8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

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Social media marketing has become a vibrant aspect of every business’s marketing strategy. According to research studies, most adults aged 18-34 online are most likely to follow up on a brand through social media platforms. Indeed, social media has become a vital ground for marketing, as there are 3.2 billion daily active users of social media. That is just about half of the world’s population. Consequently, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes are always the suggested platform to market. However, one of the best platforms for effective strategy not talked about is YouTube.

If you have a business online, you can create a video on YouTube and optimize it significantly in a way that it would yield positive results for your business. It can make your business go viral; this is what YouTube marketing entails.

Nevertheless, you need to be savvy about YouTube marketing as excess content saturates the industry. For every minute you spend reading this article or whatever activity, there are 36 hours of video content uploaded on YouTube. The amount of internet and mobile video viewing has sporadically increased over the years; this is why you need to be strategic about maximizing your YouTube marketing results. If you don’t, then the chances are that your videos might go unseen by your targeted audience. Ways to exploit your YouTube marketing results are quite plenty. Here are examples of these strategies.

Stimulate curiosity by creating random and compelling videos.

For your YouTube channel, the videos uploaded there must be spectacular if you want to generate traffic. There are millions of videos being fed to the public daily. So, it is the survival of the fittest. In this instance, you have to create videos highly compelling that it would be hard to ignore to be the most appropriate.

Your content does not necessarily need to be created with the intent of becoming viral. However, make sure every video you create is beneficial to your market. Ideal video content is inspiring, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Make sure your videos incorporate these features. Create videos that address your viewers’ needs and desires.

Network with YouTube influencers

You’ve heard the quote severally – your network is your net worth! This quote applies to every business sector. YouTube is no exception. Many successful YouTubers have a large number of subscribers to their channels. While you may not like every influencer, but, there are individual YouTube influencers whose audience might be your product’s target market.  

Instead of spending excess money on futile marketing strategies, you can save a lot by utilizing the power of these influencers. Research the influencers who have authority in the niches of your prospective audience. After your research, you can partner with these YouTube celebrities by offering a tit-for-tat. They speak about your channel in their videos while you provide them something juicy in return; talks about strategic partnership!

Brand your YouTube Channel 

Being known as a brand gives you credibility status. And people trust the content provided by seemingly branded channels. Hence, you should try your best to create a branded YouTube channel. Becoming a YouTube brand is one of the best ways to maximize your YouTube marketing results. The best part about becoming a branded YouTube channel owner is that it is not expensive the way you expect it to be. Scratch that, it is not even expensive

Branding is not about becoming a YouTube partner. The part about becoming a YouTube partner might count, but it is not the ultimate. You don’t have to spend many bucks to have a branded YouTube channel either. Branding entails being consistent and being presentable. Endeavor to display your channel’s logo and brand name vividly in a way that it is a destination for your audience. Down to the colors chosen in the background of your banner, everything should be consistent with your brand’s image. Have colors that have particular meanings to your brand; use them consistently.

Utilize YouTube Ads.

Another way to maximize your YouTube marketing results is to exploit the power of YouTube Ads. Often, YouTube is used as a search engine by most consumers. From searching for ways to reduce belly fat to seeking about how to make a million-dollar in a year, people continuously type keywords that show up in the videos they love to watch. Hence, running YouTube ads is, therefore, an effective way to match those search queries. Importantly, they view YouTube ads before videos can be accessed.

You should, therefore, exploit YouTube ads by adding CTAs (Calls to Action) on your advertisements. These CTAs should be capable of leading viewers back to your channel or website. Hence, CTAs used in your YouTube should be compelling. This way, you can move the target market from one place to the next in the sales funnel. If used effectively, advertisements are great ways to promote engagements, generate leads, and create conversions for your business. 

Review YouTube Analytics for insights.

The YouTube Analytics features are capable of providing insights on the audience of your content and their acquisition (how they discovered your content). You can run YouTube Analytics reports on an individual video or on all the videos you have uploaded. Also, if you seek to find insight into the type of content that appeals most to your audience, you should run YouTube Analytics on your most-watched videos.

Upload long videos

One of the most critical factors in video ranking is the watch time. Watch time indicates that your audience found enough value in your video content to remain on the page. The best way to engage your views is by creating long videos that systematically disperse valuable information throughout. For instance, videos that hit a 10-minute mark are potential high ranking videos than short videos. 

Your videos should be discoverable

Once you release video, it should be discoverable within and outside YouTube. The first page of search engines ranks videos. Thus, you should endeavor to rank high on the top of the search results page. The key ways to increase the discoverability of your videos are title, description, and tags.

Set up an awesome profile

Lastly, but most importantly, you should set up a great pattern. Detailed profiling of your YouTube channel is necessary; this will make your YouTube channel a great and attractive one. Try to include an ‘about page’ which will consist of a detailed description of the company and appeals to the target audience. 

Date: August 30, 2019 / Categories: Tips, / Author: michb


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