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Growing your Instagram presence is a complicated and demanding process. All the metrics on Instagram are intertwined, whether it is followers, likes, or views. They are all interconnected, and together they form the effect we like to call Instagram influencing.

When it comes to accumulating more views on Instagram, there is more than one way you can do it. Furthermore, you’d be surprised just how many effective off-platform tactics you’ve been neglecting to use so far.

Get views on Instagram: Cross-promote

Cross-promotion on social media can simply be described as the act of strategically sharing your content on multiple social networks. This method is very useful when it comes to gaining more views on Instagram. Use your presence on different social networks like Facebook and Twitter to share your Instagram video and extend your reach. In the example below, Ryan’s fans who see this on Twitter, but aren’t on Instagram at the moment, are going to be tempted to click the link to see what he’s going on about.

This tactic is all about trying to catch people when they’re on another platform and pushing them from one to the other. These keeps them engaged with you, which should be a primary goal, and also gives you more chances to get Instagram views.

There are a couple of guidelines you can use that will help you optimize your cross-promoting efforts:

  • Different voices: Use different voices for each of those platforms when you cross-promote to entice your followers to engage with your video. No one will want to check out the same exact post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You need to find a way to diversify each post and align it with the natural content you post on those platforms.
  • Hashtags: Including hashtags can help you optimize your cross-promotion. If you promote certain hashtags for your Instagram video and use them again on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, you can begin to develop brand recognition on social media. It is a simple marketing trick where you teach your audience your branding through repetition.
  • Timing: You should look at cross-promoting as a bonus opportunity that doesn’t come very often. Don’t squander your few opportunities to entice your followers to watch your video by randomly sharing it. When you decide to share your Instagram video on Facebook or on Twitter, make sure you chose time when you know your audience is active.

Find out when your audience is most active and share your Instagram video then to achieve maximum effect. You certainly wouldn’t want to waste the chance to make the most out of your cross-promoting efforts by sharing your video when your audience is at work or sleeping.

The best ways to cross-promote on social media or your blog

Here, it’s all about being creative. There are no actual rules that you can follow, you just need to really think about how you can cross-promote your Instagram video on your other social accounts or your blog. Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Sharing your Instagram video as a Facebook post
  • Share the link to your video in the description or comments of other related posts
  • Sending links to your Instagram videos in email
  • Including mentions and embeds of your Instagram videos in blogs
  • Having a dedicated landing page on your website with Instagram highlights
  • Link to Instagram from YouTube, especially if your Instagram video has previews/behind the scenes of upcoming videos
  • Share the link to your account in your Facebook’s about section

Furthermore, Instagram allows you to share your Instagram videos directly on your Facebook feed by linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts. That can be done as shown in the picture below.

get views on instagram using facebook

Instagram also allows you to share the video on other social networks, like Twitter.

get views on instagram using twitter

Another less troubling way you can share your Instagram video on different social networks is to go to your Instagram profile directly from your PC, share the URL of the video, and just paste it in the post feed.

Get views on Instagram: Collaborate

Your video needs to be exposed in front of a large audience in order to receive a lot of views. If your audience is not big enough and you think you have good content that deserves more views, you could try reaching out to other creators and do a collaboration together. That way, your post will reach a wider audience and you’ll be getting more views in an organic manner. There are a couple of ways you can collaborate with other creators:

  • Tags or mentions
  • Start a challenge post together
  • Start a contest together
  • Creating a video together
  • Have someone share your video on their blog

Collaboration is only limited by your imagination. The entire concept of collaborating boils down to having someone else present your content in front of their own audience, this, however, does not limit the methods you can use.

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Each of the above-mentioned collaboration proposals works really well, so you can be sure that choosing either one of them will definitely help you get views on Instagram. If you need help, there are websites and apps which connect people with influencers.

