll appear more attractive to potential viewers, because when they see your high view count they'll have to come check you out as well. Buy views to start a few paces ahead.
  • Strengthen Social Proof:  Purchase views to improve your social proof, quickly and effectively. A video with a ton of views sends a strong signal, showing that your content is worth watching. The more views you have, the more you'll draw in!
  • More Effective Marketing: Promoting a video can be hard, so getting a head start can be very valuable. The more eyes you get your videos in front of, the better. That's why buying views can make your marketing campaigns more effective - the more views you get, the easier it is to spread your content.
  • Better Search Rankings: The higher you show up on search results, the more people will see your videos. Buying views will help rank higher, attracting more clicks and even more views.
  • More DailyMotion Suggestions: A lot of video views will make DailyMotion more likely to suggest your content to people browsing their platform. More suggestions means more views for you.
  • Attract More Views: People hate missing out on the latest and greatest. That's why an impressive view count will attract people to your videos - it's the power of social proof in action.
  • Become An Authority: If you want to appear like an authority and expert in your field, buying views will enhance your social proof and make you appear more credible. This is a great way to grow your business and attract a larger audience.
  • Make More Money: All the benefits of buying views can eventually translate into higher profits. As long as you can take advantage of all those new viewers, you should be able to grow your business more quickly and effectively.


  • Unethical: It's true that buying views isn't the most honorable way to gain a larger following and more popularity - but a whole lot of people are doing it. Although nobody will admit it publicly, it's actually a pretty popular practice. It might not be right for you, but that's ok. Remember that these services are private, and nobody will know that you used them unless you tell them.
  • Untargeted: Although you can buy views, you can't always buy the exact kind of views you want. Most providers offer untargeted views, which might come from anywhere in the world. Look for companies who are proven to deliver targeted views, which you can trust and plan on.
  • Unnatural Results: Although you can buy views, you can't always choose exactly how they will appear. They often show up all at once, and may all come from the same source. Luckily, you can find providers who will offer targeted views, coming from specific regions. Buy some likes and comments to go along with those views and the service will look even more organic.
  • No Ad Revenue: Buying views to watch the ads on your videos is a bad idea - it won't work. This won't help you earn ad revenue directly. Buying views will help you make money indirectly, however, because they improve your social proof and draw more viewers to watch your videos.
  • Scams Are Everywhere: Don't fall for a scammer's tricks just because they offer a ton of views for a cheap price. You might wind up with a crappy product, or nothing at all. Only go with the trusted providers you'll find at the top of our list.
  • Can you really buy DailyMotion Views?
  • Yes. Buying views for Dailymotion is really a thing. You can purchase thousands or even millions of views (real or fake) for any video on Dailymotion. There are dozens of companies, platforms and individual sellers that offer it and ordering views is usually a simple process.

    We've tested over 30 providers so far, and the vast majority of them delivered views exactly as promised.

  • Does buying DailyMotion Views really work?
  • Yes, it does — but maybe not the way you think. Most of the time, buying Dailymotion view doesn’t mean you’re buying real views. The views you buy, however, send your view count shooting upward.

    Upon seeing your high view count, visitors navigating the site will think your video is more worthwhile of their time. As a result, after buying views, the number of real views on your video will grow much faster than it otherwise would have.

  • How do providers deliver DailyMotion Views?
  • There are thousands of ways a company can deliver Dailymotion views, so there isn’t a single answer. Good providers sell real Dailymotion views using creative marketing, optimized PPC campaigns, video placements and social media marketing. Bad companies may use popups, click farms or bots.

  • Can you buy real DailyMotion views?
  • It depends on the company offering it. You can just as easily purchase real views as you can fake views. The difference usually comes down to the price you pay. Fake views are usually much cheaper than real views.

  • Can others tell if you Buy DailyMotion Views?
  • Maybe, it depends on how your views were delivered. Your viewers can't see who's watching your video (real or fake) but they can tell when people watched your video. Some providers deliver views at a natural, steady pace while others deliver them all at once, causing an unnatural spike. While this doesn't always mean it's from fake views, it can raise eyebrows.

  • Can you make money from Buying DailyMotion Views?
  • We don't know. We haven't tested monetizing bought views and haven't heard of anything doing it either.

    If you successfully monetize bought views, contact us and let us know. We'd love to expand this section.

  • How much should DailyMotion Views cost?
  • The price you pay for DailyMotion views varies based on quality and method(s) used. Prices range from $0.20 to $5 per 1,000 views. The cheaper providers in the industry usually offer fake views with bots or click farms, while more expensive providers usually provide real views using better, white-hat methods. This isn’t always the case (there are a lot of expensive scammers out there), but it’s a good reference.

  • Where can I buy DailyMotion Views?

  • We’ve tested the services above. Read reviews and investigate different providers before you put your money down on the table. While some providers will be cheaper than others, we suggest seriously considering quality before making a purchase.

