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NemoViews Review: In a Nutshell

Established in 2017, NemoViews is a YouTube marketing service that specializes in improving the reach and ranking of your videos. They have packages for views, subscribers, likes, and shares for their YouTube views service.

The company has packages from 1,000 views to 50,000 views, with prices from $4.49 to $104.49. NemoViews claims to deliver top-quality views with high-retention rates from organic sources using external marketing techniques. We can verify this as our tests showed a retention rate of 70%, which is well above the average.

To test their claims, we ordered 1,000 views and 50 likes. We started receiving views and likes from around the world in six hours, and got our full order in 12 hours. Additionally, the views we received had a good audience retention rate.

Overall, NemoViews did not disappoint us. They’re a promising newcomer in the industry that is worth a try. We recommend them as a good provider of high-quality YouTube views. Click the button below to visit their website today.

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NemoViews Review: In Depth

About NemoViews

NemoViews is a YouTube Marketing company founded in 2017. They specialize in boosting videos and getting you more exposure on the platform instantly. The company has packages for views and subscribers, with add-on services for likes and shares. They also provide services for Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Instagram.

According to NemoViews, every YouTube order includes globally sourced views with high-retention rates generated using the safest promotion techniques. These packages also come with a lifetime retention guarantee and 24/7 customer support. For privacy, they keep their services anonymous, and you don’t have to provide your login details to get views.

Service Plans

NemoViews offers a wide range of packages for YouTube views. They start at $4.49 for 1,000 views up to $104.49 for 50,000 views. Whether you need just a little nudge for your videos, or if you want them to go viral, NemoViews has a package in store for you. The company accepts payments via PayPal, and major credit cards and debit cards. Unfortunately, they’re unable to accept Bitcoin payments as of the moment due to its volatility.

ViewsPlan Price
1000 Views $4.49
3000 Views $10.49
5000 Views $18.49
7500 Views $26.49
10,000 Views $34.49
15,000 Views $48.49
20,000 Views $62.49
35,000 Views $86.49
50,000 Views $104.49

Add Ons

NemoViews offers likes and shares as add-ons to their YouTube views packages. You can add-on 50+ YouTube Likes for $2.49 or up to 1000+ Likes for $24.49. Shares start at the same rate, with their largest option being 1000 Shares for $18.49. These add-on service help rank your video better and make the engagement activities look more organic.

Terms and Guarantees

We reviewed the terms and conditions sections on the NemoViews website and made a few comments on their status below. To find out more details on these, then please toggle the sections to see what we thought!

  • Terms and Conditions
    • The company states that their services should be used for promotional purposes only. They do not guarantee other types of engagement from the followers that you will get from them except for what was explicitly described on their website.
    • By purchasing from NemoViews, you agree not to dispute, chargeback, or reverse any payments without contacting their customer support to discuss your concern.
    • NemoViews is not liable for any damages or losses caused by the use of their services. You understand that purchasing any of their packages is at your own risk.
  • Privacy Policy
    • NemoViews has a detailed privacy policy that is easy to understand.
    • Some information they collect includes your email address and social network profile. This personally identifiable information is used to deliver your order and respond to your inquiries.
    • Non-personally identifiable data may also be collected through browser cookies and analytic tools to help the company evaluate user-experience on their website. This can include your operating system and browser.
    • Payment transactions are handled by experts like PayPal. NemoViews does not have access to, nor see, your payment information.
  • Refund Policy
    • According to their FAQ page, NemoViews offers 100% money-back guarantee if they fail to deliver their services.
    • You may also request a refund if you believe your credit card had been used without your authorization. The company states that they will issue full refund immediately for fraudulent orders.
    • Contact their customer support to claim a refund. For fraudulent orders, include the amount and date of transaction, and the last four digits of your credit card number.
  • Retention Policy
    • NemoViews has a solid retention policy, which is one of the indicators of a trusted and reliable provider of YouTube views.
    • Both their YouTube views and YouTube subscribers services have a lifetime retention guarantee.
    • If you start losing the views or subscribers you’ve ordered from them, simply request a replacement and they’ll replace them for free.

