YouTube: Paying Content Creators To Promote New Features

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Have you seen popular YouTube content creators promoting new YouTube features?

That isn’t because they love those new features though some YouTubers definitely love the large amount monetization options available. The bigger reason for all the promotion is that YouTube has been paying some of their most popular content creators to promote new YouTube features. This is part of a long-term strategy to increase the number of content creators, and consumers of content, on the platform.

Some of these features that they have introduced are unique and some of them are similar to what competitors like Twitch offer. Either way, this means more options for monetization on a platform infamous for a lack of monetization options.

Now, YouTube has not disclosed the channels that they are paying nor have any channels announced a partnership. However, a large amount of money involved leads us to believe that the most popular channels are partnering with YouTube.

This article will cover some of those new features that YouTube is promoting. More importantly, we will discuss why YouTube is paying content creators to promote new features.


What Features is YouTube Promoting?

Why Is YouTube Paying Content Creators to Promote Features?

Paying content creators to promote YouTube features might sound odd to many of you. It sounds unusual because it is unusual. Typically we do not see a platform paying the creators on the platform to use features.

YouTube has one good reason to promote these features though. That reason is Twitch. The upstart live streaming service has been drawing creators away from YouTube by offering more monetization options.

Simply put, YouTube has a reputation for randomly demonetizing channels for vague interpretations of their Terms of Service. Creators have no idea when their channel will be demonetized. It has gotten to the point now where YouTubers talk about “when they get demonetized” not “if they get demonetized.”

However, the demonetization only applies to advertise, which until recently was the main way that YouTubers earned money from their channels.

Promoting the new features means that more content creators will discover the features and decide to use YouTube instead of Twitch. Again, most creators have no idea that YouTube even offers different forms of monetization. In the end, that means those creators will bring their audiences to YouTube where they can be served ads.

What Features is YouTube Promoting?

YouTube is promoting a wide range of different features. Most of these features are similar to those that Twitch offers to their creators. This section will detail those features.

Pinned Comments

This is one of the more interesting features that YouTube offers. For a price, commenters on a live stream can have their comment pinned to the top of the chat. This ensures that your comment is read by users and potentially the streamer.

Now, streamers have promoted this feature by mentioning that viewers can pay to pin a comment. It is also in the streamers best interest to remind commenters about this because they get money from each pinned comment.

Right now this is only available on certain channels. We can expect this to become more common across different channels within the year.

YouTube Gaming sponsorships

YouTube’s new sponsorship program is similar to Twitch. Basically, game streamers with over 1,000 subscribers can choose to have paid subscribers. Currently, the monthly fee for paid subscribers is $5 per month.

These subscribers get some extra perks. Some of those perks include custom emoticons and the option to join sponsorship-only chatrooms. The streamer gets a share of the payment, so many viewers use this as a way to support their favorite streamers.

Merch Program

YouTube recently launched a merchandise program in partnership with Teespring. Basically, this allows creators to open a store connected to their channel to sell merchandise. YouTube will, of course, get a share of each sale.

This isn’t any merchandise though. The Merch program is about selling t-shirts, other articles of clothing, and even pillowcases and other bedding.

Non-Exclusive Agreements

YouTube isn’t really promoting this too much. It is still a major offering that they have though.

Streamers have the option to upload recordings of their stream on any platform they wish. The only requirement is that they first upload it to YouTube.

This goes against the industry standard, which typically involves major creators signing an exclusive agreement with a platform and studio. We expect to see YouTube offer non-exclusive agreements to more and more creators as a way to expand their reach.

YouTube Gaming sponsorships promotions

What Does This Mean for YouTubers?

The changes offered by YouTube will have mostly positive effects in the long-term. YouTube’s intention is to stem the flow of YouTube content creators fleeing the platform for better monetization.

However, this still does not solve the main problem plaguing YouTube. That issue is that they have a policy of arbitrarily banning and demonetizing channels. They will continue to see an exodus of content creators until they can resolve that issue.

At the moment, creators are weary to stay on a platform where their videos can be removed and their channel banned at any moment. Sure, they can scrape by with some content creators. The biggest and most famous creators will stream their services on other platforms.

Final Thoughts

Overall, YouTube paying creators to promote new features on the platform is a step in the right direction. It shows that YouTube is serious about taking over the streaming industry. Plus, some of the features they offer are pretty groundbreaking such as the non-exclusive contracts and pinned comments.

As stated earlier, YouTube has a definite fear of losing out on major streamers to Twitch. Additionally, Facebook has launched a streaming service called The competition between platformers to get streamers will only increase in the coming years.

This increased competition is only good for streamers and viewers. Streamers can expect more earnings and different methods to monetize. Viewers can expect more ways to support their favorite streamers and more streamers entering the market due to the large amount of money that can be earned.

Date: November 16, 2018 / Categories: Influencer Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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