The Best Live Sub Count Tool to Track YouTube Channels With – Including your Own!

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Along with views, subscribers are indicators of quality content, viral success, and ongoing creativity. Given that the subscriber count on YouTube is not in real-time, you want a tool that will help you view the subscriber count in real time, which will help you get the edge over your competitors. You’ll see how your subscribers, and your competitors subs, are reacting to content right after you’ve uploaded it.

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Whether you want to track your own subs count, or you want to track your competitors, it is a good idea to have access to a tool that will allow you to check your subscriber count as it is happening in real-time. In this article, you will find all the best tools that will allow you to always be up to date with everyone’s latest subscriber count.

Live sub count tools: SocialBlade

SocialBlade is an established company that was founded in 2008 by Jason Urgo. They have tracked and provided YouTube statistic services since 2010, with over 23 million YouTube channels under their view. Not only do they include YouTube, but they also track some of the other big social networks. Their statistics are free to anyone using their website or smartphone apps.

live sub count tool socialblade

SocialBlade uses advanced technologies to provide you with the most accurate global analytics for any content creator. They also have a very useful YouTube channel where they share their YouTube wisdom through How-To videos. You can learn all about optimizing your YouTube channel just by checking out their videos on YouTube.

SocialBlade means business. To prove that their methods works, they have a live video that shows just how their advanced technology is. Check it out, and learn more about how to grow YouTube channel from nothing on our site!

Live sub count tools:

This is an independent live subscriber counter and data provider that uses a real-time subscriber counter which is updated every few seconds. The company uses official data in real-time from YouTube.  

live sub count tools

Their services are completely free, and they also provide access to other statistics, such as:

  • Video views
  • Last uploaded video
  • Channel description
  • Total number of videos
  • Creation date on YouTube

You can easily embed your own YouTube channel and track your subscriber count as it is changing in real-time. You just need to type the name of your YouTube channel, copy the URL of the channel, or type the user ID to get the stats you need.

Live sub count tools: YouTube Realtime

YouTube Realtime shows the live subscriber count of any YouTube channel with maximum precision. They claim that the subscriber count, view count, video count, and comment count are all taken from Google’s infrastructure via the Analytics API. The count is updated every couple of seconds so you can know that you’re getting the most accurate data available.

live sub count tool youtube realtime

You can insert the channel name in any format and you’ll still be redirected to the actual YouTube channel. For instance, you can enter the:

  • Channel username
  • Channel ID
  • Channel name
  • YouTube URL
  • Search terms

All of these options will direct you to the actual YouTube channel, and show you the correct stats. Watch it live after buying YouTube views to see how your subscriber count is impacted.

Live sub count tools: YouTube Subscriber Counter

YouTube Subscriber Counter is a free live sub count tool that offers real-time YouTube channel analytics. They collect real-time data from multiple API’s to provide an interactive dashboard with relevant YouTube statistics. YouTube Subscribe Counter can be accessed through their website and Android app.

youtube subscriber counter dashboard

Through a highly-visual dashboard, this tool reveals the following real-time YouTube channel data:

  • Live subscriber count
  • Total YouTube views
  • Total YouTube videos
  • Estimated revenue
  • Weekly statistics
  • Subscriber history
  • View history

This tool allows you to choose your favorite YouTube channels and have access to their YouTube information for free. You can add a favorite YouTube channel by clicking on the heart icon for quick access later.

Live sub count tools: Grow.Grin

Grow.grin is a company that is made up of a small team based in California, USA. This is another simple sub count tool that only requires you to share the name of the YouTube channel in order to get access to the exact sub count in real-time.

live sub count tool grow.grin

On their website, you can also find a bunch of informative posts regarding organic YouTube growth. They explain how the Analytics section on YouTube gets updated every 48 hours because YouTube needs the extra time to evaluate the credibility of the new YouTube subscribers.

Stay ahead of competitors with live sub count tools

Live sub count tools can be pretty useful, especially when it comes to crafting your content strategy on YouTube and seeing how people react to new content as it’s uploaded. With competition rapidly rising on YouTube in almost every niche, it is essential to have access to quick and accurate data in order to make well-informed and intuitive decisions. Here are just some of the ways live sub count tools can come in handy:

  • Analytics purposes: 48 hours is a long time for YouTube creators. If you’re a professional who lives and breathes YouTube, you know just how important it is to always have the exact data for analytics purposes. That’s why live sub count tools are very important, as they give you the much-needed edge to act in a time of need.
  • Strategize: When you upload new content on your YouTube channel, you should always want to see how your subscribers react to it. Whether your subscriber count drastically increases or decreases tells a lot about the quality of the content you just uploaded. Live sub count tools help you understand how your subscribers react to your content in real-time.
  • Competitor-analysis: It is always a good idea to see how your competitors are doing on YouTube. There is a lot to learn from how they handle their content strategies and how their subscribers are reacting to it. Live sub count tools will allow you to quickly examine their YouTube channel.

Receiving real-time data about your own, or your competitor’s, YouTube channel can be of indispensable value. In this article, we went through some of the most reliable live sub count tools that you can find on the Internet. Whichever tool you choose, we assure you that you will be making the right choice.

Date: November 28, 2018 / Categories: Analytics, Statistics, / Author: Rich Drees


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