10 Ways to Increase YouTube Traffic

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There are millions of YouTube videos out there, and if you aren’t getting enough likes, comments, or subscribers on your videos, it’s easy to blame competition. So how do you get the kind of exposure you want going by the number of competition on this platform?

If you want to increase YouTube traffic, use these ten tips and see how it improves your ranking within a short period.

10 Ways to Increase YouTube Traffic

Optimize Your Content

After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, with approximately 500 million users. This means theirs a considerable probability that your video will be seen by someone. To improve visibility, your content has to be optimized with keywords just as you would do when posting Contents on Google.

SEO is the easiest way to increase web traffic. When uploading a video, ensure you add detailed descriptions and tags. Ensure you rank your content with one keyword, spreading it throughout your content. Ensure the keyword features on the video title, description, and tags.

When uploading a short video, you should write an original Youtube copy of at least 300 words. For a YouTube copy of 500 words, you can optimize with two keywords but ensure the primary keyword features at the beginning of your copy.

Upload Videos Regularly

Logically speaking, you want to upload regularly. However, the quality of the videos shouldn’t be compromised. If you decide to upload three videos weekly, ensure they’re of the highest quality. With a lot of information that will be helpful to your audience.

If you notice that the quality of content is on a decline as a result of the numbers of contents you upload weekly, you could reduce the numbers and focus more on quality rather than quantity, because on YouTube, a decline in quality means a decrease in the number of viewers.

Focus On Quality

Most times, high-quality video doesn’t translate to high-quality production. You might have the tools and software to make a clean video, but if the final product is poor, the number of people watching your videos will decrease.

Hence, when starting, you should focus on dishing out useful tips and information that are worthwhile. Rather than investing in video editing software, ensure you focus on the basics: providing a professional, engaging, and well-organized video with a clean background.

Use Compelling Thumbnails

Every YouTube video has a thumbnail image. You basically can’t leave the thumbnail blank. To improve YouTube Traffic, it’s recommended to use compelling images that arouse viewers’ curiosity. Having a crappy picture is as good as not adding an image at all.

Have you wondered why videos with the same title and content record different numbers of views on their videos? The thumbnail attracts viewers to click on a video before even finding out what the video contains. The thumbnail obviously helps you generate clicks, but the quality of your videos transforms visitors to subscribers.

Ask Viewers to Subscribe

On a sales page, the”Call to Action” button converts web visitors to buyers. What’s the essence of driving traffic if you don’t have subscribers? On a webpage, getting click isn’t enough, you actually want someone to click the “buy” button to purchase your product only then will a Marketing campaign be considered a success.

YouTube works similarly. You just don’t want to record 100 views without a single subscriber. At the end of every video, encourage your subscribers to hit the subscribe button and new subscribers to turn on the notification bell, so they’re the first to know when a new video drops.

Add Video Description

Most video descriptions on YouTube are quite short. However, yours should be longer. Be clear about what they’re going to learn. Eliminate fluff and fillers. Ensure your ideas are conveyed with clear and concise sentences grouped into a paragraph of 250 words maximum.

The description isn’t a sales copy; don’t appear “too salesy” as that would ruin your SEO. Ensure your keyword doesn’t feature heavily on your description. Only use 2-3 times within the text and let it feature naturally, flowing with the rest of the sentence.

While it isn’t essential, it’s also recommended that you add hashtags. This makes it easier for viewers to find your videos. If possible, you can chip in a link to your social media profile so they can follow you.

Choose a Clear and Concise Title

When choosing the title, go for simplicity. Use clear and concise phrases for your title. Use phrases that people will likely search for. This involves putting yourself in your viewers’ shoes. If you were to search for that same topic, what phrase will you type in the search bar?

Ensure your keyword is as natural as possible and using YouTube keyword suggestion Tools, makes the task a whole lot easier This gives you statistics of how much traffic a particular phrase generates.

Add Video Tags

Tags create an opportunity to chip in secondary keywords that couldn’t fit into your title or description naturally. YouTube allows up to 20 tags per video. Each tag chosen should be a word or phrase related to the subject matter of the video and relevant to how users search for on YouTube.

For instance, if your video is about lemonade, and you only use one keyword “lemonade,” your video will be shown to people who search for that keyword. However, if you add keywords like “lemon juice, lemon, how to make lemonade,” you’ve created more medium through which people can find your video.

Transcribe Your Videos

Most channels are beginning to add transcription to their Videos. Not only does it improve SEO, but it creates a unique experience for viewers. Videos with transcript are easy to consume and appreciated by your viewers.

Use Links to Direct People to Your Page

On website pages, external links direct people to other pages which boosts the ranking of that page. On YouTube, external links work the same way. When lots of websites are adding links to your video on their website, you’re seen as an authority in that niche.

Provided such a website has a vast number of daily visitors; your website traffic will also improve.


All the tips mentioned here are simple and easy to practicalize. More importantly, they can be used on any video regardless of its niche. This means you will be able to record more views, likes, comments, and subscribers if you’re consistent.

Date: October 22, 2019 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Kam R


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