Customer Support

The only way you can contact their customer support is through their on-page contact form. You can choose the most appropriate category for your inquiry to direct your message appropriately. You’ll need to provide your email and the URL of your video when reaching out to them. The customer support never replied to our inquiry. They have an informative FAQ page, where you’ll find everything you need to know about their products and processes. We were able to get the information we needed through their FAQ page.

Quality of Support

Average Response Time
48 Hours
Friendly Response?
Informative Response?
Answer all questions?
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Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form
Live Chat
Email Address
Phone Number
Mailing Address

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Their Response

48 Hours response time

Post-Order Questions and Responses

Their Response

response time

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

NemoViews has a good inventory of YouTube views packages which suit all types of social media promotion goals and budget. To test their services, we ordered 1,000 YouTube views and 50 likes. We weren’t disappointed by the results.

We recommend their YouTube services to anyone who is looking to improve their video ranking and engagement on the platform. Their add-on features are also a great plus as you can ensure that your engagement looks real and organic.

Look More Popular
Helps with this
Attract More Attention
Helps with this
High Retention Views
Helps with this
Go Viral
Does not help with this
Increase Reputation
Helps with this
Get More Organic Views
Helps with this
Not Recommended

Daily Turnaround Time

NemoViews claims to deliver as much as 10,000 YouTube views with high-retention rates between one and three days. In our test, we started getting views and likes within six hours upon placing our order. They were able to deliver our order of 1,000 views and 50 likes in 12 hours, providing us with 1,550 views and 87 likes in total. This was a great performance.

Number of Days to Achieve

Quality of YouTube Views

Using external marketing strategies, NemoViews is able to provide natural looking YouTube views from users across the globe through organic sources.

Our Test Results

Total Views
Average Percentage Viewed
Device Type
Traffic Source

Top Countries


Top States


Retention Rate

NemoViews claims to deliver YouTube views with high-retention rates. Due to the nature of their services, the company understands that views and subscribers may drop over time. To protect your purchase, they offer a lifetime retention guarantee for YouTube views and subscribers. Simply reach out to their customer support as soon as you see any drops in your account and they will re-deliver at no extra cost.

Day Three: 0%
Day Seven: 0%
Day Fourteen: 0%
Day Thirty: 0%
Day Sixty: 0%
Day Ninety: 0%


The company claims to deliver globally sourced views fast, and a high 70% retention rate. We tested their service for YouTube followers to verify their claims. We placed an order for 1,000 views and 50 likes. They started our campaign within six hours and were able to complete our order in 12 hours. To cover for any drops that could happen in the future, NemoViews delivered more than what we ordered. We got an extra 550 views and 37 likes, which we greatly appreciated.

Even without the excess views and likes, there wasn’t seemingly any reason to worry about losing the views and subscribers we paid for. NemoViews has a solid retention policy for their YouTube services that last a lifetime. You could request replacements for lost views or subscribers any time, free of charge.

Overall, we recommend NemoViews for their YouTube views service. If you want more value for your money, click the link below to visit their website and order a YouTube views package that fits your budget.

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 8 reviews
by Samantha R. on NemoViews
You guys rock!

Just confirming with the rest of you here that these guys delivered both their YouTube views and subscribers! I can now get paid from YouTube Ads! Thank you, it paid for itself already!

by P. on NemoViews


by Lil OG on NemoViews
Thanks lil homies!

Yall makin me pop on the DM son, yall keep doin what chu doin.

by Thomas V. on NemoViews
Very interesting service, but they do deliver!

I was curious as I'm a new YouTuber, and I tried the services NemoViews offered, and was surprised to see both the results inside YouTube Analytics as well as clearly displayed statistics on the videos themselves. I'm very impressed and will continue with them for subscribers next. Great job!

by ken on NemoViews

it works - thanks

by Jessica F. on NemoViews
Thank you!!!

these views came in and have lasted for a while now, tthanks!!

by NotPewds on NemoViews
Veeeery Nice

Veeeeery Nice

by SwazzleMan on NemoViews
Fast Delivery

They delivered much faster than the last shlups I used for views. Would recommend.

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