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You are bored on a Saturday afternoon. There is nothing to do, and you’re literally about to die of boredom. You pick your phone and swipe continuously till you clicked on YouTube. You’re bombarded with hundreds of channels. You’re confused about which one to watch. Your videos about cats come to your screen, and it has over ten million views. Beneath it, there is another video about “how to make money through social media.” The topic looks interesting, but the video about cats appeals to you more. Over ten million views; you are curious about what ten million people have watched. You ignore the useful video and go for the popular one. 

As humans, we are usually influenced by what the broader populace is doing; rather than following our instinct. The world is like a big high school, and everyone wants to be like the popular kids. Most vloggers realize this. Every content creator understands this. 

Most people open YouTube channels with the hopes of creating a viral video that will make them accessible in their niche. Unfortunately, the Vlogging industry has become increasingly saturated to the extent that it is becoming hard to stand out. For instance, over 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube per minute!

You might have tried all the strategies that you learned from influencers and the internet, but nothing seems to be coming through. You are tired. That’s it! You want to buy YouTube views. However, due to the things you’ve read on the internet and what you’ve heard about bought YouTube views, you might be skeptical about your decision. 

Buying YouTube views is harmless and one of the fastest ways to organically grow your YouTube channel. Nevertheless, several myths are surrounding the obtained YouTube views that need to be debunked. Here are some of them:

  • Buying YouTube Views is illegal (this is false!)

This is one of the common myths about buying YouTube views. You might have also fallen for this myth.

Notwithstanding, you must recognize the truth: buying YouTube videos is not in any way illegal. When you buy YouTube views, you’re not violating any law. However, there should be caution in the way you use purchased YouTube views as YouTube terms of services are strict against utilizing a bot to view videos or tricking people into watching a video. But then, they are still correctly legal – 100%!

  • Your account will get banned 

“If I buy these YouTube views, my page might just get banned.” It’s beautiful if you have this kind of fear. It is not your fault that this kind of myth was fed to you by the virtual world. However, it will be your fault if you believe this sad myth of your account getting banned due to YouTube views purchase. As far as you’re not violating any YouTube Terms of Service (TOS), your account cannot get banned by YouTube. So, calm down and stop believing this damaging myth. 

  • The likes and views are not needed

It is generally believed that you don’t need the likes and opinions in your YouTube Vlogging journey, especially as a beginner. The lights will come to you naturally if you have good content. Well, if you believe in this narrative; I hate to break it to you. Pictures are critical to your career; they can make or mar you. As a YouTuber, you will most likely be ignored if no one is watching your videos. 

People have the subconscious belief that anything accessible means credibility these days. Hence, you should get those likes and views; buy views from reliable sites if you have to. Don’t let anyone hinder your career growth. Views and likes matter!

  • All bought comments are generic 

Since people believe bought likes and comments are made by bots, they have the notion that the comments are generic. While it’s true that most companies sell irrelevant and noticeably fake comments, there are credible sites that offer high-quality comments. 

  • Purchase of YouTube Views is the ultimate traffic strategy

This myth is borne on the part of people who use bought YouTube views. Bought YouTube views are not the ultimate traffic strategy despite its advantages. There are other actions, such as having quality and relevant content, having a YouTube Optimization plan, which you must implement to ensure that content, is seen. 

  • Your view count will get stuck at 301

Usually, YouTube pause viewing count at 301 to evaluate if views are generated genuinely or through artificial means. However, buying quality views from credible sites would not make your opinions stuck. It would even make you get unstuck if you were previously held. 

  • All Bought views are fake

This is nothing but a baseless myth. People assume that all bought views and comments are false because they are gotten through automated means. However, all purchased aspects are not inorganic. Buying views implies that you paid someone to watch your videos. However, some companies sell fake pictures and comments. This is why you should get a company that offers organic and quality views.

  • People will know the views are fake

This is a lie! Do you know that some of your favorite influencers and celebrities buy YouTube views? I bet you didn’t. If you buy views from a credible site, they could help provide organic opinions that will have a growth process that will look genuine. Your bought comments also do not need to be all positive comments. Negative comments should also be included. This gives it a natural outlook.

  • Your video will get deleted.

This is utterly wrong. Your videos won’t get deleted for buying YouTube views. YouTube has the right to remove only videos that contain criminal elements or violates its TOS. Buying YouTube views is not an explicit violation of YouTube, so, your safety is guaranteed if you tread carefully.   

Date: October 3, 2019 / Categories: Tips, / Author: michb


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