Why You Want to Buy High-Retention YouTube Views

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Retention Rate is one of the underrated metrics of YouTube videos. YouTube defines Retention Rate as “an overall measure of how well your video keeps its audience.” It’s important because it shows YouTube how much of your video people watched – or in other words, how interesting your video is.

When buying views, make sure that you buy views with a high-retention rate. When you buy views from a cheap provider, many times you’ll find they sell views that only spend a minimal amount of time watching your video. Having low-retention views on a video is like having a viewer open your video, and then quickly leaving without taking time to watch.

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Does YouTube care about retention rates?

Retention rate is one of the parameters used by YouTube to rank videos. To YouTube’s search and discovery algorithm, a low-retention view means that the viewer clicked on a video, but did not find it interesting and left after a short while. This hurts the video’s ranking on the YouTube search engine. Additionally, low-quality, low-retention views can be flagged by YouTube’s algorithms, leading to a drop in views.

Avoid buying poor-quality YouTube views with a low-retention rate, or you risk jeopardizing your rankings on YouTube’s search engine. To avoid low-retention views, conduct a thorough evaluation of a YouTube views provider before committing your dollars. Always check whether the particular company provides a guarantee for the retention rate of views they provide.

How to avoid low-retention rate views

The #1 way to be sure you’re getting something good is to go through reviews and see what past customers have said about the views’ retention rate. Negative comments are a red flag. This is where review sites like ours come in – we are an online tool that tests the retention rates of views provided by different companies, helping clients evaluate and choose high-quality view providers.

How to check retention rates of the views you already have bought

Maybe you bought some views, but it was before you learned about retention rates and how important they are. If you’re uncertain about whether your vendor has been providing you with high-quality views, you can easily check.

You will need to access your YouTube Analytics Dashboard. To do this, go to your YouTube creator studio and click on the Audience Retention section (see the screenshot below). This provides you with detailed information about your views, from Average View Duration and Average Percentage Viewed, to a real-time graph of views and audience geography. This can also be very insightful for you as a creator – if you find that your videos have low retention rates, consider restructuring your videos or changing your content strategy.


Image via ReelSEO

Image via ReelSEO

Going forward

Buying views is a good strategy to improve the visibility and discoverability for your YouTube videos. However, you should make sure that the views you are buying have a high retention rate, or you could end up hurting your YouTube rankings and wasting your time and money. Before putting in to buy views for your video, remember to do some research and choose the one you determine has the highest-quality views. If you do this, you will be well on your way to maximizing the use of YouTube to build your brand and promote your products and services.

Date: May 13, 2016 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Rich Drees


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