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EasySocials Review: In a Nutshell

EasySocial provides social media traffic generation services for various networks, including YouTube and Twitter. The company claims to deliver top-notch views and likes from real people and use 100% safe methods for your account.

At $5.88 for 1,000 views, EasySocials has one of the most affordable YouTube views packages on the market. They also offer discounted rates for YouTube likes as an add-on to your views package.

Overall, EasySocials offers great deals that can boost your videos and improve your YouTube channel. One of their main drawbacks, however, is their customer support. Apart from not having live chat, their email support is slow in responding to inquiries, taking 12 hours to reply to us. For providers that offer competitive rates and better customer service, we recommend checking our list of the top YouTube views providers.

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EasySocials Review: In Depth

About EasySocials

EasySocials is a social media marketing company based in the USA. They have innovative packages to improve your presence on major social networks, such as YouTube, Twitter, and more. According to the company, their goal is to help increase the level of trust that people have in you by increasing your popularity.

For YouTube, EasySocials offers two service categories, namely, International YouTube Views and YouTube Likes. Their YouTube Views packages start at 1,000 views for $5.88, while their YouTube Likes packages start at 100 likes for $9.88. To deliver likes and views, they claim to use only safe methods that won’t harm your account.

Additionally, EasySocials says on their website that their views are all natural, coming from real people and not bots. The company guarantees that you will receive your full order or they will refund the amount equivalent to what wasn’t fulfilled.

All information shared with them is kept private, including your transaction with them. They assure you that no one will know you used their social media promotions service to boost your videos and YouTube channel.

Service Plans

EasySocials offers a range of services for YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and SoundCloud. Their inventory is uncomplicated. You choose the social network you want to improve on, the type of service you need, and the service package you want. For YouTube, your only options are International YouTube Views and YouTube Likes. What’s notable about their YouTube Views service is that they offer likes as add-ons. Not only is this a good deal, but it also helps make your video's success look more natural.

ViewsPlan Price
1000 Views $5.88
2000 Views $7.88
5000 Views $22.48
10,000 Views $44.88
25,000 Views $98.88
50,000 Views $198
100,000 Views $348
250,000 Views $748
500,000 Views $1,088
1,000,000 Views $1,788

Add Ons

EasySocials offers a 40% discount on likes when you get them as add-ons to their YouTube views packages.

Terms and Guarantees

We reviewed the terms and conditions sections on the EasySocials website and made a few comments on their status below. To find out more details on these, then please toggle the sections to see what we thought!

  • Terms and Conditions
    • EasySocial has the right to modify and withdraw any service without prior notice. By using their services, you understand the company’s proprietary rights and shall not use any software to gain unauthorized access to their platform.
    • What you have to take note of when it comes to their terms of service is their pricing. Regardless of your location and currency, EasySocial will charge you using U.S. dollars.
    • Another important factor discussed in this section is account or video shut down. They will not be responsible for the shutdown or blocking of your account or video as a result of the use of their services. While the company does their best to prevent video shutdown, the nature of their services will always have this risk.
  • Privacy Policy
    • EasySocials has stringent processes in place to protect your information. They say they evaluate their data collection, storage, and processing procedures regularly to prevent unauthorized access to their systems.
    • Additionally, the company ensures that they only gather information for service-specific purposes and in accordance to prevailing privacy guidelines.
    • Personal information is collected through various means, such as filling out their contact form, or ordering a service package. EasySocials also mentioned that they do not store your credit card information after payment has been made.
  • Refund Policy
    • The company’s refund policy is within their terms of service. According to them, they will refund any views or likes that were not delivered. Once your order has been completed, however, you will no longer be eligible for a refund.
  • Retention Policy
    • They offer a 10-day retention policy. Any drops within this time will be refilled. With a short retention period, it’s important to be proactive when you start a campaign with the company. Reach out to their customer support as soon as you notice any drop in your account.
    • If they fail to provide refills for your drops, they will offer a prorated refund. Please note that you may not be eligible for refills or a prorated refund if you use another company to drive social traffic to your account.

Customer Support

EasySocials has an FAQ page for all your general inquiries, and a contact form you can use to request information you can’t find on their site. You could also send an email to support@easysocials.com. Their customer support is available Monday to Friday between 9AM and 8PM (EDT). On Saturdays, you can reach them from 11AM to 5PM. There’s no support available on Sundays.

Quality of Support

Average Response Time
12 hours
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Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form
Live Chat
Email Address
Phone Number
Mailing Address
118 Julian Place #146 Syracuse, NY 13210

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

We asked EasySocials before placing an order to see if they were worth buying from. While their reply was slow, at over 12 hours, it was a good reply.

Their Response

12 hours response time

Post-Order Questions and Responses

Their Response

response time

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

EasySocials promises top-notch quality views from actual people at affordable rates. According to their website, they use safe methods to grow your account and increase the virality of your videos.

Based on all this, EasySocials has all the qualities of a good provider of YouTube views. You can get 1,000 views for as low as $5.88 and add 100 likes for a discounted price of $5.98. All in all, that’s a good deal that you won’t get from other providers. We think the best reason to use them is for getting discounted likes along with your views order.

Look More Popular
Helps with this
Attract More Attention
Helps with this
High Retention Views
Does not help with this
Go Viral
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Increase Reputation
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Get More Organic Views
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Not Recommended

Daily Turnaround Time

EasySocials guarantees fast turnaround times even for high-volume orders. They say they could process orders within one business day. Their customer support mentioned that campaigns would start delivering views or likes within 24 to 48 hours. They can provide anywhere between 10,000 and 50,000 views daily.

Number of Days to Achieve

Quality of YouTube Views

The company claims to provide YouTube views from real people across the globe. If you are interested in geo-targeted views, it’s best to contact their customer support before purchasing any package to make sure they can provide the views that you prefer.

Our Test Results

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Retention Rate

EasySocials offers a 10-day retention policy for all orders. Any drops in your views or likes will be replaced, provided that you inform them of the issue within this period.

If they’re unable to refill the lost views or likes, they will give you a prorated refund. However, if you don’t report lost views or likes within 10 days, they will not replace them.

Day Three: 0%
Day Seven: 0%
Day Fourteen: 0%
Day Thirty: 0%
Day Sixty: 0%
Day Ninety: 0%


EasySocials offers competitive social media traffic generation services for YouTube. Unlike other services that use bots, they claim on their website only use 100% safe methods to grow your account, with views coming from real people. We have not yet verified this claim. Their service is perfect if you’re looking for a provider who can deliver high volumes fast. According to their customer support, they can deliver as much as 50,000 views in one day.

The company provides great value for your money with their discounted YouTube Likes. You can enjoy as much as a 40% discount on their YouTube Likes packages if you get them as add-ons to your YouTube views package. Despite taking a long time to answer our questions, the company’s customer support is friendly and informative.

EasySocials is definitely worth a try. We suggest getting one of their small packages prior to starting a major campaign with them to see if they match your expectations. Click on the button below to use their services or check out our list of the top YouTube views providers.

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