7 YouTube Videos You Probably Don’t Want To See

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YouTube is a strange place. Among the happy, funny, exciting and awe-inspiring videos, there exist videos that are sometimes creepy, irritating, and disgusting, but always, always strange.

Once in a while, we find ourselves watching these videos and wondering how we ended up there. Some videos can be oddly mesmerizing, some aren’t. We leave you to decide which videos below fit the description. Here are 7 videos that prove YouTube is a weird, weird place.


Benjamin Bennett


Since he signed up in 2013, Benjamin Bennett has filmed himself doing nothing but sitting and smiling in front of a camera for about four straight hours. He uploads regularly but the only thing that changes is his background… and his shirt.

Not one of his 144 thousand subscribers know why he does it, and he offers no explanation, even on his website, which has nothing but the same videos he has on his YouTube.


Find the difference.

Image credit: Benjamin Bennett via YouTube


Kerry Johnson


Kerry Johnson is a channel that’s part of another subculture on YouTube: videos with men wearing female silicone masks.

It’s weird and kind of creepy, but watch one of Kerry Johnson’s videos below and judge for yourself.

This channel proves that on YouTube, you can do whatever floats your boat. Find an audience and you’re in business! Of course, it will help if your videos rank high on the platform for maximum exposure.

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Cooking with Dog


At first glance, this channel seems like your typical Japanese cooking show. Until the host starts to speak and you find out the host is none other than a dog named Francis, sitting beside an unnamed chef.

No, it’s not a talking dog! It’s actually the voice of an unseen commentator pretending to be the dog.

Now, we’ve never heard of anyone who likes to cook with their pet on the kitchen counter, but perhaps it’s a thing in Japan. The show itself is great and the Japanese dishes look delicious! You can’t argue with 1.3 million subscribers.

Francis the dog has actually died recently, but the show lives on. The chef still cooks exotic Japanese dishes, sans the dog. In its place sits a plush dog toy that looks like Francis. Sad, we know.



Image credit: Cooking with Dog via YouTube


ASMR Darling


There’s a whole lot of videos on YouTube that you probably don’t even know exist. ASMR is one of those. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

If you’ve ever felt a tingling sensation in your head accompanied by sleepiness when someone brushes or cuts your hair, rubs your back or massages your body, or when you hear a soothing sound, then you have experienced ASMR.

Whispering is said to be an effective trigger for ASMR. This is maybe why videos of people whispering are growing like mushrooms on YouTube. This group is lead, at least in subscribers, by ASMR Darling. She has 1.2 million subscribers.

Once you get past the weirdness of all that whispering, you might actually find it relaxing to watch her and decide it’s not weird at all. Try watching if you have problems falling asleep.


Dr. Sandra Lee


Dr. Sandra Lee, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper is a dermatologist who pops pimples on YouTube in all their HD glory. Her videos are not all about pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads, though. Sometimes they’re about cysts and lipomas and how she removes them from the skin.

Unless you have a strong stomach, don’t watch when you’re eating!




If there are men dressing up as girls, then why not people who dress like animals? Except that Alex Kovas, the guy behind the channel, doesn’t use clothes to look like an animal.

Alex uses paint and prosthetics to transform into deer, unicorns, zebras, and a bunch of other creatures. Some find his videos amusing, others disgusting, and others simply an expression of his art. Whatever it is, his 3.7K subscribers approve.

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Insane Cherry


Insane Cherry is weird channel where you’ll find song covers by animals.

If you like music and want a new “fresh” look at your favorite songs, head on to this channel. And yes, they take requests!

This one is by Linkin Park.



Did you enjoy watching?


Probably not. We hope this doesn’t put you off exploring YouTube though or creating your own unique channel. These videos prove that there are audiences even for the most strange content.

So go ahead, make your own strange YouTube channel or subscribe to a bizarre channel! Or not.

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