Name: Buyviews


Founded: 2015

Location: USA

Secure Website: Yes

YouTube Services: Views, Subscribers, Likes/Dislikes/Shares

Other Services: DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vine

BuyViews Review Summary (TL;DR)

BuyViews is by far one of the best companies we’ve used for YouTube views.

The US-based company’s main focus is YouTube services. They offer three types of services for YouTube views: Fast, Organic (drip feed), and Social (views from Facebook, Twitter, etc.), all of which were delivered on-time and with great results. Their prices are competitive with industry average and backed by a Retention & Money Back Guarantee. They also offer a variety of extras such as Likes, Dislikes, Comments and Subscribers which can be orders easily alongside views or separately. Customer support was excellent, with quick, friendly responses via email and good customer-centered policies.

Overall, BuyViews is highly recommended.

Our In-Depth Review of BuyViews User Experience

At first look, BuyViews’ site is simple and straightforward.

The first thing you see on their homepage is the company’s packages, followed by more information about how the service works and why it is reliable.

The rest of the site is just as easy to understand — navigation is simple, and support is easy to locate and reach. They have plenty of information on each page to guide visitors.

The blog is considerably more robust than most providers, they seem to focus on adding content on a regular basis, which raises their user experience score.

We give them an 8.5 out of 10.


Plans & Pricing:

BuyViews offers three views services: Fast, Organic, and Social with up to 2M views for all services.

We asked Buyviews to explain these services and co-founder Chris Desadoy responded:

Fast is fast, like stupid fast. Comes mostly from SEO traffic, we can do a million in less than 6 months.

Organic comes from my work on YouTube and with YouTubers. It's a bit slower than fast, but we can get more targeted.

Social comes strictly from social. My work on sites like quora, facebook and twitter will put your video in front of all my connections. A bit slower, a bit more expensive, but these are the real deal holyfield.

Organic Views packages offer seemingly real YouTube views, delivered slowly to make video popularity look more natural. Their 10,000 views package is delivered over two weeks (800 views daily).

Organic Views Packages

  • 5,000 Views — $24
  • 10,000 Views — $47
  • 25,000 Views — $99
  • 50,000 Views — $197
  • 100,000 Views — $349
  • 250,000 Views — $799
  • 500,000 Views — $1,499
  • 1 Million Views — $2,799

Fast Views packages offer seemingly real views, delivered as quickly as possible to make it look like your video went viral. The 10,000 views package is delivered over 4 days (2,500 views daily).

Fast Views Packages

  • 5,000 Views — $19
  • 10,000 Views — $37
  • 25,000 Views — $89
  • 50,000 Views — $169
  • 100,000 Views — $269
  • 250,000 Views — $749
  • 500,000 Views — $1,399
  • 1 Million Views — $2,497

Social Views packages offer seemingly real views from social networks, at a pace that varies between organic and fast to flow with social network patterns. Their 10,000 views package has a projected turnaround of 7 days (1,500 views daily).

Social Views Packages

  • 5,000 Views — $29
  • 10,000 Views — $54
  • 25,000 Views — $129
  • 50,000 Views — $250
  • 100,000 Views — $500
  • 250,000 Views –$997
  • 500,000 Views — $1,799
  • 1 Million Views — $2,997

Ordering Process

Video provided by BuyViews

Ordering from BuyViews is simple:

  1. Choose The Views — Choose the type of views you want to buy. BuyViews offers Fast, Social and Organic Views.
  2. Choose the Amount—Choose the amount of views you want. The largest packages can be found under the dropdown menu on the last form
  3. Paste Video Link — Simply copy your YouTube link into the box on the form
  4. Choose Options – Add likes, dislikes and what they call “social promotion” – people tweeting about your video.
  5. Order Now – Once you're done customizing, click the Order Now button.
  6. Confirm Details  – Check out the details on the form, if this is your first time ordering you will have to fill out some details here.
  7. PayPal – Once you enter in your details you will be taken to PayPal.

Once payment is confirmed, your order should start. We have always gotten follow up emails letting us know where we stood with our orders from BuyViews.

Delivery Speed

Fast Views
Organic Views
Social Views

Turnaround Time

We placed several orders with BuyViews, on different days and for different plans. On average, delivery started within one or two days of placing the order. Views were delivered steadily for all packages (Fast, Organic, and Social), but at slightly different rates.

In most cases, orders were delivered on time. We had one order that was one day late, but it had started delivering about two days after we ordered, and then was completed at a steady rate.

In general, BuyViews’ turnaround time holds true to what is stated on their site.

The Quality of BuyViews' Views

The value of paid YouTube views relies on the quality of the views. Quality is determined by several important factors such as retention rate, traffic source, viewer countries, viewer devices, engagements received and most importantly, the stickiness of the views themselves.

Retention Rate

Devumi’s overall average viewer retention is 93%.

Fast views: 87%. Organic views: 97%. Social Views: 94%.

Average YouTube viewer retention: 31%;

Average Views Provider Rate: 60%;

BuyViews 93%
Average Provider 60%
Average YouTube Viewer 31%

Traffic Source

Fast View Sources:

  • External Websites (62%)
  • YouTube (29%)
  • Facebook (9%)

Organic View Sources:

  • YouTube (24%)
  • External Websites (18%)
  • Facebook (14%)
  • Twitter (5%)
  • Other (39%)

Social View Sources:

  • Facebook (82%)
  • Twitter (9%)
  • YouTube (8%)

Viewer Countries

Fast Top 3 Countries: USA (39%), UK (6%), France (3%)

Organic Top Countries: USA (48%), UK (5%), Brazil (3%)

Social Top Countries: USA (53%), France (25%), UK (6%)

Viewer Devices

Fast Devices: Web Browser (88%), Mobile (10%), Tablet (1%), Other (1%)

Organic Devices: Web Browser (82%), Mobile (13%), Tablet (2%), Other (3%)

Social Devices: Web Browser (56%), Mobile (34%), Tablet (9%), Other (1%)

Engagements Received

Our videos received engagements (Likes, Dislikes, and Shares) when we ordered from BuyViews. This might come from their social promotion option, even though we didn't purchase this add on. BuyViews doesn't promise engagements with just their Views service, and they don't really explain why engagements may come.

Regardless, engagements for our videos were a pleasant surprise.

Sticky Views

Stickiness refers to whether the views stay or YouTube removes them. Views can be lost when YouTube's algorithm counts them as irrelevant, and therefore not worth counting. We did lose some views on one of our videos, but BuyViews  alerted us. The dropped views were promptly replaced, less than an hour later.

Viewer Traffic Sources

  • External Websites
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Other

Viewer Countries

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Brazil

Viewer Devices

  • Web Browser
  • Mobile Browser
  • Tablet Browser
  • Other


BuyViews’ customer support was great. We reached out to them via the contact form on the Support page, got an immediate email confirmation  that our message had been received, and a response from a team member was in our inbox within the hour.

They were helpful, and all of our questions were answered in detail and without any problems. We found the BuyViews support team to be fast, reliable and friendly.


Privacy and return policies are often an overlooked part of the buying decision, but they're really important. We've gone through BuyViews' policies, and pulled out the important points.

In general, BuyViews checks all the boxes as reputable and secure with your financial and personal information.

Policy check:

✔ Does not sell, rent or give your email away.


✔ Does not use tracking cookies

✔ Clear refund policy

✔ Clear contact information stated

They also have a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee on all services, which is great when you're a first-time buyer.


thumbs up

At the time of review, BuyViews is the top company we've tested.

We highly recommend BuyViews if you like options and are looking to buy YouTube views that will stick around. For their price and quality, BuyViews is our top pick.