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According to comScore, YouTube reaches 95% of adults aged 35 and above on the internet – 95%! This tells us that YouTube is one of the prime ways you can reach out to as many viewers as possible, trumping even traditional media.

YouTube has transformed the way we create, consume, and share videos online. Aside from becoming the leading video platform for most content creators, YouTube has also become the platform of choice for most viewers on the internet.

Interacting with your viewers on YouTube is internet gold. It helps improve your watch time and increases your subscriber count – and the best part of all? It’s not hard to do.

If you want to learn how you can more effectively interact with your viewers, keep on reading because we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you do just that.

Ask for their Opinion

One of the best ways to start interacting with your audience is by asking for their opinion. People of the internet love sharing their opinion about almost everything, so asking for it won’t be that hard.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Epic Rap Battles, you know that at the end of the video they always ask their audience who they want to see next, prompting an incredible number of responses.

ERB fans are quick to take their opinions to the comment section, far from afraid to let their voice be heard. As a result, more and more people are encouraged to jump in on the conversation, going back to watch all the previous videos too.

Remember, interaction results in viewer loyalty – which can help you grow your channel and further your reach on the platform.

Create Videos Based on Their Suggestions

Once you’re more accustomed to asking your audience for their opinion you can now take it up a notch by asking them to make full-on video suggestions.

Encourage your viewers to suggest topics, themes or even the overall direction of your next video to provide them with more incentives to tune in.

Lisa Schwartz is a popular comedy and lifestyle vlogger who goes by the name lisbug on YouTube. She recently launched a series on her channel that talks about the most gruesome crimes and murders committed by mankind.

She pools ideas from the suggestions she gets from her fans on Twitter and creates a video based on the most popular request. In the process, she’s able to drive traffic to her Twitter channel while giving her fans more reasons to be excited for her next video.

This is a prime opportunity that allows you to round up fresh and highly relevant content ideas for your channel.

If you want to get the conversation rolling, consider investing directly in your social proof. This should help you achieve buzz-worthy status more quickly than organic methods.

Purchasing high-quality YouTube views, likes and other social signals from a reputable provider can help you turn heads, draw more people in, and get more people interested in giving out video suggestions.

Social proof is so highly regarded on the internet that you can’t afford not to invest in it. Sticking to a tried and tested provider helps you avoid the scams and ensures you get exactly what you pay for – sometimes even more!

Do Q&As

People of the internet have a lot of questions and YouTube is the perfect platform to answer some of them.

Q&As allow your viewers to send in their most hard-hitting and pressing questions – either about you as a content creator or the services/products you offer.

NigaHiga is a comedy YouTuber that has amassed a huge following on the platform thanks to the various hilarious characters he portrays. As he was steadily rising to fame, more and more people wanted to get to know him personally.

As a response to this, he began uploading Q&A videos regularly that allow his fans to ask him even the most personal questions in this casual setting.

If you’re a brand or a business, Q&A videos are great marketing assets to have on hand and ready to share, that can help you assist your customers in their purchasing journey. You can use them as an opportunity to add value to the products or services you offer by answering some of their “how-to” moments.

Respond to Your Fans (And Haters!)

The internet allows content creators and brands to see and respond to comments as soon as they are posted.

This is a great opportunity to initiate communication and interaction with the driving force behind your videos – your viewers.

Taking the time of out your day to respond to comments will make viewers feel valued and listened to – which makes them more invested in your videos and channel.

The comment section is more than just a place where people leave their thoughts. It can become a community of active and loyal viewers who wants to reach out to YOU.

GiGi Gorgeous is a widely-known beauty vlogger and LGBT spokesperson who has a massive following both online and offline. She is no stranger to a steady stream of comments across all her social media channels from both fans and haters alike.

In the video above, she took the time to address some of the comments she’s received on her various platforms. The comment section is bursting at the seams with valuable insights from all your viewers. Take the time to read and respond to as many of them as possible.

Don’t be afraid to interact with your audience. Those who are quick to comment on your video within the first few hours of it going live on your channel are your solid fan base, make them feel valued by interacting with them.

Know Your Viewers by Name

Giving shoutouts is a great way to shine the spotlight on your viewers. Your viewers should be more than just thumbnails to you. Take the time to know them by name – or by username – and talk to them in one of your videos.

Doing so shows how much you value their contributions in driving your channel forward.

Glove and Boots are two jovial characters on YouTube who know how important it is to give shout outs where they are due. They often upload videos where they respond to some of the comments fans leave on their page.

This comical duo actually talk to their fans as if they were right there with them – almost making it feel like they’re featured guests on the show.

Host a Social Media Party

When it comes to interacting with your viewers, you shouldn’t be afraid to go outside of YouTube. Hosting social media parties on various other networking sites can help you engage with people while strengthening your social proof across the board.

A Twitter party is a fun, exciting and engaging way to interact with your YouTube viewers. All you have to do is set a specific hour when they should head over to Twitter to take part in the conversation.

Schedule your Twitter party during a time when your viewers are most active, and use a custom hashtag to properly curate the conversation. This should help you get the most participants you possibly can.

Set a theme and go on engaging with your audience in an honest and genuine way. Make this a worthwhile experience for your viewers by providing them with something they can’t get anywhere else.

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out

There are a number of ways you can begin interacting with your viewers – from the comment section down to your videos and even outside of YouTube! The possibilities are endless, you just have to take the first step and initiate contact.

Strengthening your social proof will make you look authoritative, encouraging people to come to you with questions. If so many people follow you, you must know something valuable, right? Try buying high-quality YouTube views, subscribers, and likes to help you efficiently gain a more reputable persona on the platform.

Bring your viewers closer to you by including them in the process and by fueling the conversations transpiring in your comment section. Take on the role of a moderator and gain familiar ground with those who watch your videos.

Social listening can help you gain valuable insight for crafting relevant and engaging content that hits home amongst your audience. Ready to receive engagement like never before? Start the conversation today!

Date: May 3, 2017 / Categories: Explainer, Tips, / Author: Mariko


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