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The popularity of videos on the internet has diversified the course of digital marketing. Videos give brands an opportunity to reach out and engage with their viewers to a whole new level.

Integrating videos alone into your strategy isn’t enough. As a brand, you also need to think of new ways to keep your audience as engaged as possible. This means exploring different video formats and experimenting with emerging video marketing trends.

You can find some of the best performing videos on YouTube – and they stop at nothing to make sure their platform is as advertiser-friendly as possible.

YouTube is already zeroing in on hateful content on their page, making them as brand-friendly as ever. This means now is the perfect time to build your brand for the coming new year.

You can’t afford to miss out on the marketing benefits videos have to offer. If you use your YouTube channel right, you can rise above the competition and turn followers into brand ambassadors.

Supercharge your video marketing strategy for 2018 by taking inspiration from some of these emerging trends that are bound to give your campaign the edge it needs to stand out!


YouTube For Customer Support

The internet has brought both customers and brands a step closer to one another. Users can watch Youtube to provide prompt and accessible customer support, reviews and general info on their favorite products.

Back in the day, brands could only educate and share information with their customers through blogs and articles. Today, they can make product information videos more immersive and engaging by creating a video and uploading it to YouTube.

Videos have an easier time engaging viewers compared to other forms of media. It’s a medium some companies choose to take advantage of when they want to explain more complex topics to their users without overwhelming them.

Some of the biggest brands out there publish How-to videos that help customers navigate and maximize their services or products.

Others post Q&A videos where they answer some of the most pressing questions their customers may have.

Apple is a perfect example of a brand who knows how to take full advantage of YouTube for customer service. Apple creates mini-tutorials that help users efficiently use all of their gadgets.

Apple’s mini-tutorials help their customers navigate through an otherwise complex device with ease.

Live Videos

A successful campaign is measured by the amount of attention and interaction a content receives online.

Live streams on YouTube let brands connect and interact with their audience in real time. Live videos are incredibly easy to stream, all you need is a reliable internet connection, a smartphone and a solid lineup of things to talk about.

Brands use live streams to host Q&A sessions to clarify with their customers’ concerns. This gives brands an opportunity to improve the level of customer service they provide.

Once a live stream is over, it is automatically uploaded as a recorded video on your channel. After a live stream has been uploaded to your channel, you can purchase a few thousand YouTube Views for it.

Buying an impressive number of views from a reputable provider will help you establish a more noteworthy status on YouTube. It can also drive a lot of attention to your live stream – both past and future.


Creative Influencer Collaborations

It’s no secret that YouTube is home to some of the biggest and brightest influencers on the internet.

YouTubers are fast becoming the more favored endorsers by both small and big brands alike.

Collaborating with a YouTuber and having them embed your brand name in their content is an unobstructed way to advertise. By appearing like a more organic suggestion to the thousands of people watching, you can easily build a more credible brand image.

Rhett and Link are among the most recognizable YouTubers of today. Their channel Good Mythical Morning has over 12 million subscribers  – making them one of the most sought-after internet endorsers of today.

For their first ever endorsement, Rhett and Link teamed up with the website company Wix. The duo created several videos that teach their viewers how easy it is to create a website through Wix.

Wix embraced the duo’s creativity and allowed them to use their brand of entertainment to market their services. The simple video shown above has already generated over 48 million views and a lot of positive feedback from both Wix and Good Mythical Morning fans on YouTube.

If you want to collaborate with a YouTuber to promote your brand, you should do your research and find a content creator whose brand aligns with yours so you won’t compromise your image.


360 Videos

Videos are already immersive on their own but you can make your campaign even more interesting with 360 videos.

360 videos or spherical videos are recorded from multiple angles at the same time. During playback, viewers can drag and toggle through the frame to control the viewing direction from every angle imaginable.

Oreo is an imaginative company that isn’t afraid to jump on the latest marketing trends on the internet. For one of their campaigns, Oreo released a spherical video that allowed users to peek into a world inspired by their world-famous cookie.

If you want to publish a spherical video for your brand, make sure you have the equipment and the tools necessary for the production. Producing a spherical video requires you to invest in tools and equipment necessary to get the job done.

You can also hire a video production company that has the tools and the expertise to produce these types of videos flawlessly – but that’s gonna cost ya’.

Make Your 2018 Campaigns Great Again

Videos are single-handedly changing the course of digital marketing and you need to keep yourself updated on all the latest trends about it if you want to stay competitive as a brand.

Integrating videos into your current campaign will make it more diverse and engaging – and can also give you the results you’ve been wanting.

Get ahead of the pack and explore some of the emerging video trends for your 2018 marketing campaign. While you’re at it, consider purchasing a few thousand YouTube Views for your videos to draw more attention from organic users.

Start brainstorming on how you can use videos into your current campaign for the next year and take your marketing efforts to the next level!


Date: January 10, 2018 / Categories: Influencer Marketing, Uncategorized, YouTube, / Author: Rich Drees


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