Top 3 Reasons Why Buying YouTube Views Can Build Your Credibility

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With the rise of YouTube as a content platform powerhouse, it should come as no surprise that you can now buy YouTube Views, comments, likes, shares and subscribers for your video or brand to look more popular than what it actually is. Buying YouTube views is less about making money directly, and more about looking more reputable and popular to get more people take you and your videos seriously. This is a concept known as social proof.

When you search for ‘buy YouTube views’ on Google, you’ll likely get a list of sites that offer such a service with tons of different packages, and for good reason – the power of a well-executed social campaign can pay for itself time and time again.


Reason 1- Good for New Campaigns

Buying YouTube views can be useful when you create a new, fresh campaign and you have no existing social resources. When used properly and in small amount, YouTube views can help your campaign in its early phase. The views will build your credibility among the potential clients and customers as they will see some subscribers and views of your videos and will be more likely to not only watch your video but also try out your product or service. This way, buying small amount of views will help you out in getting attention of more customers towards your video and content.

Also, it is imperative to buy only high quality views in order to have credibility among the people you wish to target. The low quality views are those that may come from fake viewers, will have low retention and may even get removed later from YouTube. While most users may not notice the difference, YouTube can notice and will result in poor performance and lackluster results.

Reason 2- Builds Trustworthiness Overall

More number of views and subscribers signifies trustworthiness in you or your company, and offers great first impression to the potential clients, customers or potential subscribers. The more views you have, the better it is for you. People generally wish to buy or listen from those who have established good reputation with others. As per a recent study done on social e-commerce, it was reported that about 70 percent Americans base their brand selection as per the reviews and popularity.

Reason 3- Increases Popularity

It is rightly said that fans and views signify popularity of any company or brand. So, if your YouTube video has a lot of views, it truly represents the popularity of your content. If you have desirable or well liked videos, it shows that a lot of people favor your company or products or services. You can buy views to gain this popularity and then add on to real time viewers and customers. It has been noticed that most people will not view your Video or content if they see that you do not have enough views. So, when you buy the YouTube views, the overall popularity of your video and company increases and so more people will come to see your videos on YouTube. By imitating viral behavior, you excite people about what you have to offer them.

Buying YouTube views is without a doubt a great way of jumpstarting your business – a few thousand views will provide instant credibility to help boost new campaigns, build your overall trustworthiness and increase your popularity. That built up confidence will reflect on your interactions and posts with the potential customers or viewers.


If you’re looking to learn more about how to smartly buy YouTube Views, check out our Tips & Tricks post here. Looking to purchase? You can find updated reviews of the best YouTube service providers on our homepage.

Date: January 21, 2016 / Categories: Explainer, YouTube, / Author: Harry


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