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Money making is a serious deal, and most people now turn to YouTube to profit cash. With a ton of videos that are being uploaded every minute, almost 400 hours worth of content video. So if you are thinking of making YouTube a stepping stone to earn cash, you are not the only one.

The questions are why YouTube and how much can you make using YouTube? 

It is known that YouTube is the second search engine next to Google in terms of usage, considering it, you will have a large audience. YouTube also provides the opportunity for people to make their content turn into money.

An example of how does YouTube pay is, a Minecraft player with the alias DanTDM is earning an average of $16.5 million per year just by posting videos with him playing. He is now the highest-paid YouTube star.

To earn money using YouTube, we will discuss some ways to achieve it. It will always start from humble beginnings and onto millions. Just focus and start believing to earn money!

5 Ways in Earning Moolah Using YouTube

In a blog, you can gain profit even with the slightest amount of audience by just knowing what are the likes of your audience. It is the same as YouTube, you need to find the right target market for the content you are creating.

Gaining views and subscribers is not the only thing to consider as the potentials in earning money. You should keep in mind that having an engaged audience of your content is very important.  

#1 Make Use of Advertisements

One way of earning a profit on YouTube is by the use of Ads. As a YouTube Partner, companies place ads anywhere in your videos, and that’s how you gain money from. This is a way to make money even just being idle that solely relies on how much traffic your channel has. 

To become a YouTube partner, your channel should have 1,000 subscribers and a total of 4000 hours of video duration in 12 months. If you’re just a newbie, you need patience and time to obtain loyal viewers.


Image: BuzzFeedViolet Subscribers. Screenshot taken on September 30, 2019

But, when you have the necessary numbers, an average rate per 1,000 views is approximately $8. With 10,000 views, it is $80. Meaning, if you want to make $1,000, you need to have more or less 120,000 views.

There are certain requirements before becoming a YouTube partner. You need to make an account on Adsense to dive into the advertising network of Google and be able to earn. However, there is a catch. If YouTube sees your content as not “advertiser-friendly”, they may decline in showing ads on your content. There are some instances when there is deprivation of earning without the consent of the creator.


Image: GoogleAdsense Signup. Screenshot taken on September 30, 2019

Although this is a way to earn, it is not promising as only 55 percent of the ad revenue goes to the content creators and 45 percent will go to the platform. 

Luckily, there are more methods you can use to profit without the requirement of having a big audience.

#2 Marketing Products on your Videos

Product Marketing is an easy way to earn profit from your YouTube videos without the need for a big crowd. There are two main ways on how to sell products and how to gain money from it.

First, selling physical products. Physical products are known to be T-shirts, Mugs, Bags, Shoes, and many more. People often sell them as their brand line or a collaboration of another brand. 

Another way is selling digital products. Digital products are products that you cannot hold using hands. These products are usually exercised routines, tutorials, ebooks, etc. What people do here is they make the audience go to their website where the customers can buy the creator’s product.

Marketing digital products gain the upper hand as it takes away the hassle of the handling and shipment of the orders. Remember to sell what correlates to your content and audience.

#3 Gaining Multiple Sponsors

You need to have a target audience that can be connected to a certain brand, having a sponsor may be a good idea for profit. How does sponsorship works?


Image: JerryRigEverything sponsored by Samsung. Screenshot taken on September 30, 2019

Sponsors pay the content creator to promote the company’s product in the creator’s video. Various ways to earn money are in the variation of a pay-per-view, lump sum, or by clicking on the website of a certain company. Always remember that you need to inform the sponsors where will their products be featured, how long will you provide the promotion and in what manner of context, etc.

#4 Being a Brand Influencer or Affiliate

Influencer marketing is now popular on YouTube as a way of making money. YouTube creators with either small or large size of viewers are becoming Brand Influencers to sustain their channel. 

If you want to be an Influencer, you can make a deal with a company of a brand that fits your target audience. Being a Brand Influencer with a range of 50,000 viewers to 100,000 viewers can gain a profit averaging $500 up to $1,000 per upload. Always bear in mind, to be honest with your audience, promote only the products you have tried and believe to be of help.

Another thing, you can also be an affiliate for particular brands. This works when you review the company’s products on your video. You will earn money by commission from the sales you produce from your video.

#5 Content Licensure

Have you ever experienced uploading a video that went famous? You can get licensure that video in exchange for money. You may obtain revenue when companies like TV news outlets, morning shows, online sites, and many others. Some creators may also contact you and use your video as a part of their compilation. 


Image: JunkinBox website. Screenshot taken on September 30, 2019

You may also have the option to post your video in a marketplace, like Jukin Media, wherein people can search and buy your video.

Alternative Ways for Making Molaah on YouTube

In the journey of how to earn money using YouTube takes a lot of time and it may be a bumpy ride. However, it is important to have a lot of patience and perseverance to gain the success you wanted.

Just like other media platforms, the higher the subscribers the more options to gain profit. There are other ways to speed up the growth of your audience and maximize the profit of your content.

Knowing the Statistics of your Market

Having subscribers who are involved in the content gives you a great advantage in gaining money. But, take into consideration the cluster of your target audience, and be specific on the content you create.

The videos may be appealing to younger generations but appalling for the older people. You better be sure about what target market you are aiming for, as that’s how Advertisers also do.


Image: Current Users on YouTube. Photo taken from digiday

You need to take into consideration what does the majority of the people watching your content wanted, what clothes do they wear, what are their hobbies, what line of work they have, what are they doing regularly. 

You need to recognize the avatar of your target audience as it will aid you to connect and create your content.

Apply Keywords

Search Engine Optimization is regularly used on YouTube, as it is a search engine. Remember that for your videos to frequently show up, you need keywords for your content to rank. Identify keywords that have a big impact on your rank that has zero to none competition. 


Image: YouTube SEO. Photo taken from Kparser

The usage of keyword database is important to advertisers, so you may also use it to find keywords and apply it on your field of action that can connect with your target audience.


Explore more ways to earn money with the use of YouTube, do not focus on one thing. Patience plays a big role as you are still developing and identifying your brand and target audience. Lastly, to reach your goal, you have to believe in yourself.

Date: October 7, 2019 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: michb


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