Drake Reached A Billion YouTube Views With ‘God’s Plan.’ So What?

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Over the years, Youtube has grown into the place to go to if you need to view all kinds of videos. The music industry is specifically harvesting from the billions of viewers on their music videos. But how much of a big deal is it for a video to have extremely high viewer numbers? We examined a few artists and realized that the number of fans on the live shows may not come close to the number of people who view the videos via Youtube.

The convenience of watching your favorite videos on Youtube is what has landed some celebrities’ huge fame experiences as their fans turn to support their music via this revolutionary channel. Speaking of which, Drake’s rap hit ‘God’s Plan’ did hit a billion views on Youtube, and everyone is looking at it as a big deal. You will be surprised that he did not think of it as a big deal, from both his reaction and his tone upon receiving the honorable award.

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God’s Plan Was Drake’s Biggest YouTube Hit(in terms of views!)

‘God’s Plan,’ crowned the best rap song on the February 61st Annual Grammy Awards, has continued to attract more viewers even long after the award ceremony. This is regardless of the dismissive tone used by Drake as he made his acceptance speech upon receiving his trophy. Somehow, he seemed to downplay the importance of the Grammy Awards in building up artistes, asking all aspiring musicians not to look at the award show as their breakthrough in the industry. In the video, Drake is seen distributing free money to his fans, offering giveaways and gifts, and making hefty donations to numerous institutions. More like a show-off thing, it may have been filled with pride even from the word go, if his attitude during the awards is anything to go by.

The Canadian superstar’s attitude may have taken most people by shock, bearing in mind the frequent hip hop fraught in the history of the awards. While some people may take it lightly, his remarks and expressions may have actually touched every person present. To date, Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ remains one of the most loved rap singles of 2018.

This is definitely not the first hit to reach a billion views on Youtube. Some of the others with almost the same number of views as ‘God’s Plan’ include ‘Ahora Dice’ by Chris Jeday with about 1.1 billion views, ‘Picky’ by Joey Montana with 1.2 billion views or thereabout, and even ‘Dejala Que Vuelva’ by Piso 21 with 1.4 billion views and counting. This may mean that it is not such a big deal that Drake crossed a billion views mark; others have been there and done that and still held the industry with appreciation. More so, musicians of Spanish outlook and those of Latin American origin can be said to positively dominate the Billion Views Club.

Surprisingly, it may have taken Drake an unrealistically long time to reach this mark, as compared to several other hits in the club. It is not so unnoticeable that what took him approximately 16 months to achieve may have taken other artists almost a quarter of the time to achieve the one billion view mark and more. So, why is the fact that Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ hitting a billion views such a headline? As many people have said; so what?

One Billion YouTube Views

Looking at it, how big are the one billion views mark to Drake? It may not be as big as we see it because we love to look at all sides of the coin. Have you stopped to think of how many views the most-viewed music video on Youtube has? You will be surprised at how this one is making so much of a big deal out of something that can simply be considered a norm. Some even accused him of buying YouTube views to help get his goal.

As of today, ‘Despacito,’ a hit song by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is the most viewed video on Youtube with approximately 6.2 billion views and counting. Ed Sheeran, Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, and Maroon 5 have had our favorite music videos reach more than 4 billion views and counting. Some of these videos were released at almost the same time as Drake’s rap hit, and they have gone over and above 1 billion views regardless! 

Consider Ozuna, for example. Artist has had nothing less than seven singles, with each hit having more than a billion YouTube views. This is inclusive of songs that he merely was featured in, as his feature in Natti Natasha’s “Criminal” with approximately 1.8 billion views. The world hit of Wisin, “Escápate Conmigo” has close to 1.1 billion views and the songs he is featured in; the rendition of Urbano posse cut “Te Boté with Bad Bunny and Nicky Jam managed to garner a whopping 1.8 billion views, and DJ Snake’s ever-vibrant “Taki Taki” featuring Selena Gomez and Cardi B has currently hit 1.3 billion views and counting.. 

Drake’s biggest video hit on YouTube to date is his 2015 “Hotline Bling,” currently reading an approximated 1.5 billion views.  This shows us how far he has come, with a constant consistency that alludes to his accomplishment within the context of the music industry. On a good note, though, this contrast has got a lot to do with having a constant fan base, one thing many artists may not pride in. This phenomenon may not be applicable across the globe, but music lovers understand how heavy its impact on American Latin musicians can get.

So, yes, Drake has hit one billion views on his rap track ‘God’s Plan’ but it should not be considered a big deal. It is important to celebrate every milestone in your own best ways, but it has to be in relevance to the industry context. Meanwhile, Drake should pride in being a lasting member of the One Billion Viewer club.

In a nutshell, if Drake has his next hit in the YouTube Billion Views Club, it should be an assurance that his fans can thrive in. Some of his next tracks, as we speak, are nearing the one billion mark; let us wait and hope.

Date: September 19, 2019 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Kam R


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