7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Soundcloud Music on YouTube

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The advent of the Internet has birthed greatness for the music industry. Nowadays, high-level technologies are now popping up here and there, making life much easier for everyone. Video streaming, e-commerce, video file sharing, and Social Media Marketing are now some ways of which musical artists leveraged to seek new opportunities, increase their market value and audiences. Out of these options, choosing the right direction that helps promote songs on social media can be a difficult task.

On this note, we’ll be considering some best tips that genuinely work and ways on how you can promote your Soundcloud music through your YouTube channel. 

Have your YouTube Channel

When you look at some big names in the music industry today, they make their brand known through YouTube. If you are eager enough to let your musical content reach a broad audience, it’s advisable to leverage on a platform like YouTube to get noticed. If what you crave is to get known globally, hence having a professional YouTube platform is a must. With a professional profile, you look serious, legitimate, and fit to build some fan base for yourself.

7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Soundcloud Music on YouTube

Image: Edo Lee YouTube Channel. Screenshot was taken from August 25, 2019

7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Soundcloud Music on YouTube

Image: Edo Lee SoundCloud Account. Screenshot was taken on August 25, 2019

Your profile photo / Avatar

When you have your profile photo in place, you will be helping your Music to go far and wide quickly. Make sure you put it in this order

  1. YouTube channels’ photos. 
  2. Playlist to help put in order your content. 
  3. Some links to your social media handle and website (if any).

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