  • Will I get favorites, reposts or comments when I Buy DailyMotion Views?
  • From our experience, not really. 95% of the videos we tested did not receive any favorites, reposts or comments alongside views. Only a few of videos tested actually gained some favorites, but none received comments. Just keep this in mind when buying views.

  • Will you gain followers, clicks or sales from Bought DailyMotion Views?
  • Tricky question. We didn't gain any followers from bought views, and we didn't have any links or products for viewers to click or watch on test videos. However, if properly optimized we would say it's a maybe if the views are real and targeted.

  • How do I share my Buy DailyMotion Views experience?
  • You can submit your own review on our review of the provider, or contact us if we haven't reviewed them.

  • How does buying Dailymotion views work?
  • Since Dailymotion is similar to YouTube, the methods used by providers to deliver views are the same. Some of these methods are:

    - Bots: Using bots is the most common technique employed by providers to deliver hundreds, or even thousands, of views in a short period. While the method will increase your view count fast, the bots have no real value outside of it since they are not human users.

    - Click farms: This method uses actual people to click and watch your videos. They will typically watch your videos up to the minimum amount of time required to register a view. The views you get can still be considered to be low quality since they are from random viewers.

    - Online marketing campaigns: Reputable providers conduct various marketing campaigns to promote your videos. These include PPC advertising, creative marketing, and social media promotions. Since they are targeted towards specific viewers, you get high-quality views. The drawback is that these views take longer to deliver than with other methods.

    When choosing providers, be sure to consider the methods they use and how these would fit into your needs. Read our reviews to find out which ones are used by the most popular providers.

  • Will I lose the Dailymotion views that I bought?
  • Not really. Those views are permanently registered on your videos. The only way that your view count will drop is if Dailymotion changes it. This is usually the result of them going after purchased views in general.

    Your provider should have a retention guarantee for regaining any lost views. Depending on the company, the refills may be automatic or you will have to make a request for them. The validity varies from a month up to a year for most providers.

  • Does buying Dailymotion views work?
  • Yes, it does. As it is with other video sharing sites, the view count is important to how popular your Dailymotion videos become. The more views you have, the greater the chance that people will watch your video content. Companies and individual video creators are already using the strategy to boost the effectiveness of their video campaigns.

  • Can you buy real Dailymotion views?
  • Yes, but that will depend on the method used by providers to deliver your views. Views delivered through marketing campaigns are considered the most ‘real’ since they are made by targeted human viewers.

    Keep in mind that real views are indistinguishable from fake views generated by bots and click farms. You can use any of the different methods without any real differences. Fake views are also cheaper, which might be a better option in certain situations.

  • Why should I buy Dailymotion views?
  • Dailymotion is the fifth largest video sharing site on the Internet. Getting a sizeable audience on it will give your videos an additional avenue for exposure. While it is not the best strategy to gain views, buying Dailymotion views is a quick and easy way to establish that viewer base. Many companies and individual creators have used the method to solidify their presence on the site. It’s an effective strategy if you are looking to:

    - Gain views faster
    - Increase your videos’ popularity
    - Increase your videos; visibility on online searches
    - Boost your Dailymotion channel’s reputation and credibility
    - Increase your personal or brand social proof
    - Attract more organic viewers
    - Extend your video marketing reach
    - Enhance your online image

    Read our Pros and Cons section above to find out more benefits that you can gain from a simple purchase of Dailymotion views.

  • Is buying Dailymotion views a scam?
  • No, it isn’t. The recognized views providers are, in fact, fully-registered companies. Aside from delivering high-quality views, they offer refund guarantees and replacement warranties. These assure customers that they are well-protected when using the companies’ services.

    With that said, there are shady providers that will try to scam you. They can make false claims about their services to entice you. Researching a provider before making a purchase will help you avoid these scams. We have thoroughly tested different providers and are giving you the best recommendations in our reviews.

  • Is buying Dailymotion views safe?
  • Yes, it is. The Dailymotion views delivered by good providers will look no different from the regular views that you gain. People won’t suspect that you are buying views unless they know exactly how you get the views. The reputable providers also closely adhere to the terms provided by the site, ensuring that you will not be banned or penalized.

    You still need to take factors like video watch rate into consideration. Certain providers might give very low watch rates. This will have a negative impact on your videos’ ranking and overall visibility. Check out the test section of our reviews to get more information about this particular aspect of different providers.

  • Is buying Dailymotion views illegal?
  • Buying Dailymotion views is perfectly legal under existing laws, but you still need to take Dailymotion’s Terms of Service into consideration. The provider that you sign up with should use methods that do not violate these terms. You should also avoid providers that request access to your account in the guise of delivering their services.

  • Can companies remove bought views after delivering them?
  • No, and there is no reason for them to remove the views that you have already purchased. Only Dailymotion can change your videos’ view count, which they do as part of a larger effort to remove views which they believe violate their terms of service. In case that happens, you can take advantage of your provider’s replacement warranty to regain lost views.

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