How Does YouTube Shorts Integrate With YouTube Music?

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People doubted YouTube Shorts when it first launched. It’s a TikTok clone, and TikTok was going really strong at the time. The vertical video-streaming platform from China started the short-form video craze.

As usual, established platforms try to remove new platforms from the competition. The social media giants don’t want new members. So, they launched their TikTok clones. Meta Platforms made Reels and went as far as making that the new primary focus of Instagram. That’s a little unexpected. In contrast, YouTube launching its short-form video product is unsurprising. It’s a video-streaming platform, after all.

How Does YouTube Shorts Integrate With YouTube Music?

Some people thought YouTube Shorts would fail. Why would you choose it if you could use TikTok instead? Surely, you’d be better off using what’s already established rather than the one playing catch-up.

However, some have forgotten other factors affecting how people choose what app to use. TikTok is a Chinese software; not everyone is willing to install it on their phones. Additionally, YouTube Shorts is not a separate app from YouTube; it’s a tab. So, switching between long-form and short-form videos is seamless.

To the doubters’ surprise, YouTube Shorts is thriving. According to a YouTube blog post, short-form videos on the platform see over 30 billion daily views. On top of that, 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users check the YouTube Shorts tab.

YouTube is keeping the momentum going. It plans to add improvements to YouTube Shorts to make it even more appealing to content creators and consumers. Among its plans is the integration of YouTube Shorts with YouTube Music. Here’s what you need to know before choosing how many YouTube views to purchase.

How it Works

Music plays a big part in the short-form video format’s success. Many videos are dance challenges, and it isn’t easy to dance without music.

So, YouTube Shorts’ latest swing at TikTok is a closer integration between YouTube Shorts, YouTube, and YouTube Music. 

Suppose you found a song on YouTube Music you want to use in a Shorts video later. You can save that on a playlist you can access on Shorts later.

Conversely, you can save a song you heard on YouTube Shorts and revisit it later on YouTube/YouTube Shorts. While watching, you can see a sound button at the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Tapping that button will let you see a page filled with Shorts that also use the sound. You can see a “save” button on that page. Tap that to add the sound to the playlist called “Sounds from Shorts.” You can open that playlist on YouTube or YouTube Music.

An Advantage Over TikTok

YouTube has many titles. It is the second most-visited website and the second biggest search engine in the world. Additionally, YouTube is the biggest video-streaming platform.

How Does YouTube Shorts Integrate With YouTube Music?

Music artists and producers use YouTube to put out music videos, and they also put their music on YouTube Music. Thus, YouTube has an entire repository of YouTube videos and a music streaming service. It’s something TikTok does not have, and YouTube is being smart by taking advantage of it. 

However, TikTok seems to have realized that. ByteDance is supposedly planning to start its streaming service. Last May, the company filed a trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a service called “TikTok Music.”

The said filing suggests that ByteDance could apply the trademark to a mobile app. It would allow users to play, share, download, and purchase music.

Last year, TikTok reported that 175 songs that TikTok popularized ended up on the Billboard 100 chart. Tai Verdes’ A-O-K is one example. That said, TikTok wanting to deepen its ties with music makes sense.

It’s not ByteDance’s first music-related platform. The company already has a music-app live in India, Brazil, and Indonesia called Resso. 

TechCrunch reported that a former ByteDance employee told them they considered naming the service “TikTok Music.” But they decided not to go with that name. Perhaps, it has something to do with where they released the app. India has banned TikTok, so continuing to use the intended name would not be wise.

TikTok also operates a music distribution and marketing platform. It is called “SoundOn.”

Creators Benefitting from the Integration

Content creators would benefit from this integration. It becomes easier for them to discover songs they can use in the next videos they’ll publish. Not just that. YouTube executives announced that a new way for Shorts creators would be coming soon.

YouTube Shorts creators can apply to the YouTube Partner Program and earn money from ads. They can browse through YouTube Music’s expansive catalog of songs, says Lyor Cohen, music titan and YouTube’s global head of music. Then, creators can choose to buy licenses upfront or elect a revenue-sharing option. Suppose they chose the latter. The creators can split their profits with the song artists and songwriters.

YouTube says content creators can expect more from the new model than from the YouTube Shorts Creators Funds. The problem with the latter is it does not have scalability. The cash in Creators Funds buckets is limited. So, as YouTube Shorts grew, the payouts became smaller and smaller.

Tara Walpert Levy, YouTube’s vice president of the Americas and global content, revealed what prompted the change. She says that YouTube desires to give Shorts creators the same chance for financial success as long-form creators on the platform have. 

How Does YouTube Shorts Integrate With YouTube Music?

That would not be possible without a closer integration between YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Shorts. They are all pieces of a larger puzzle.

TikTok V.S, YouTube Shorts

Forbes asked what YouTube’s management thinks of TikTok’s aggressive expansion in the U.S. They also asked whether the new Shorts payout model would give creators more benefits than what TikTok’s monetization program provides.

Walpert Levy dodged the question and said, “it’s a competitive environment.” She added that YouTube wants to be the home of all creators. It wants to offer the broadest suite of ways people can express themselves. And creators include not just Short creators but also songwriters and music artists that publish their works through YouTube’s services.

Why You Too Should Integrate Youtube Shorts with YouTube Music

YouTube Shorts is a new feature on YouTube that allows users to create and share short, music-based videos. Integrating YouTube Shorts with YouTube Music can provide several benefits for users. Here are a few reasons why you should consider integrating the two platforms:

  1. Audience reach: By integrating YouTube Shorts with YouTube Music, you can reach a broader and more diverse audience. YouTube Music has a large and dedicated user base, and by creating and sharing Shorts on the platform, you can expose your content to a new audience of music fans.
  2. Music discovery: YouTube Music is a great platform for discovering new music, and integrating YouTube Shorts with the platform can help you discover new artists and tracks. You can browse Shorts by genre or artist and use the platform’s recommendation algorithms to find new music that matches your interests.
  3. Collaboration: Finally, integrating YouTube Shorts with YouTube Music can also provide opportunities for collaboration with other artists and creators. You can create Shorts featuring music from other artists or collaborate with other creators to create Shorts that feature your music.

Overall, integrating YouTube Shorts with YouTube Music is a great way to reach a wider and more diverse audience, discover new music, and collaborate with other artists and creators. Whether you’re an artist, a music fan, or just someone who enjoys creating and sharing short videos, YouTube Shorts and YouTube Music can be a powerful combination.

Date: December 21, 2022 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Rich Drees


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