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BuyViewsOnYouTube Review: In a Nutshell

We purchased 1,000 YouTube Views from BuyViewsOnYouTube to test the quality of their service. Overall the service was so-so: the Views arrived on time, but they had a very low average watch time.

Their customer support was quite responsive to our questions, although they were wrong about what the average watch time would be. It’s good to see that they have a money back guarantee, however, so you can get a refund in case you have an issue with their service.

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BuyViewsOnYouTube Review: In Depth

About BuyViewsOnYouTube

BuyViewsonYouTube is a provider of social media boosting services, focusing only on YouTube. They’ve been around since at least 2015, and their prices are quite good compared to other companies.

Even though they only have services for YouTube, you’ll find quite a few different kinds of plans. No matter how you want to improve your social proof on YouTube, you’ll find a way to do it here.

Service Plans

You’ll find a nice selection of YouTube services on BuyViewsonYouTube. That includes Views, Likes, Dislikes, Subscribers, Comments, and Shares. For Views, you can choose from either Normal or High-Retention.

ViewsPlan Price
1,000 Views $3
5,000 Views $12
10,000 Views $20
25,000 Views $45
50,000 Views $85
100,000 Views $165
500,000 Views $750
1,000,000 Views $1,400

Add Ons

No Addons or options available

Terms and Guarantees

We reviewed the terms and conditions sections on the BuyViewsOnYouTube website and made a few comments on their status below. To find out more details on these, then please toggle the sections to see what we thought!

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund Policy
    • In case anything goes wrong, BuyViewsonYouTube has a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Retention Policy
    • There is no replacement policy in case Views are lost or removed. However, this doesn’t usually happen, so it’s not a big concern.

Customer Support

To get in touch with BuyViewsOnYouTube, you can just click the Contact button at the top right and use the contact form. Or, use their email address to send a message directly.

Quality of Support

Average Response Time
10 Hours
Friendly Response?
Informative Response?
Answer all questions?
Answers already on website?

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form
Live Chat
Email Address
Phone Number
Mailing Address

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Before ordering, we like to send some questions to test out their customer support. We contacted BuyViewsOnYouTube and got a response back around 10 hours later, which isn’t the worst response time but not the best either. They answered all of our questions quite nicely, but, when they said that the viewers would watch at least half of the video, we found that not to be true. The video we tested only got an average percentage viewed of 7.3%, which is not very good at all.

Their Response

10 Hours response time

Our Questions

  • How long will they take to arrive?
  • “We can deliver upto 300000 views per day. So, if you order 10000 views, it will be delivered within 24 hours.”

  • Are they going to come all at once, or spread out?
  • “The views you purchase will be delivered over a period of time (Spread out).”

  • Who will be playing the video?
  • “Viewers from all over the world will be watching your video.”

  • Will they make comments or like the video?
  • “If the viewers like the content of your video, they will like the video and post comments.”

  • Are they going to watch the whole video?
  • “I can’t say for sure but they will watch atleast half of the video.”

  • Are people going to know that I bought views?
  • “Nope, no one will know that you have purchased views.”

  • What if YouTube finds out and removes them?
  • “YouTube will never do that as our method is safe.”

  • What if I want my money back?
  • “If we can’t deliver views within the delivery time mentioned on this website, we will refund your money.”

Post-Order Questions and Responses

After we order, we usually send another set of different questions, to see if they’ll treat a paying customer differently than a potential customer. Stay tuned because we’ll update this section when we get a response.

Their Response

response time

Our Questions

  • Can those views be removed?
  • No Response

  • Can I get any sort of discount on a repeat order?
  • No Response

  • Will the users who made the views do anything else to my account, like make comments?
  • No Response

  • What if my account gets in trouble?
  • No Response

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

Since the Views we got from BuyViewsOnYouTube came in at a very low average watch time, we would recommend you go with a different provider. You’ll get a great price along with a higher average watch time, which will send the message that people enjoy your video.

Look More Popular
Helps with this
Attract More Attention
Helps with this
High Retention Views
Does not help with this
Go Viral
Helps with this
Increase Reputation
Helps with this
Get More Organic Views
Helps with this
Not Recommended

Daily Turnaround Time

Our Views came right on time, beginning to arrive soon after we placed the order. The order was complete within a day.

Number of Days to Achieve

Quality of YouTube Views

As you can see, the Views we got came in at an average watch time of only 7%, which is very low. This isn’t a very good sign, as it could tell YouTube that people started watching your video only to leave soon after. Not exactly the signal you want to send!

Our Test Results

Total Views
Average Percentage Viewed
Device Type
Traffic Source

Top Countries

United States

Top States

Unknown Region (US)
New York

Retention Rate

The retention rate of our Views has been perfect, which is to be expected. YouTube is not known for removing views.

Day One: 100%
Day Three: 100%
Day Seven: 100%
Day Fourteen: 100%
Day Thirty: 100%


We bought 1,000 YouTube Views from BuyViewsOnYouTube to review their service, and we found it to be somewhat mediocre. Although the Views arrived on time and in full, the average watch time was very low.

This was unfortunate, especially because their customer support assured us that the viewers would watch at least half the video (although even 50% wouldn’t be too great). They did respond quickly to our questions, however, and they have a money back guarantee in case you have a problem and need a refund. Overall, although their prices are very cheap, the quality of their Views wasn’t as high as we’ve seen in other providers. If you want high-retention Views for a cheap price, we recommend you go with that you visit our list of the top providers to find someone better.

User Reviews

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Average rating:  
 17 reviews
by Prim on BuyViewsOnYouTube

Delivery time is fast however, watch time is not that ok.

by Caleb on BuyViewsOnYouTube

They delivered the views in full on the same day that we paid for them. Customer support was fantastic. They were prompt in responding an apart from that they made sure we were comfortable with the responses and even made follow ups later on.

by Mercy on BuyViewsOnYouTube
Good job

The views we paid for were delivered to us a day after we did the payment. The retention rate was more than our expectations. Customer support treated us well and more importantly responded quickly each time we contacted them.

by Gladys on BuyViewsOnYouTube

The views we ordered for were delivered pretty fast in fact the whole bunch was in our possession within 24 hours of ordering. The customer support team was great and responded to our queries promptly and satisfactorily.

by Jude on BuyViewsOnYouTube

I got my views delivered on the same day. The quality was very impressive nothing quite that i had expected. Their customer support agents were really nice and responded quickly each time i made contact with them.

by Humphrey on BuyViewsOnYouTube
Happy cient

The views we got had a very high retention rate. This really impressed us and we don’t think we will be going for any other service if these guys can maintain such quality. They also delivered the views pretty fast just like they had promised.

by Abraham on BuyViewsOnYouTube

I made an order for 2000 views and got them within 2 days. The quality of the views was exactly what i wanted. The customer support team members i interacted with answered my questions satisfactorily and quickly.

by Heidi on BuyViewsOnYouTube
Superb service

The views I ordered arrived 24 hours after I made the order a day earlier than anticipated.The views were if good quality with an above average retention rate.This is the kind of service I was looking for.

by Daniel on BuyViewsOnYouTube

Our orders came on time and the quality of views was way above what we had though we would get.Thank you guys for that! The retention of the views impressed us a lot.Will definitely stick with them if this goes on.

by Nick on BuyViewsOnYouTube

It is exciting to see just how well they have the process of delivering YouTube views, being well organized. At the end, they delivered the views I had ordered.

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