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AudienceGain – USA
Starting Price
$5/1000 YouTube Views
Registered in 2015
Our Rating
Starting price
per 1000 plays


AudienceGain Review: In a Nutshell

We ordered 1,000 YouTube Views from AudienceGain to test their service, and everything went pretty well. Our Views arrived on time, but the average watch time was a bit low at 40%.

Customer support answered our questions fairly well, which shows that you can get in touch with them if necessary. AudienceGain also has a good refund policy in case there’s an issue with your order. Overall we recommend their service if you want to boost your View count fast, though if you want Views with a higher average watch time we recommend Devumi or MediaMister.

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AudienceGain Review: In Depth

About AudienceGain

AudienceGain has been providing social media boosting services since at least 2015, and they’re based in the U.S. They offer competitive pricing and good-quality services.

You’ll find some grammar issues and odd language on the site, but they will provide the services they offer. They provide services for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

Service Plans

For YouTube, you’ll be able to buy Views and Subscribers. Plans range from 1,000 Views to 100,000 Views.

ViewsPlan Price
1,000 Views $5
5,000 Views $15
10,000 Views $25
20,000 Views $40
50,000 Views $90
100,000 Views $160

Add Ons

No Addons or options available

Terms and Guarantees

We reviewed the terms and conditions sections on the AudienceGain website and made a few comments on their status below. To find out more details on these, then please toggle the sections to see what we thought!

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund Policy
    • offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on orders.
  • Retention Policy
    • AudienceGain does not have a Retention Policy in case Views are removed, but YouTube doesn’t usually remove Views.

Customer Support

To send a message to AudienceGain, just click the “Contact Us” button at the top-right of the page. Then you’ll see a link that you can click which will open your mail client. This is a bit inconvenient if you use Gmail or a similar web-based email, so here’s their address if you need it:

Quality of Support

Average Response Time
12 Hours
Friendly Response?
Informative Response?
Answer all questions?
Answers already on website?

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form
Live Chat
Email Address
Phone Number
Mailing Address

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Before we ordered, we sent AudienceGain some questions to test their customer support out. They replied in less than a day, with some decent answers that were somewhat vague. There was no answer to our question about how long the viewers would watch our video.

Their Response

12 Hours response time

Our Questions

  • How long will they take to arrive?
  • “It depends on the amount of the order….up to 5 days for orders less than 500k”

  • Are they going to come all at once, or spread out?
  • “Depending on the size of the order they will come within the time frame.”

  • Who will be playing the video?
  • “Worldwide people interested in the vido.”

  • Will they make comments or like the video?
  • “No they won’t make comments.”

  • Are they going to watch the whole video?
  • No response.

  • Are people going to know that I bought views?
  • “No they won’t know”

  • What if YouTube finds out and removes them?
  • “We will refill them, but this never happens.”

  • What if I want my money back?
  • “We can give your money back if you don’t like the service.”

Post-Order Questions and Responses

After ordering, we like to send another set of question to see if they treat a paying customer any differently. As you can see, they answered each of our questions, but some of the answers were a bit vague.

Their Response

12 Hours response time

Our Questions

  • Can those views be removed?
  • “The views won’t be removed.”

  • Can I get any sort of discount on a repeat order?
  • “It depends on the amount of the order. But yes we can offer discounts.”

  • Will the users who made the views do anything else to my account, like make comments?
  • “It’s possible they would view the other videos, but we can’t promise. They won’t make comments.”

  • What if my account gets in trouble?
  • “The account won’t be banned or anything.”

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

We recommend the Views service of AudienceGain if you want to increase your View count. The average watch time wasn’t very high, however, so if you want better quality views you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Look More Popular
Helps with this
Attract More Attention
Helps with this
High Retention Views
Does not help with this
Go Viral
Helps with this
Increase Reputation
Helps with this
Get More Organic Views
Helps with this
Not Recommended

Daily Turnaround Time

The Views we ordered came very fast, arriving the very same day we ordered them.

Number of Days to Achieve

Quality of YouTube Views

The Views we got from AudienceGain came very quickly, but unfortunately they had a pretty low average watch time at just 40%.

Our Test Results

Total Views
Average Percentage Viewed
Device Type
Unknown, Mobile Phone, Tablet
Traffic Source

Top Countries


Top States


Retention Rate

The Views we got from AudienceGain have stuck around, just as expected.

Day One: 100%
Day Three: 100%
Day Seven: 100%
Day Fourteen: 100%
Day Thirty: 100%
Day Sixty: 100%
Day Ninety: 100%


We ordered 1,000 YouTube Views from AudienceGain to see how well they could deliver their service. Overall the order went pretty much as expected – the Views arrived on time the very same day, though the average watch time was pretty low.

AudienceGain has a good money-back guarantee policy in case anything goes wrong with your order, so you can buy with confidence. Their customer support team was responsive to our questions, though they didn’t end up answering all of our questions. We can recommend their services if you want to quickly grow your view count, but if you want Views with a higher average watch time we recommend Devumi or MediaMister.

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