For The Sake Of Views: A Father Secretly Fed His Kid Laxatives

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A prevalent YouTuber with 5.6 million subs, Cordero James Brady. He has a huge number of videos incorporating his kids and their responses to him doing stunning things for his family. Like astonishing them with a big house, and dropping his children off at the start of class in a ludicrous Camaro.

Be that as it may, a brisk look through his feed uncovers a collection of videos where he pulls pranks on his children. Regardless of whether it’s frightening them, persuading them he’s trimmed their hair, obliterating their toys, or fooling them into intuition they lost their home, CJ has piled on a huge number of views just on tricking his children alone.


While there are huge amounts of columns and reports on the negative impacts of folks overly pranking their kids, it’s somewhat of a sensitive area to proceed to state that a simple fun with one’s children, which could incorporate scare tricks, are categorized as awful.

There is a thin line between entertainment and abuse or misuse of children just for fun. There is one thing of scaring your children and pranking the kids including laxatives. He even filmed his act while dumping the laxative “Pedia-Lax” into the ice cream.

He at that point encouraged his children to eat what they thought was a scrumptious treat. It wasn’t until an hour and a half later that they started to feel the impacts of the laxatives. The outcome? The video was hard to watch. The video demonstrates CJ’s kids holding their stomachs in torment, crying, and rushing to the toilet more than once.

CJ didn’t stop by simply catching his kids’ terrified reactions and woes for help on camera, he even followed them into the washroom and even holds the door so they cannot be in peace while fighting the pain. All through the video, CJ laughs while his kids’ cries with the pain they are feeling. The recording was utilized for a case against the 29-year-old vlogger, and as a result, the YouTuber now has a record with Child Protective Services. A police representative gave the full-detail on the on-going investigation.

As a result of the investigation, the YouTube channel of Brady was briefly shut down. YouTube issued an announcement in regards to CJ’s tricks on his kids, alongside their place on any posts that are esteemed on falling under the arrangement of “child endangerment.”

Congesting laxatives when one’s solid discharges are generally ordinary, particularly in overabundance, could bring about difficult, and in some cases long haul hurtful, symptoms. Kidney failure, dehydration, swooning, and by and large shortcoming are on the whole side effects of laxative maltreatment. Giving a dosage of an adult of laxatives to a kid could enhance those impacts.

CJ’s pranks on his kids still make up a colossal lump of his viewership, and they run the extent of sketchy conduct. He made a video where he tricked his better half, Royalty, into deduction their baby had drowned. He additionally posted a vid of his wife, sitting in an emergency clinic bed after she endured a miscarriage.

His now-notorious video involving laxatives was brought down after composed a dooming article posting the majority of the muffles CJ exposed his family to. In the article of, they talked with Dr. Kortney Peagram, the organizer of Bulldog Solution, an association committed to putting an end to child abuse.

Dr. Kortney Peagram even stated that “Harming your child on purpose with laxatives is child abuse. That’s child endangerment. [He is] ‘harming his children and bullying them to pull pranks on each other, it is really disturbing. He’s modeling inappropriate behavior and encouraging it by laughter… He’s teaching his children that it’s okay to harm each other for a good laugh.”

One of CJ’s videos, when he light firecrackers to wake his kids up in the room as he giggled. That video has been disconnected. There have been various articles expounded on CJ and his family, and what his kids suffer because of his pranks. For a parent, it’s a simple decision to conclude that the actions of CJ are a form of child endangerment, and there would be a lot of evidence to support one’s claim.

In any case, there’s another factor that insufficient individuals are referencing, and that is the “cesspool” that has moved toward becoming an amusement of YouTube. Gutless tricks that the folks pull on their children isn’t new to CJ. A YouTuber named “DaddyOfFive” was accused of disregard over videos on YouTube that portrayed some truly terrible instances of child abuse for the sake of views, a lot of views. Views that these families’ essential sources of salary are videos of kids suffering for entertainment everywhere throughout the web.

Yes, This is a True YouTuber Story

That implies that there are people out there who take pleasure in watching kids being threatened so much over and over and even getting paid. Enough to gain cowardly people out there several thousand, if not millions, of dollars.

Remember the drama that escalated quickly on the internet, Logan Paul finding a dead body in the woods of Japan? Boring tricks and films like this outcome in a major backlash for some YouTubers, yet after their YouTube channels were restored, they simply get more views and subs and winding up acquiring more cash.

Are we going to tolerate these kinds of videos for the sake of entertainment? The videos of CJs, DaddyOfFives and Logan Pauls of the web wouldn’t profit if there wasn’t a group of people watching those.

The experience of CJ and his family is a pitiful one because the man is working hard. He understands that earning money off a platform is hard. One can dare to dream that he finds an approach to gain a living that doesn’t include the sufferings of a family member and mentally scarring them for a considerable length of time. You need to give him some degree of regard for his achievements, however, that doesn’t make what he’s doing any less risky.

Hopefully, he can change out of being an inhumane dad and into being a good example that will decidedly affect his kids and fans who are watching his videos.

Date: November 14, 2019 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Kam R


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