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“Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it.” Sam Ewing, Chicago White Sox baseball player

There are many people vying for success on YouTube. Pretty much everyone on the video sharing platform has the same goal: get people to watch their video. Success on YouTube generally boils down to the number of views a video can amass. However, figuring out how to get views on YouTube for your video is not an easy task. What can you do to get people to watch your video?

The following is an insider’s guide on how to get views on YouTube videos and achieve success.

Use the right tags and keywords

Use keywords in your tags, titles and descriptions to make sure search traffic finds your video. Ideally, you should use keywords that many people are searching for but have low competition. There are various tools you can use to find popular keywords, for instance, Google keyword planner tool, Google AdWords keyword tool, Wordtracker or YouTube’s search suggestions. It’s good to place your specific keywords first because YouTube places more weight on the first few tags.

Connect your videos with annotations

Once viewers find your video, you want to capture them and show them your other amazing videos too, and hopefully get them to subscribe to your channel. One of the best ways of doing this is by using video annotations. Annotations are the text bubbles that pop up on a video asking the viewer to take a certain action. Adding annotations makes it easier for traffic to flow in between your videos. To add annotations to a video, go to your channel video manager. Find the video you want to edit and click on the down arrow next to the Edit button. Select Annotations and click on Add Annotation. Once you are done, apply your changes. Before you add an annotation, you should ensure that your account has external linking turned on.

Share with your friends and followers

To increase traffic for your video, share it with your friends and followers. Post a link to your video on your other social media accounts, asking your friends to watch the video and share it with their followers. Embed the video in your blog or website and send the video to your email list, encouraging everyone to check it out.

Make sure your video reaches your target audience

To increase the chances of your video actually getting watched, make sure it reaches the right audience. Build relationships with bloggers and send them your video, asking them to write about it. You’ll need to network with relevant bloggers to do this. For instance, if your video is about a slow-paced workout routine, send it to bloggers in the health and fitness field. In addition, post your video to various relevant forums and Subreddits. When posting to these communities, make sure you follow their posting guidelines to avoid appearing spammy. You’ll have the best results if you share your video as a solution to questions others are having.

Develop strategic partnerships

When making your video, create a circle of partners and stakeholders who will also benefit from more people watching the video. If it is a video about working out, the gym where you shoot the video will get exposure too. If it’s a dance video, the company that clothes you will benefit when more people watch the video. Link your video to these people and mention them in the video title or description. Since they stand to benefit too, they’ll share it with their audience and include it in their marketing efforts online, thereby expanding your reach.

Create topical videos to ride news events

You can ride on trending topics and events to increase traffic to your video. Whenever something big happens, many people will go online to search for it. By making a video that comments or responds to such an event, you can capture some of this traffic and redirect it to your video. To do this effectively, you should upload your video in a timely manner and make sure it is titled and tagged in accordance with the event.

Build a solid subscriber base

Building a solid subscriber base provides you with automatic traffic and will help your videos pick up views faster. Once you upload a new video, your subscribers get a notification in their email with a link to the video. Since your subscribers are already interested in your other videos, they are more likely to watch the new video and share it with their friends and followers. In addition, they are more inclined to watch the video to the end, boosting your video’s retention rate.

Buy views to attract more real views

Buying views is a great way of attracting real views for your video. The reason it works is because it builds your social credibility. Viewers are influenced by number of views a video has when deciding whether to watch it. A video with few views is assumed to be boring, and people are unlikely to be interested in watching it. Once you buy views, however, real viewers assume that the video is good, and therefore, they are more likely to watch it.

Before you buy views, you should make sure that you buy from high-quality providers. Buying from low-quality providers will get you views from fake accounts. This can be easily detected by YouTube’s algorithms and can lead to your video being deleted, or worse, your account being banned. Instead, buy views from high-quality providers who will provide you with views from real accounts. These views cannot be detected and are unlikely to cause you any problems.

To avoid buying from low-quality providers and scammers, evaluate a seller before making the purchase. Check that your chosen provider has customer protection policies in place. Ask questions such as: Do they have replacement and money back guarantees? Do they have a solid customer privacy policy? Do their views have high-retention rates?

For more helpful information, don’t miss out on our reviews of the top 5 companies to buy views.

Date: August 8, 2016 / Categories: Tips, YouTube, / Author: Rich Drees


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