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There are YouTube videos that are great for killing time, for when you’re bored or you just don’t want to think. And then there are videos that, although they require a little of your gray matter, help you become a better you.

If that’s just the kind of video you’re looking for, check out these great channels I discovered after some grappling with some pretty strange videos, and a whole lot of research.

The nifty people behind these channels will not only perk you up on days you don’t feel like doing anything else, they’ll also keep you inspired on days you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. Keep reading!


Improvement Pill

Founder of Improvement Pill Richard Yong inspires and motivates people with his videos on self-motivation, confidence, success, happiness and more!

One of his most popular videos is a short course is Tamed. It focuses on helping people break bad habits and build good ones. It’s a favorite for most and one you should put down on your binge-watch list.

Image credit: Improvement Pill via YouTube



Now, if you’re looking to get fit and you need a lot of motivation to change your health and fitness lifestyle, take a look at BeFit channel!

BeFit has 2.7 million subscribers all getting the benefit of weight loss tips and guided workouts performed by top fitness gurus and even legends in the industry like Jane Fonda!

Image credit: BeFit via YouTube


They also welcome collaborations with other creators. It’s a great way to get fit and get views on your videos too if you happen to be a YouTube creator as well. You’ll lose weight while growing your channel!

Did you know that you can also buy YouTube views to get real people to watch your videos? It’s because when you have massive views, you’ll rank high on YouTube and your videos will naturally become more visible. Visibility, my friends, is one of the keys to making it on YouTube.


Yoga With Adriene

If you’re a yoga enthusiast or if you’re the kind who appreciates stillness of the mind and quiet all-round, then you have to see the Yoga With Adriene channel.

This channel by yogi Adriene Mishler will help you develop not just deeper connection to your inner self but also fitness in both the mind and the body. She has yoga videos for weight loss, energy flow, chakras, for managing pain and more.

She started her YouTube channel in 2012 and in 2015, her yoga workouts were the most searched fitness topic on Google. The Wall Street Journal also awarded her the Streamy Health and Wellness award.

So if you have any doubt of how effective she is, banish the thought. She’s one of the best in the field that you’ll find on YouTube. Try doing yoga with her for a day or challenge yourself for 30 days!

Image credit: Yoga With Adriene via YouTube


Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson believes that acquiring “more wisdom in less time” is possible and he helps his viewers achieve just that through his philosophical teachings in his channel.

His videos talk about deep questions in life, including philosophy principles and concepts all explained in simple words. If you’re into discussions about laws of leadership or productivity tips like how you can add a month to your year, or perhaps you like pondering about questions like why feelings fade or why there are no perfect people, head on to his channel and check him out. He lives by the mantra “optimize life to actualize potential.”

Image credit: Brian Johnson via YouTube


Fight Mediocrity

Nobody wants to live an ordinary life. In fact, these days, people are all about YOLO. If you refuse to live the minimum acceptable lifestyle in our society and you want to reach your full potential, take a look at Fight Mediocrity channel!

The host, Malkhaz Geldiashvili, talks about self-improvement topics like how to be less stupid or happier or more optimistic, or how to succeed in business and career, and generally how you can excel in life and fight mediocrity.

There are no recent videos at the moment but you would not want to miss the videos already posted on the channel. Here is one great video about habits of effective people.


If you’re a YouTube creator and looking for ways to become successful on the platform, one of the things you can do to be exceptional and different from the rest is to buy social proof.

Social proof can help you build a larger audience and attract more subscribers. That is, if you buy YouTube views, you’ll attract real, organic views as well as subscribers. Views are like social proof on YouTube. They tell people how good or bad you are so that when you have massive views reflecting in your view count, they convince people that you must be good to have attracted such views.


Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

Life coach, author and psychologist Ralph Smart teaches how to see the world as an infinite source of all that’s good and all that your heart desires.

If you like listening to or want to learn more about topics like how powerful your higher self is, the law of attraction, and energy and vibrations, his channel is worth checking out.

Smart also gives relationship advice and talks about mystical subjects like third-eye activation, dream manifestation, lucid dreaming and more.

Or if you want the more vanilla type motivational content like advice on dealing with difficult people or on how you can stop worrying about what people think of you, Smart has them too!

So you could watch videos about how you can be a better version of yourself or watch videos that teach you how you can discover your life’s purpose in 3 minutes.


Charisma On Command

Charisma on Command contains videos that help you become more confident and become the kind of person everyone wants to be friends with.

Charlie Houpert, the founder of Charisma on Command, used to have introverted tendencies back in the day. It was because of this that he sought to better himself and that his YouTube channel was born.

If you’re a bit of an introvert yourself, you’ll learn a lot from his channel: from simple things like how to start conversations to actually building your confidence. As an introvert, Charlie Houpert definitely knows what he’s talking about. It’s for introverts by an introvert!


Become A Better Version Of Yourself!

Starting today, always ask yourself what you can do to grow as a person. Watching these YouTube channels is a start. They’ll point you in the right direction and support your quest to fulfill your full potential.

Don’t just watch them though. Practice and apply the tips in your life. When you do, you’ll become healthy in the mind, body and spirit. And that’s the start of real happiness. It’s the start of the new you, becoming the person you’re capable of being. Growth is a choice. It’s time you choose you!

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