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Not finding the success you had hoped for from your paid YouTube comments? You’ve heard stories of others bringing in loads of real engagement from paid comments, but you just aren’t seeing any results from yours. Well, we’re about to teach you the secrets of buying YouTube comments. Some of the biggest names on YouTube have built huge followings with the help of paid comments, you can too!

quality-youtube-commentsQuality Matters

The biggest misconception about paid comments, views, and likes is that they never change. Many people are under the impression that you get the same thing no matter who you buy from. And that may have been accurate in the past, but things have changed. There are now thousands of providers of these services, and some have altered the game.

Comments that say things like “Nice vid, subbed,” have minimal value because they’re obviously fake. The value is non-existent if it comes from an account name like “Ysdasheva  Kokuloto.” For a while this was all you saw from paid comments, but many providers have made vast improvements. If you buy from a high-quality and reputable vendor, you’ll get coherent comments that come from a real-looking account, with a profile picture and authentic name as well.

The most common way of buying YouTube comments now involves you writing the comments. Yes, this is a lot of extra work, but it allows you to generate authentic comments that appeal to your audience. And there are some providers that have special services to cut out your extra work. They will watch your video, review it, and write the comments for you. If you can find this kind of service, take advantage of it!

Enticing a Conversation

youtube-comments-conversationGetting your actual viewers to engage in a conversation should be the goal of your paid comments. Doing this requires some strategic comments, but isn’t difficult if you know your audience. Alternatively, you could jump on a premium comment service and let some experts take a look. That isn’t always ideal though, and learning how to do this can help a lot in other marketing areas.

When starting a conversation, it’s going to make a huge difference what type of niche you are in. As a general rule of thumb, controversy usually creates conversation. If you can think of anything that can stir up people’s emotions while staying relevant, try it out (within constraints, of course – that last thing you want is to anger or alienate people). Buying comments is going to involve a lot of trial and error, so you should always try to learn from your mistakes.

Buying Comments for Other Videos

Here’s a nice little twist on buying comments that some have seen huge success from: Instead of focusing all your paid comments on your own videos, buy some on related videos too. Use these to advertise your channel indirectly, and add likes to them to build social proof. Social proof is a huge part of comments as well, not just video metrics like views and likes.

youtube-commments-shareAvoid making your comments sound like spam at all costs. That means no comments in all caps demanding that people check out your channel. Instead, you can casually drop a line about how you make similar content, or have a similar video. Never say, “Check out X video for more!!” and expect a good response. Instead, go with something like, “Great video! As a gamer and video maker myself, I found X to be very interesting.” With that comment, someone might see it and be compelled to check out your content. It’s not always guaranteed to work, and certain channels’ audiences will work better. Again, it’s going to be a lot of trial and error until you find something that works. The nice thing is it’s an easy road once you’ve found your recipe.

Time to get going!

Trial and error starts somewhere, so put your first trials in motion today. Use the knowledge we’ve shared in this article and put it to your advantage. Add a couple of high-quality YouTube comment packages to your best videos and try to strike up a conversation. Also try snagging some viewers from other related channels. The ball is in your court!

Date: February 4, 2016 / Categories: Comments, YouTube, / Author: Rich Drees


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