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YouTube is undeniably the largest driving force of video marketing. Although there are other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where users can access a video advert, YouTube remains the best platform to show your video content. There are many benefits associated with YouTube, but you need to attain several views for your content to enjoy these benefits. Getting a high number of views has a direct financial impact on the product or service you are advertising. Below are effective ways to improve your YouTube Views:

Brand your content

While you could be having good content, you can have a few views because of low brand quality. Viewers always associate video quality with the level of professionalism with which it is presented. Besides being presentable, content branding enables viewers to recognize your content quickly. Many people who start a YouTube channel probably have a blog or a website where they have already created a unique brand. If you have an existing brand, it is advisable to apply it on your channel.

Create videos around a single keyword or topic

Building videos centered around a specific topic or keyword generates a lot of traffic to your YouTube channel. Successful YouTubers have recognized the power of observing SEO best practices. Using keywords is one of the best strategies to get many hits for your content. If you don’t know about content optimization, there is no need to worry since there are tools you can leverage to improve your YouTube video views. Picking an optimizing tool helps you to identify the most searched keywords in the area you are targeting.

Keywords should be picked before coming up with the content. This helps you to build the best content revolving around your topic of choice. SEO tools help you to include the keywords naturally. Your content, therefore, is ranked highly when a viewer searches for a video matching the added keywords.

Maintain a sustainable workflow

Viewers continue to visit a channel due to regular video uploads. You could be producing high quality and professional videos, but if they are only available after three months, there is a high chance you will have limited views. Whichever niche you’d like to follow, ensure you regularly develop and produce content. You should also find ways to streamline the production workflow. This could be achieved by creating an editing template, setting up a studio, or having a team to help you in video production.

Include end screens

End screens offer a great opportunity to link to other videos or urge people to subscribe to your channel. They are added within the last 20 seconds of a video enabling you to direct your viewers to other videos. One way to make your viewers click on the end frames is to create your video allowing room for the end frames. Viewers should also get engaged upon clicking on one of the end frames.

Work on existing content

While the best and easiest way to grow your YouTube channel is through content creation, reformatting the existing one serves a great way in growing your channel and getting more YouTube views. For people who have specific challenges on different things, they search for ‘how-to videos’ from YouTube. Content that directly solves user challenge attracts a lot of views. Your viewers can direct other people to the channel if they find your information useful.

Use other social media platforms to improve your views

Since many people are using different social media platforms, you can use them to cross-promote your YouTube channel. You can maximumly use the available social media platforms to increase your views. There are many platforms where you can advertise your YouTube channels, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Optimizing through some or all of the platforms you are registered on ensures more people can view your content.

Have great thumbnails

Thumbnails have a significant impact on the number of views you get for your content. Viewers interact with YouTube videos with thumbnails first. Therefore, your thumbnail needs to be distinct and qualify for a click. Videos with a catchy thumbnail and descriptive title gather a lot of views even when the content is not rich. These videos gain many views since they have a high click-through rate(CTR).

Encourage viewers to subscribe

As the old saying goes, your best new customers are your past customers. One way to increase your views is to encourage the viewers who watch your videos to subscribe. A high number of subscribers to your channel gives a high chance to improve your views. Most YouTube channel holders encourage their viewers to subscribe to their channels either at the start of their videos or at the end. Whichever way you choose, it is imperative to encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Besides verbally urging your viewers to subscribe to the channels, a watermark can be applied for the same purpose. You can choose to have a watermarked subscription button that prompts one to subscribe upon clicking.

Create a rapport with your audience

YouTube is a social network like other platforms. It is not only intended for posting videos all the time. It is crucial to engage your audience as you continue growing the channel.

The best and most effective way is to respond to viewer comments and encourage them to share their feedback through comments. Viewers will, therefore, continue visiting your channel because they know you will address their concerns.

Ensure your videos are enabled for embedding

Video embedding ensures your videos can be shared on other websites or different social media platforms. Allowing people to embed your videos to other platforms increases the number of views for your content as well as reaching a new audience. You can quickly determine whether a video is embedding enabled. If you click the share option in YouTube, embed functionality appears.

Transcribe your videos

Depending on your target audience, video transcription is vital to reach many viewers. YouTube allows for closed captions where you can add a transcript as subtitles. Transcription enables people with language difficulties to understand your content better.

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