16 easy ways to get more views on YouTube

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In a world where there is a struggle by millions of YouTubers to gain the views of the billions of YouTube users; how do you stand out and learn more views? Here are some 16 easy ways to get more views on YouTube. 

1. Encourage viewers to subscribe

The old phrase “your best customers are your old customers” is nothing but the fact. Old and loyal customers are more feasible for your business than new customers. In effect, retaining customers is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. Invariably, the same applies to YouTube views. 

At the end of the video, Jerry asked viewers to subscribe.

One of the most straightforward techniques to get viewers on YouTube is by encouraging your current viewers to subscribe to your channel. The reason for this advice is that gaining subscribers increases the number of views on each video that you release. Consequently, your subscribers get notified each time a video is released.

2. Create a video playlist

Creating a video playlist is an easy way to get more YouTube viewers. Even YouTube statistics show that top-performing YouTube brands build and promote many playlists twice more than the bottom 25%. Create a playlist of your best content today and promote it!

3. Add watermark to your videos

Watermark makes viewers’ acquisition quite easy as it allows you to promote your channel across all your videos. A watermark is simply an image that you’d like to appear on all your videos. Often, the watermark is the logo of brands. When a viewer attempts to click on a watermark, they are prompted to subscribe. To add watermark to your videos, go to the creator studio, and click ‘branding.’ After this step, click ‘add a watermark’ and upload your image. Use watermarks to promote your YouTube brand, and you’ll gain more viewers in a matter of time.

4. Promote your videos on other social channels

From time to time, create awareness on your social media pages about recently uploaded videos on your YouTube channel. You can quickly try this method with a short teaser video. Also, use social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer. Do not put all your eggs in the social channels’ basket. Your videos can also embed in relevant blog posts and pages on your website.  

5. Develop a community

Do not just post videos on your channel regularly. Instead, occasionally try to engage your audience. Let the human touch be present in your brand. The greatest way to do this is by answering their questions and replying to their comments. Once there is a level of rapport between you and your audience, you will able to create an army of passionate subscribers. An active community is one of the best ways to get more views on YouTube

6. Always optimize your videos’ titles.

YouTube is a search engine; hence, search engine optimization applies to it if you want to get more viewers. When ranking videos to show in search results, YouTube’s algorithm takes a lot of factors into consideration. Using relevant keywords in your videos’ titles is one of the sure ways to get your videos noticed. Hence, use relevant keywords in your videos’ titles. 

7. Make the description of your video rich

Another way to get more YouTube viewers is to make the description of your video highly productive. Video description is an avenue for you to inform users and search engines your videos’ content. Compelling videos description generally increases your click-through-rate as it increases your viewers’ curiosity. Optimize videos description as you would typically do with an SEO Meta description.

Image: Veritasium Rich Description. Screenshot taken on August 28, 2019

8. Utilize the power of guest YouTubers

Having YouTube influencers, bloggers, or persons in your niche to your videos is a great way to increase your YouTube views. Guest YouTubing is capable of enticing viewers of the invited influencers or YouTubers to your channel and providing a distinct sphere to your brand.

9. Use video cards

Using YouTube optimization features such as cards is an easy way to gain YouTube views. You can create content that can be used to promote other videos, generate traffic to your website, propel users to participate in polls, get more channel subscribers. You should also use this feature to encourage viewers to view lesser watched videos on your channel. Regularly use analytics to check insight into the user behaviors with your video cards.

10. Boost your videos’ SEO ranking

You can utilize traditional SEO to get more views. SEO can help you outrank your competitors’ channels on YouTube ranking. Videos embeds do count as an essential factor as they link back to your videos. Utilize them wisely.

11. Network with influencers to promote your video

Influencers have a considerable amount of authority to create trends and influence behavior. You can utilize the power of YouTube influencers by networking with them. They have built-in subscribers that frequently re-share and post their content. Hence, promoting your videos on their platforms can increase your YouTube views. 

12. Create appealing thumbnail images

According to YouTube, thumbnails require an art director’s eyes for branding should not be an afterthought. This statement shows that thumbnails are critical to your views growth. You should think about thumbnails before filming your videos. A compelling thumbnail is one that has text overlays, subtle branding likes a logo, bright background colors, among others. You can utilize a graphic design tool like Canva to create thumbnails. Keep in mind that thumbnails remain one of the best ways to capture people’s attention and get more viewers.

13. Be up-to-date in the industry

Another way to get more YouTube views is to get updated about the industry continuously. You have to know the trends and what is viral. Being aware of trends can help you create exciting and relevant videos in your niche. Being the first to share specific trends in your niche can increase your incredibility; this strategy will get you more viewers.

14. Learn the fundamentals of YouTube SEO

If you want to get more YouTube viewers, you have to learn the fundamentals of YouTube SEO. The fundamentals of YouTube SEO include keyword research for videos, YouTube engagement signals, improving audience’s retention, and watch time.

15. Know the best time to upload videos

You can upload the best videos on YouTube and still get ignored. However, knowing the best time where people are active best is most likely to garner more views for your video. There will be an audience to watch your videos by the time you upload it. You can use apps like VidIQ to analyze your channel for the best time to post.

16. Get featured on YouTube homepage

Getting your videos placed on YouTube homepage is one of the fastest ways to gain more views. However, YouTube only features videos that are popular or whose channel has lots of subscribers on their homepage. Hence, you should try your best to get more subscribers through promotional means.

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