The 5-step guide to creating a killer YouTube Videos

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Nowadays, content marketers upload more videos on YouTube for moneymaking. However, achieving much success and generating tons of dollars on YouTube isn’t more about putting up a video. We will be sharing some salient steps on how YouTubers create a killer video for their viewers. There are a few steps involved below:

1. Develop a YouTube Video Approach:

Pick the right topic for your targeted audience

The untold top secret on being a success on YouTube platform is straightforward. Your contents’ video ability determines such success. You can be smart, jovial, funny, and charismatic if you’re yet to give good value that your subscriber craved, and then your videos are of no use.

  1. Find the right audience for videos.

 When you begin creating a storyboard or script for your video, put it at the back of your mind that: “Who is the targeted market?” because by being familiar with your subscribers will make it easy for your decision making about your video contents.

2. Your video should be visible on YouTube

Your videos cannot be a success if none of your audience sees them. You should think about SEO when creating video content. In this, there is stuff to figure out meaning you’ll need to know those that are viewing your videos. Two primary ways to make your YouTube videos rank:

  1. Put out content that engages the subscribers
  2. Upload contents that are good for Google search engines friendly

3. Research on ideas and topics of the YouTube

You now know your followers; you may be bothered by what kind of topic to make for your YouTube video. The truth is there are various means of generating ideas on YouTube that’ll thrill your fans. For instance, you ran a storage business and decided you want to create a video on your channel around existing shop owners in need to store their house with items. Your first video ideas may be on “How to store your grocery items in the kitchen.” This is cool and will look exciting for your audience. If you’re searching for a good source of ideas, here are some tips to sought highly relevant topics for your targeted followers.

  • Comments section

This is a section on YouTube where you comment on the content of videos that suits your needs; you can generate ideas through this section. Most subscribers regularly advise on existing materials or at times do ask questions that usually suggest the interest areas giving you more topic ideas for creating more content.

  • YouTube search box

It is a good thing to search on the YouTube search; it’s the best means of having what’s needed which your subscribers are looking for. After coming up with an idea, do a quick search on YouTube to see what output it is. Then, look at the production of your results to decide if it is a topic that’s relevant to you or not.

  • You can ask your audience

If you’ve got an audience no matter how small they are, it is worthy of note if you ask them the kind of content they want to view. This is just a reliable way to seek what your subscribers want to learn, watch, and know.

  • With groups or communities

It doesn’t matter if it is a Facebook, Twitter, or a membership site. You should find people of the same caliber who will encourage helping you with an idea.

4. Familiarize yourself with YouTube beginners’ tools

It’d be much easier to know how you will get the right video tools to create content. It is refreshing to have powerful tools and no doubt a quality tool can help create a high-end video quality. Here are some essential tools you may want use if you’re creating great YouTube videos:

  • Microphone

It doesn’t matter if you’re using your mobile phones for the video, key it in straight to your phone’s camera or recorder, doing it will give good quality of the content. A good microphone does not have to be costly, but it should be good.

  • Use video editor/screen recorder 

You should use any of these tools that come with in-built editing or recording and has content sharing features. It’ll help save your time and make you do your task with a device. Recording your content on the screen is a head-up in making your YouTube video great with not camera. 

  • Video lighting

By recording a video with a webcam or camera, using light will have a better outcome, giving you overall quality. Video lighting helps improve the video recorded with a mobile device. You’re not required to pay a whole lot of money for lights when starting a video, use a basic set-up that’ll allow you in creating a good-looking video.

  • Use a camera or webcam

Purchasing cameras for your videos can pose a threat to your finance. While other good quality cameras can significantly help improve your videos’ looks, they’ll as well put a lot of options and settings that required being managed which may add to your videos’ complexity when recording them. This is what to do, get an external webcam that’s a reasonably low-cost option and can improve the quality of your video. The majority of inbuilt webcams are cheap and of low quality when compared to other cameras.

5. Video recording and content posting

Let face it, you’ve got your audience, well-researched ideas planned out, and you now know what video to make. Then this is the best time to start making good videos and uploading content. Write an outline or a well-written script. Plan your content and record it in a suitable way that portrays your outlook. This will go along to help your audience understand you. After this, upload your content and allow your followers to enjoy what you’ve got.

Date: September 16, 2019 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Kam R


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