How to Get More YouTube Views With Content Marketing

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When consumers research a product or service online before making a purchase, most of their decisions are shaped after watching videos. Video marketing is definitely creating an impact on consumer decisions, and digital and content marketers have long ridden on this trend.

The effectiveness of video marketing has attracted a lot of brands and marketers, but the overwhelming number of video creators has also made it difficult for many video marketers to build an audience. It’s not a hopeless case though since there is always room for every video marketer with the use of the right strategy. Here are some ways you can gain YouTube views.

Use keyword research and other SEO tools

To increase organic traffic to your videos on YouTube, there are two things you can do that with some research skills:

  • Tackle trending topics: Search for topics that are being talked as of the moment, and use those topics in your videos. YouTube has a Trending category which is a rich source of topics. Twitter has a list of trending topics too. You may also use tools like BuzzSomo which return a number of top posts after you type a keyword. The search results will give you an idea about how popular a topic is.
  • Use targeted keywords: Aside from tackling trending topics in videos, you also need to search for popular keywords related to the topic. You can use these keywords as a hashtag on the video title, description, and metadata. Keyword research can be as simple as using Google’s autocomplete search functionality or through tools like BulkSuggest.

With the right topic and keywords, your video can appear in the search results. You have the potential of attracting new subscribers and building an audience.

Embed your YouTube videos on your blog

Brands and businesses that use YouTube for video marketing usually have blogs with a number of followers. In this case, embedding YouTube videos on blog posts makes sense and can be beneficial. For one, it allows you to put targeted keywords into action and draw organic website traffic while increasing your YouTube views at the same time.

You can also put the videos on the sidebar. It will be more beneficial though to write a blog post that’s related to the video or include the video in an existing post.

Embedding YouTube videos in a blog post is quite easy to do. You only need to copy the link of the YouTube video and embed it on your blog post. For WordPress-based blogs, you can just use the video’s URL, like this:

For your videos to have a wider reach, make it easy for blog visitors to share the videos. Do this by using tools which place social share buttons on your blog.

Share your YouTube videos to other social media platforms

Most of the time, companies already have a solid fanbase on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Share videos on these other social platforms and provide a short but catchy description. There are social media tools that you can use to make this cross-promotion easier and automated. Examples of these tools are Buffer and CoSchedule which let you build a promotion template and schedule for your YouTube videos.

If you have an email subscription list, you might as well share your videos to your subscribers. For instance, if your video is a tutorial about your product or services, you can share it with your existing clients through email. If it’s a marketing video that can shape the decision of potential clients, then share it through email as well.

Join conversations in relevant communities

Your social media followers and email subscription list can potentially increase your YouTube videos, but they are mostly limited to your existing fan base. To tap into other segments of your target audience, know where they usually “hang out” outside of social media. You can join online communities where you can share your videos.

Quora is the best example of this. You can build your online presence on the platform which can be converted to YouTube views. What makes Quora special is that the people there are already asking specific questions that are related to your product or service.

Used the right way, Quora can be lucrative for your marketing. Make your answer stand out by not sounding too much like a salesman. Make the people feel that you’re there to answer the question instead of just plugging your video.

Focus on content to increase YouTube views

Video marketing, if done correctly, can do wonders for your company since it is the most consumed type of content. Videos influence people’s decision making and can effectively turn your potential customers into loyal, paying ones.

Video marketing works similarly to other types of content marketing. You still have to do keyword research and make sure that your YouTube video tackles a trending topic, at least for your niche. Don’t forget to use targeted keywords in the video title, description, metadata, and hashtags.

After taking care of these technical details, start promoting your videos on social media platforms, blogs, email subscription list, and online communities usually visited by your target audience. With content marketing strategy, you can get more views on YouTube.

Date: June 29, 2019 / Categories: View Tactics, / Author: Rich Drees


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