Tutorial: Hacking Youtube Views 101(Not Recommended)

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This article will disclose to you how to hack views on YouTube. After reading this article, you will learn how to send any amount of views you like to your YouTube. This method is tested with a great deal of traffic trade and they would all be able to work on all the moves you needed if you realize how to utilize them. The main drawback is that you need a premium account with regards to traffic trade programs. That is on the grounds that you need the alternatives that you pay for like: Geotargeting, over a minute span and top-notch traffic. Obviously no one jumps at the chance to pay for a lot of premium records each month. If you do any of these, you may be banned, or your views will drop within days. This article is for fun guys, obviously. If you want to take major shortcuts in the views department, you’ll have to either do something outrageous, illegal or shell out the cash and buy YouTube views



There is 1 traffic trade program that has every one of the alternatives you need and they are for no cost. You’ll get free additional slots after 1000 visits, 5000 visits and so on. What’s more, they likewise enable you to use their traffic trade on numerous VPS utilizing diverse IP-addresses

“YouTube fixed traffic exchange like Otohits”, this is what people are telling when it comes to traffic trades. It is stated on the main website of Otohits that: 

  • “First, I remind you that it’s forbidden by Google to try getting views in an automated and non-natural way.”
  • “Second, Otohits is not the best solution to get Youtube views at the moment. Gaining YouTube views is quite complex. Visits can be delivered but not counted by Youtube. I would suggest you use advanced options (override referer). Even with that, the result is not guaranteed”. 

These individuals simply don’t have the foggiest idea of how to utilize traffic exchange and Otohits definitely won’t inform you. 

You CAN utilize traffic exchange and with this strategy, you don’t have to utilize the “override referer” which is sparing you a lot of points. 

Hacking YouTube views using Otohits

Stage 1 

Make your own YouTube channel and spot some videos on it. 

Stage 2 

Make an account on Twitter with the equivalent username you used on your YouTube channel, or with similarities. It must be evident that this account on Twitter has a place with your YouTube channel. This is on the grounds that you need everything to look genuine. 

Stage 3

Make an Otohits account. Simply go to https://www.otohits.net and sign up for free. They don’t have the alternative to pay for an account so no stress there, you cannot lose cash. Download the application and keep it running on your PC, it will gather points for you by visiting sites. So when you completed this guide, you now have points so you can begin sending views immediately. 

Stage 4 

Share your videos from your YouTube channel on your twitter. Go to the tweet with the link of your YouTube video and right-click the link on the tweet, then click “copy link address”. 

Stage 5 

Login to your account on Otohits and click on “my sites” in the left sidebar. Presently click “add a site”. In the box were you need to put your website URL: Right-click and click “paste”. Your link should resemble this, “https://t.co/Ev8PqaIZM”. Pick a category, with sounds. Try not to change the advanced options. Then, click “add the site”. 

For links of Twitter accounts it takes up to a limit of 24 hours to be approved. It’s justified, despite all the trouble since it will never get one connection rejected utilizing this strategy. 

Stage 6

While you’re hanging tight for endorsement, you are now ready to deal with the setting for your links, so how about we get into that! Go to “my sites” and discover your link. Then click the “settings” button on the right (blue and white) and click “advanced options and information” (additionally a blue and white button). 



Put in the length of your video in addition to 1 second for security. 

Visits Throttling: 

Set this to 10 every hour. In the event that you set it higher, you’ll get a lot of similar IP-addresses viewing your video on various occasions. We need the same number of interesting IP-addresses as we can since they are the most significant. 


Here you can choose from which country you need visits, or for this situation, views. Select western nation, the likes of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, The Netherlands in light of the fact that these are the most important. 


High-quality traffic: 

Set this to yes in light of the fact that YouTube doesn’t want terrible traffic and your channel won’t be monetized if your traffic is awful. On the off chance that you set this to no, it may result in YouTube, not including the views your sending. The worst thing that can happen is, YouTube may get doubtable of your traffic and terminate your channel. 

Hide the referrer: 

Despite the fact that your referrer will be Twitter, set this to yes to keep away from any switch of Otohits appearing in your referrers on YouTube. 

Change the referer: 

You’re as of now doing that since you took the link from Twitter, that spares 240 for every visit/see. YouTube will currently consider your views are originating from genuine people that click on your Twitter and then direct to the YouTube video. In the analysis of YouTube, the referrer will be Twitter for the views, it’s incredible when you see that because it means you’re being victorious! 

Change the user-agent: 

Set this to just phone traffic since the vast majority watches YouTube on their cell phone. It would be extremely questionable for YouTube if the majority of the views on your video are coming from personal computers. 

That is it, you are now knowledgeable on how to hack YouTube views. You’ll just need to hold up until your link is affirmed in Otohits so you can set it right away to play. 

Remember, when you start sending views they will quickly appear in YouTube analysis in real-time. It takes up to 3 days before they appear on your channel’s dashboard.

Date: October 17, 2019 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Kam R


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