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In a world where televisions are almost replaced by videos found online, and wherein one single upload one can become an instant celebrity, it is undeniable that YouTube is an important part of our lives. Every day, a lot of videos get watched on YouTube, and you can see a number of videos getting as many as million views in a matter of days after uploading it.

This is why YouTube is one of the best and easiest ways for you to market yourself. You can upload a video of yourself singing, a video explaining a topic or issue you’re passionate about, or if you have a business, you can show a video of your product. All you need to have is an Internet connection to upload your videos.

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Did You Know That Fortune 500 Companies and Celebrities Buy YouTube Comments?

Why Buy YouTube Subscribers?

But while uploading your videos is easy, getting people to actually watch them is another thing. Sure, you can aim for people to view your videos, but one of the proofs that you’ve made it, is that if you get people to subscribe in your channel because it would mean you already have a following. This is because views only mean they liked a specific video, but once they subscribe, they also think that most of your videos are worth their time. For viewers, a high number of subscribers mean that you are already influential.

That, among other things, is why people with accounts on YouTube think of buying subscribers. Read on to know about the others.


Your Channel “Becomes” Popular

For starters, it should be expected that the number of views and subscribers would be low, as like any other thing that is starting, you have to work hard first to get people to notice what you have. Well, unless it’s really something extraordinary. But having low figures in the subscribers list will also have an effect on the views you get for your videos, so while it is normal, you have to understand that you can’t stay in that situation for too long.

When you start buying YouTube subscribers, of course, it would increase the figures in your subscribers list. And this will make people think that you have gained followers already, which can mean, your videos are something to watch out for. Viewers will think that it must be because your videos are entertaining that you have gained followers already. Then soon enough, you will see that they are also starting to watch your videos.

You Start to Get “Real” Subscribers

As I’ve said earlier, the figures on your subscriber’s list are important. If they’re high, it shows that you already have the influence you have been wanting to gain since you created your account. This means that people with real YouTube accounts may start to notice you and start to think “Oh, he has a huge following. Maybe his videos are interesting.”

And so people start watching videos. If they actually like what you produce, then that’s the time they will click that “subscribe” button.

In addition, not all subscribers are fake or bots, so in a way, you’ve bought a subscriber who actually owns an account and can actually watch your videos. If he enjoys watching it, then much better.

It May Help You Have Your “Own” Audience

Not all bought subscribers are “fake” ones, there are also those with real accounts that once you buy them, they now have the opportunity to watch your videos. And it’s not impossible that there will be few among those bought subscribers who will enjoy your videos. Soon enough, there’s a big chance that they will start talking about your videos and then they will share it so their own subscribers can see as well. In the next few months, you may start noticing that there’s a specific group of people who talk about your videos.

You have to remember that with millions of videos over the Internet, not everything will cater to the interests of the viewers because of the simple reason that it’s just not relevant to them. You have to know your target audience.


No Need to Use More Resources

Getting the “influence” you need for your channel by buying YouTube subscribers won’t cost you a lot, according to a number of websites. For less than $15, you can actually buy about 10,000 subscribers.

However, not to counter what I said in the last item, but while there are some real accounts, most of these YouTube subscribers aren’t real. Then there’s Google, which always has a strategy to remove all these bots online. Google people may not be able to trace at first, but in the long run, they will.

So, you also have to consider that as you buy subscribers, there are those that are removed as well. But also check your resources from time to time, you might be losing more than gaining.

Make Sure You Have Quality Content

You know, it all boils down to content. No matter what you do and how hard you try to get people to watch your videos and then eventually subscribe to your channel if your video makes them feel that they wasted precious minutes of their lives by watching it, then nothing won’t work.

But if your content has quality and they get something out of it, it won’t be long until you get real subscribers who are really interested in the content that you have to offer.

By buying YouTube subscribers, you actually make people believe that you have something great to offer because a lot of people are “subscribing” to your channel. But in the long run, if your videos are poorly done, they will start to notice and realize that you are a “fake”, leaving them with a bad impression of you. Of course, this is more difficult to fix because you’ve lost the viewers’ trust in you.

So aside from the strategies mentioned in this article, you have to make sure that your articles are interesting, informative and worthy of their time. Because if they realize you think of their experience first before creating a video, you won’t even have to think of ways to force them to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

Date: November 3, 2016 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Rich Drees


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