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Thanks to digital videos, brands now have an easier way to tell people about their products and services. Not only are videos easier to consume, messages contained are also 95% easier to remember. In fact, almost 50% of all internet users prefer brand content to be in video form when researching about a purchase. And 69% of online consumers would rather watch a video than read a product explanation.

These are just two of consumer behaviors you should know to better inform your marketing this year. At its core, the reality that we are living in the video content era. Embedding videos in your site and uploading native videos in your social media channels, really, are all good marketing practices. Let me tell you why that is.


Importance of Video Content Marketing

From a psychological vantage, videos can trigger more emotional cues than a photo can because they draw responses from more senses.

All the elements of a video like music, story and storytelling, colors, patterns and effects, serve as stimuli for emotional responses that make us act on it. We respond with joy, amusement, excitement, hope, pleasure, anger, etc.. These emotional layers are actually the same reason why people share videos. Facts appeal to our logic, but emotions can be tougher to beat.

There’s another way you can appeal to your customers psychologically and you can use it to grow your presence on YouTube, for example. If you’re hosting your videos on YouTube, you can buy social proof in the form of views. When you buy YouTube views you build social proof— a psychological phenomenon that makes people do what others are doing— that influences people to watch your videos that appear popular.

This is like 1 million people telling you to watch the video, too!

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The more massive the number of views, the more power videos have to make people click that play button! Admit it, between a popular video and a video with nary a view, you’re more likely to watch the one with plenty of views. That’s how the psychology of social proof works.  


Video As the Future of Content Marketing

Video marketing has become even more popular in recent years. It’s changed the landscape of content marketing and will continue to dominate internet traffic by 80% in 2019.

Today, 87% of online marketers use video content in their digital strategies. And why not? Brands that do enjoy 49% faster year-over-year revenue growth than businesses that don’t.

That isn’t really surprising, considering video consumption grows by 100% each year, according to YouTube. There’s actually several other statistics that all point to video content as the new “It” in digital marketing.  People just love videos and it shows!

Even the little ones love video!

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Here are ways you can use video content in marketing your brand.


Ways You Can Embed Videos

Except for instances when native videos get better results, you should embed your videos everywhere to maximize reach and reap all the benefits of having videos in your campaigns.

Include videos on website

Did you know that an average user spends 88% more time on a website with videos than a website without? And a landing page with a product video has an ability to increase conversions by 80%!

The longer you can make your audience stay on your website, the higher the chances of them availing your services or buying your products. An 80% conversion rate is also a lot! You can’t just ignore that!

Image credit: bambooHR

Use videos in your email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way of building relationships with your potential and current customers. Reaching them in their inbox and at a time more convenient for them can result in higher engagement rates and a chance to direct them to your website.

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Increase your click-through rates by adding a video to your emails! Deliver your messages easily and save time— both yours and your customers, with an embedded video. it’s a little tricky to add video to your emails but it’s not impossible, and as I’ve been saying, the benefits are huge!


Share videos on your social networks

Videos on social media get 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Maximize use of your social media channels by including videos in your posts!

On Facebook, native videos perform better than embedded videos from YouTube or elsewhere. Native videos also get 10x more share than videos shared from YouTube.

Image credit: techcrunch


On Twitter, videos shared from YouTube only appears as a link on mobile, though a video thumbnail can be seen on a desktop. And it’s the same with Instagram. So, uploading videos directly on each platform is best and will definitely get better results.

This doesn’t mean you should do away with YouTube altogether. Far from it! YouTube gets over 30 million visitors each day and 5 billion videos are watched on the platform every single day! Most business, in fact, have YouTube channels for all their videos.

Instead, grow your presence on YouTube and buy views to boost the results of your marketing campaigns. Videos with high views rank high not just on YouTube but on Google as well.


Create Video Content Now!

Videos are revolutionizing the way we consume information! Messages are easier to remember with videos and they’re fun to watch, too! We also respond more to videos than any other form of content and, with the rise of smartphones, watching videos has also become effortless!

Retain and attract new customers by adding videos on your websites and including them in your email marketing campaigns today! Don’t forget to upload videos to your social media postings, as well. Remember that people are more inclined to interact with posts containing videos.

Create videos and deliver what your customers want. That’s how you can make sure your content will always be A-OK!

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Date: January 25, 2018 / Categories: Analytics, YouTube, / Author: Chell


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