The 8 Biggest Problems Experienced when Buying YouTube Subscribers

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Buying YouTube subscribers to boost video promotions in 2018 is simply not a good idea anymore. Taking a shortcut from building your YouTube channel organically because the benefits you receive and the money you spend is not worth your time and effort. It is understandable that as a content creator, you want fast results. You want to spread awareness to as many people about your products or services in the hopes that you sell a lot right away. If this is your goal, buying YouTube subscribers will actually hinder that goal because it causes too many complications. Here are 8 of the biggest problems individuals face by buying YouTube subscribers.
Minimal to Zero Engagement on Your Videos

There are many third-party websites where people can purchase subscribers to their YouTube channels such as QQTube, PurchaseYouTubeLikes, BoostLikes, and Rush Views to name a few. While these websites actually boost subscriber count to your YouTube channel, the subscribers that your channel will collect are going to be fake, inactive, and simply uninterested in your message. Your videos, no matter how professionally shot, will not gain the number of views needed to boost your YouTube channel’s rankings. In addition, these so-called subscribers will not comment or even like your videos. This will result in you having to consider buying YouTube views in order to supplement the lack of activity on your channel.

Problems Experienced when Buying YouTube Subscribers

It is Obvious to Most YouTube Users

From the outside looking in, there is nothing more fishy or obvious than seeing a YouTube channel that has 3,000 subscribers only getting 50 to 100 views on each video. Those who are aware of the activity of buying YouTube subscriber to boost promotions will easily be able to spot your channel. This, in turn, will affect your channel’s credibility and people will click away automatically instead of taking the time to watch your videos, regardless of how good they are. You will also lose the opportunity to gain actual subscribers because no one wants to follow a cheater. This is the reality of buying YouTube subscribers.

Buying Subscribers is not Cheap

There is a multitude of third-party websites online today that offer YouTube subscribers in packages. Some of these packages cost over $1,000 to deliver 200,000 subscribers. If you are boosting promotions to multiple videos in your channel, you must have a considerable budget set aside. Consider the fact that buying subscribers is a continuous activity because you must do this every single time you create and upload a video. You may also fail to realize that creating a video in itself is an activity that also costs money.

You Become Vulnerable to Scamming

Many people who purchase YouTube subscribers are not aware that their activity is extremely dangerous. When you buy YouTube views by the hundreds of thousands, you must provide third-party providers with your e-mail address, phone number, credit card details, and other sensitive information. All of this information gets black-marketed to every scammer online. Even though you gain a lot of subscribers, you open the door to major problems such as identity theft, monetary theft, and other forms of cyber threats.

You can get Blackmailed

Another threat that those who buy YouTube subscribers deal with is blackmailing. The simple act of buying Subscribers is a controversial act because it goes against YouTube’s terms and conditions; therefore, it is absolutely banned. Buying subscribers is a transaction where you pay a third-party service and that service has actual proof that you participated in this unlawful activity. If the server wishes to do you harm, they can do so by creating controversy in the form of online content that includes your name or your organization’s name. If YouTube finds out, they will automatically ban and suspend your channel. This means that you will have to find another social media platform or simply start another YouTube account from scratch.

You Gain Minimal Brand Loyalty

Buying YouTube subscribers works well to give people the idea that your videos are good because of the number of subscribers and views. The number of subscribers and views work excellently for bragging rights; however, there are no repeats of actual subscribers who watch your videos after you purchase them. To make matters worse, there will be the minimal engagement to your videos because the viewers have no real interest in your videos. This is possibly the biggest reason why most social media platforms prohibit buying subscribers and buying views.

You will Most Likely Lose Your YouTube Account

The fact that buying YouTube subscribers is illegal is reason enough to avoid using this cheating strategy. Consider the fact that Google has a whole division of employees whose sole purpose is to monitor all questionable activity on Google and YouTube. These employees have seen it all and identifying those who buy subscribers and views is most likely one of the easier monitoring activities to do. Once your account is flagged, this will probably mean the end of the line for your YouTube channel.

It is considered a SCAM

The reality about buying YouTube subscribers from third-party websites is many of them are simply scamming you for your money. Not only do they take your money; they take your information and use it for their gain. They also earn money on the side by selling your information for a price to black market websites that use the Dark Web to perform all sorts of online hacking. For those unaware, the Dark Net is also a haven for terrorists, serial killers, and rapists to name a few. You really do not need your sensitive information being distributed in that community.
Buying YouTube subscribers is really a mistake and the repercussions that come with this cheating strategy is definitely not worth your time. Instead, do it the right way. Build your brands like every other individual or organization and promote your videos on other platforms. Engage your audience and give them a reason to keep engaging your videos. Your hard work will pay off in the end.

Date: September 18, 2018 / Categories: Explainer, / Author: Rich Drees


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