Tidying Up Your Video Marketing Strategy With Marie Kondo

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Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo is sparking joy not only in the hearts of homemakers, but also video marketers as her popularity rises on YouTube.

KonMari-ing the results

Kondo started becoming a household name in January of 2019 with the release of her Netflix series “Tidying with Marie Kondo.” The online series focuses on her “KonMari” method of organizing home clutter.

Since its launch, the series has received a large amount of attention. A study by video analytics firm Tubular Insights revealed that KonMari-related content generated 68.4 million views on YouTube within 90 days after the series started. KonMari also received a similar level of engagement on Facebook, attracting 69.3 million views.

Netflix itself attracted 4.1 million YouTube views for its Marie Kondo videos, with the trailer getting 2.5 million views.

Other media publishers have also successfully ridden the Marie Kondo craze. Some of the top channels that jumped on the trend are:

  • MsMojo: 4.1 million views
  • The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: 1.4 million view
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: 1.4 million views
  • Good Morning America: 1.1 million views
  • Ellen: 778,000 views

These publishers have a combined total of 20.4 million views. Aside from them, influencers generated 46.6 million views for their own KonMari videos. Oddly enough, brands were only able to generate 4.5 million views from the trend. Tubular Insights noted that this is a bit of a missed opportunity, considering how many brands could be relevant to the trend.

What Marie Kondo teaches about video marketing

While Kondo is already popular in her native country after releasing her books in 2010, it is with the release of her Netflix series that saw her fame grow globally. Bloomberg noted that this could be attributed to her successfully tapping into the audience’s desire to organize their daily lives.

That universal appeal is demonstrated by the large variety of content uploaded relating to her. While her method is mainly intended for home decluttering, you will find content showing how it can be used for things like bags, paperwork, and even computer files.

That greater application and relatability helps keep audiences interested. Coming up with your own KonMari-inspired content related to your audience is an excellent way to ride the trend and attract views.

How you package your video content also helps in sparking joy in your audience. Tubular Insights noted that most of the video content relating to KonMari is between 5-10 minutes long, giving creators ample time to engage their viewers. By testing different video lengths, you can determine which length will best optimizes your audience retention rates.

Marie Kondo’s success will definitely teach you a lot about creating more engaging video content for your audience. You can even use her teachings to organize your video marketing strategy. Watch her, and find out how you can spark joy in your audience with your videos.

Date: April 20, 2019 / Categories: Influencer Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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