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Creating a YouTube channel offers a great way to showcase your videos and expand your business. Social media marketing plays a key role in the modern-day business environment. Thus, there is a need to tap the advantages of YouTube, which is considered as the second-best search engine after Google. However, despite the great benefits associated with YouTube, there is a need to grow your channel so your content can gather many YouTube views. It is easy to start a channel, but a lot of effort is required to grow and maintain it. So, how can you grow your YouTube channel?

Create quality content 

YouTube viewers develop an interest in channels that have quality content. While it is crucial to provide your viewers with new content constantly, quality always surpasses quantity. Before publishing a video to your channel, examine it to determine if it properly addresses the issue it is supposed to. The growth of a YouTube channel is measured by different metrics, such as the number of views, subscribers, and received feedback.

If you develop quality content, viewers will constantly visit your channel. A high number of views per video also improves your content ranking.

Content optimization

Like blogging and website development, optimizing your video content and description plays a major role in growing your YouTube channel. You can optimize your content through the proper inclusion of keywords in your content. Google and YouTube cannot have the time to watch all the videos to determine their value. It is your responsibility to offer relevant information so the search engine can decide on how to rank your content.

When proving a title for your video, ensure it is made of a few words and also include the keyword which determines how to rank the video. YouTube measures the quality of your content by how long people watch it but not how ma=ly watch the videos. You should use relevant keywords that fit into your brand. When people search for content with terms that match your keywords, YouTube will produce your content as one of the most preferred search results.

Create an informative description

Many YouTube channel holders despise the power of providing a description of their videos. When posting your video, it is good to provide enough information articulation the key points that the search engine needs to determine the value of your content. Richly described content has a high probability of attaining high ranking when users search for your content. When providing the video description, remember to supply the relevant keywords to optimize the content. Creating an informative description will, therefore, help in growing your YouTube channel.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborating with other YouTube content creators allows you to reach a new audience who never knew about your existence. Social proof has a strong influence on people. If you collaborate with another content creator, their audience is endorsed to your channel. This helps in gathering more YouTube views and increased subscription to your channel.

YouTube is a social platform like many others. Getting endorsement from your fellow content creator is among the benefits brought by the platform. Although you might see your competitor’s channel growing more than yours, you should see it as a growth opportunity and reap the benefits of collaboration.

Remove distractions from your video

Distractions in your video such as bouncing from one subject to another, long pauses, irrelevant talk, or generally being boring can drive away viewers from your content. If you need to grow your channel, you have to re-look and identify the areas that need editing or removal. Keep the pauses to a minimum acceptable level and always stick to the topic of concern. If you have to deviate from the subject, ensure to keep your viewers engaged either visually or through a story. Since YouTube comprises of many videos, it is easy for people to switch from your video and search for other content that addresses their issue without distractions.

There are basic video editors that can help you in removing distractions from your videos and help keep the viewer to the end of your content. For example, you can cut long pauses with simple editors and create nice cuts without the need for multiple cameras.

Build long videos to improve the watch time

Unlike the old believe that videos have to be short, today, longer videos result in more watch time. This boosts your content and increases its ranking. The ideal length of a YouTube video is how long enough you need to satisfactory pass information. Making a video longer for the sake of being long has catastrophic effects. Users can easily detect fluff in your video and quickly search for other content. Therefore while video length is no longer an issue, you always use every second maximumly to pass information.

Develop a series

Users like series where videos go seamlessly from one to the other. YouTube series playlists provide a good chance to attain this. You, however, need a series to use them. A series is used when you intend to demonstrate content with different parts, but all are describing the final content. Each part of the series can have a different thumbnail for easy explanation and identification. When you use a series playlist for your video, YouTube will automatically add the next video in the series at the top of recommendations.

Design click-worthy thumbnails

More than anything else, thumbnails can either make or break the success of a YouTube channel. Users often click videos with an outstanding thumbnail in the suggested column. Therefore, your video thumbnails should be attractive enough to qualify for a click-through.

When designing a thumbnail, remember to keep it relevant to your video title and content. Users can easily abandon your video if they realize you used the thumbnail as a bait for their attention. Tricking viewers through a thumbnail not only alienates your audience but always reduces video watch time which YouTube uses to gauge the quality of your content. To grow your channel, you have to ensure every part of the video contributes to the success of the content.

Date: November 18, 2019 / Categories: Tips, / Author: michb


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