Get views on Instagram: Reach out to influencers

Maybe you’re having trouble reaching out to influencers on Instagram, but you have some connections on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or email? That works just as well. Before you talk to them, you should know just how to approach influencers in order to get them to share your video on their profiles:

  • Analyze your ideal influencer: If you’re just DM-ing every influencer you know, you’re wasting time. First, you have to do your homework. This means making sure they share the same values, branding image, and audience as you.
  • Provide incentive: No one ever does something for free today. Maybe if some influencer really likes your content, they’ll share it for free, but the odds of that happening are very slim. Make sure to offer something in return. You can offer them monetary compensation, a discount for some of your products, free giveaway for their followers, basically anything that will make them feel like it’s a win-win situation. Without an incentive, influencers are far less likely to be interested in promoting your video.

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  • Be a friendly supporter: Prior to making your move and reaching out to an influencer, spend some time with their profile and engage with their content. Like, comment, and share their content and you may just win over their sympathies. This will definitely give you the edge when you decide to reach out to them.
  • Build a personal connection: Once you have found your ideal influencer, you need to approach them first by interacting with their content. This means providing valuable and insightful comments on their posts. Your comments need to be sincere, thoughtful, and genuine enough to grab their attention.

Whatever you do, don’t just blindly go seeking out influencers to talk to them, that won’t work. Don’t look like some desperate Instagrammer looking to feed off the large audience of influencers.

Get views on Instagram: User-generated content

A great way to get more views on Instagram is to encourage user-generated content. You can do that by offering an incentive, usually by running quizzes or contests and including a prize. Here are some ideas on how you can encourage followers to share user-generated content on and off Instagram:

  • Interconnected platform contest: You can create a contest on your Facebook profile asking your followers to check out your Instagram video as a part of your competition. Remember, Facebook and Instagram have the same owner, so you will be doing these platforms a favor by cross-promoting a contest.
  • Hashtag contest: Create a unique hashtag that you will use in your Instagram video and have your followers include that hashtag when they create the user-generated content. Coca-Cola did a lot of the work for their #ShareaCoke campaign both on their website and on the actual product itself:

get instagram video views hashtag contest

  • Offer rewards: For you to stimulate user-generated content, you need to offer rewards whether it would be in the form of free gifts, promotion on your Instagram account, monetary compensation, or discounts from your product or service. Offer rewards so that your campaigns can create a bigger buzz around your video.

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Remember that a call-to-action of some sort is required in order to successfully encourage user-generated content. These tactics apply to both Instagram and other social networks.

Get views on Instagram: Leverage your connections

Your friends, family, and colleagues, can also help you get more views on Instagram. When they engage with and share your video on their own profiles, a whole different audience will have the chance to watch your video, and you will increase your chances of getting more organic views as a result.

Get views on Instagram: Buy safe views

What does buying safe views even mean? It means buying views from quality and reliable providers that offer organic and safe services. The real question is, how do you know for sure that you are buying safe views? The answer to that question lies in the following:

  • Reviews: When you’re looking for a reliable provider that offers safe Instagram views, the first thing you should do is visit review sites such as ours. We have thoroughly and meticulously analyzed and personally tested many providers only to zero in on the ones offering the most quality services. Check out the ten most reliable Instagram views providers right now.
  • Obvious flaws: The first thing to do when you visit the website of an Instagram views provider is to give a quick scan of their website. Remember, quality providers offer a retention warranty, refund guarantee, and a solid customer support service. If their website looks unprofessional and outdated, and they provide neither of the above-mentioned customer protection policies, don’t expect them to provide quality services as well.
  • Organic: Quality providers that offer organic, targeted, and most of all real Instagram views, make sure to mention that. Always search for the word “organic” when you’re analyzing the website of a provider.

Quality providers state in their Terms of Service that their services are in compliance with Instagram’s terms of use. This one-or-two-sentence statement is the most important thing you should be looking for in a provider. This erases any doubt about the credibility of the services that the provider offers.

Get views on Instagram: Craft a strategy

All of the above-mentioned off-platform tactics work well. In the end, the effect that they produce largely depends on your own social media marketing strategy. That’s why you need to sit down and really think about what the best way would be to increase your video views on Instagram. This means taking into account different aspects, such as:

  • Your target audience
  • The niche you’re in
  • The average age of your target audience
  • The type of content you produce

It’s important that you align your content strategy with your marketing strategy. Try to combine off-platform and on-platform methods to get more views on Instagram, and surely you’ll be getting views on your Instagram videos in no time.

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