The 6 Best Collaborations on YouTube

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If you’ve spent much time on YouTube, you’ll know that collaborations are a big thing among brands and content creators alike.

Collaborating with a YouTuber can help you reach a whole new network of viewers you might not otherwise come across through your solo efforts. When carried out correctly, a collaboration with a content creator is proven to drive sales, increase brand awareness and strengthen social proof.

That just goes to show you can’t afford NOT to collaborate on YouTube.

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest and most successful collaborations in YouTube Land. These winning partnerships should inspire you to reach out to other content creators to help you achieve your goals.

Jaclyn Hill + Becca Cosmetics

Beauty gurus are among the biggest and brightest YouTubers of today. They have cult followings that rely on their recommendations when making purchasing decisions about beauty and lifestyle products.

Jaclyn Hill is a well-known makeup icon on YouTube who is no stranger to brand deals and sponsorships. While all her brand partnerships have been staggering successes, her most notable team-up was with the brand Becca Cosmetics on a sold out collaboration of epic proportions.

What started out as a single product collaboration quickly grew into a collection of face palettes that consist of highlighters, blushes, and eyeshadows.

becca cosmeticsImage credit: Refinery29

Finding the right YouTuber and working with the right brand can pave the way to the success you’ve been looking for, so don’t hesitate to reach out and collaborate.

The Revolving Collaboration Between VSauce3 and Joe from ItsOkToBeSmart

Just when you thought you’ve seen every type of collab video there is, here comes VSauce3 and Joe from ItsOkToBeSmart with their ingenious revolving collab videos.

The idea is to keep both their followers engaged and entertained for as long as possible by creating a series of videos that are sent back and forth between their two channels.

Check out the second half of their collaboration right here.

For their collab videos, they talked about superheroes and their arch nemeses – which makes the revolving format an apt method of delivery.

When collaborating with another YouTuber, learn ways to keep each of your respective audiences as engaged as possible, for as long as possible.

This lets you capitalize on your partnership for much longer than a single 5-minute video.

Hazel Hayes + Amy Schumer

Thanks to YouTube, you can collaborate with just about anyone – even with your favorite celebrity. Celebrities are crossing over to YouTube when doing their promotional tours, and these hotshots are more than willing to collaborate.

Hazel Hayes is a variety YouTuber who does interviews with celebrities on her channel for her Tipsy Talk series.

In this video, Hazel sits down with hit comedian Amy Schumer to promote her movie, ‘Trainwreck.’

When it comes to collaborations, don’t limit yourself to just YouTubers. Bring in celebrities, experts, scientists, or anyone who has valuable expertise your viewers can benefit from.

Joey Graceffa + Almost Every YouTuber in the World for YouTube Red

We’ve already established that you can collaborate with just about anyone you want (if you can get them to agree) so why not raise the stakes and collaborate with everyone you want ALL AT THE SAME TIME?

A massive collaboration is like a star-studded feature that is sure to round up a tremendous number of fans from every corner of Youtube.

YouTube Red is the ad-free paid subscription version of Youtube, and it gives you access to exclusive made-for-the-Tube series and films by some of your favorite content creators.

Recently, Joey Graceffa teamed up with his YouTube friends Shane Dawson, Eva Gutowski, Trisha Paytas, GloZell Green, and a bunch of others for the web series ‘Escape the Night.’

This postmodern thriller is a cross between a dinner theater mystery and a reality show set in a fictional lavish estate. Safe to say that Joey and his team did not skimp on the production values for this project. Guests have to solve puzzles and face challenges in order to survive and return to the real world – failing in any of the challenges will result in death.

YouTube fans eagerly signed up for YouTube Red to root for their favorite content creator, and the series was a humongous success.

If you want to get as many YouTubers as possible to collaborate with you on an epic video idea, make sure you have noteworthy social proof that will impress them. Buying high-quality YouTube Views and Subscribers from a tried and tested provider is the easiest way to strengthen your authority on YouTube in as little time as possible – just make sure you have great content to back them up.

H3h3 Productions + PewDiePie

The beauty of the internet is that it easily connects people all over the world. This means you can collaborate with any content creator, without having to be in the same area code or even continent.

Ethan Klein of h3h3 Productions, who is based in the United States, partnered up with England-based YouTube royalty PewDiePie in a hilarious video that got all their fans excited. Ethan and Felix were able to pull off this hilarious video without being in the same room.

Collaboration knows no boundaries. Don’t be afraid to work with content creators from other parts of the world. With a little creativity and editing, you can come up with a video just like the one shown above without ever leaving your home (or studio).

Epic Rap Battles + Lilly Singh

When searching for a potential collaborator, it’s important that you find someone whose brand image is compatible with yours.

Epic Rap Battles regularly works with some of the hottest YouTubers on their channel, other creators whose images align with their own. Recently they worked with Lilly Singh, aka IISuperwomanII, and placed her head to head against a very convincing Stevie Wonder impersonator.

Lilly (aptly disguised as Wonder Woman) and Stevie gave us one truly epic rap battle that is nothing short of entertaining.

A well-thought out collaboration travels far on YouTube, so be sure to pick your partner in crime wisely. As Epic Rap Battles and Lilly showed us, compatibility plays a huge part in creating a relevant video.

Go Out There and Collaborate

If you think collab videos are just for big YouTubers, you’re wrong. Someone who’s just starting out on YouTube can actually greatly benefit from collaborating with other content creators by sharing audiences between each of your channels.

In order to begin collaborating, you need to reach out to other YouTubers. Buying high-quality YouTube Views, Subscribers, and other social signals can help you establish a more impressive and authoritative reputation on the platform, which will help you convince others to jump on board with your video idea.

Be creative and be bold. Take inspiration from some of these collab success stories and then create your own.

you can do it

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